#POLL: Would You Rather 7 Minutes of Free Shopping in a Bookstore or…

I think I took the longest pause from making polls and for that I’m sorry. The responses are so interesting to go through! They also remind me very quickly how different readers are, which is 1) why we need diverse books!!!! and 2) how we can never have too many books!!!

For this poll, I’m just giving two options but I’d like to think two is already TOO much. (Watch it still be super easy.) All you need to do if drop your vote as a comment below.

Would you rather:

1) Have 7 minutes of free shopping in a bookstore (this can be the bookstore of your choice, BUT you can’t label anything ahead of time AND allll the books are placed haphazardly a.k.a. not even alphabetical order or by category).


2) Have a $70 gift certificate to a bookstore (but I’m not talking discount bookstore. Books are whole price).

Vote in the comments below to let us know how you would get at the ~free~ books!



32 thoughts on “#POLL: Would You Rather 7 Minutes of Free Shopping in a Bookstore or…

    1. Nope! Ebooks are priced too friendly for this challenge. They must be physical copies for this. (Is that too evil of me?) I would struggle so hard with the time constraint too, just scrambling to find some good books with the clock ticking away in the background. Ahh D:

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  1. Ooh, this is tricky, but I think I’d like the gift certificate as I’d enjoy having time to browse without feeling under pressure. I’m also a bit of a picky reader so the 7-minute plan might not work out too well! Thank you for the fun poll! 😊

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  2. I’d estimate that with $70 I could get 3-4 books at full price? But with 7 minutes I could grab as many as my arms can hold, even if they’re disorganized! SO I’d definitely choose 7 minutes of free shopping 😄

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  3. Sadly, $70 doesn’t go very far these days. I’d definitely just take what I could get in the 7 minutes! I have such a huge list of books I want, I’d be guaranteed to find things I wanted in that time 😀

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  4. Omg I’d totally go with the seven minutes and I feel like it’s an easy choice to make too? I even LOVE how they’d be all over the place, without any organization to it whatsoever? That way I’ll actually pick up books because their title / cover intrigues me and not because “OH. YA. YES. I NEED THIS AND THAT BOOK BECAUSE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT.”
    Like. I wouldn’t have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying what books I should buy because they’re “hyped” and stuff. Yes plea-hease.

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    1. Ooooh, how did I not realize my disorganization strategy could work in FAVOUR of the shopper??? That is so TRUE!!! Petition for all book stores to be terribly disorganized from now on so we can shop with true intentions. (Remembers many large books stores have thousands of books.) Um. Maybe not.

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  5. Hard one, in 7 minutes I could just grab as many as possible. But with 70$ I could really get what I want 🤔
    I guess I will go for the 70$


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  6. I would deff take the 7 minutes of any free books! I feel like I judge a lot of books by their cover already, so it would be a grab-bag kind of experience which would be a lot of fun! This would also give me a reason to share those books with other people (if I don’t actually end up liking some etc.) instead of keeping them all for myself :]

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