Library Lover’s Book Tag

Anyone ready for another book tag?

Libraries have to be where the passion for books start. Who can’t recall a moment where they entered a library and just let loose, running through the aisles (okay, yes, walking, but running sounds so much more dramatic) and pulling free all the fantastic tales of adventure and romance and friendship and more.

I never knew how much I needed a library book tag until Katie at @ Never Not Reading tagged Mandy and I for the Library Lover’s book tag. These questions! Her answers! Both faaantastic and exciting! So thank you Katie (be sure to check hers out for more library fun) and let’s check out what this tag brings to the table!


  1. How often do you visit your local library?

SHA: Not all that often. I have so many physical TBR books at home, and several ARC books to read, that my need for more books to read is rare.

MANDY: It depends on how focused I try to be on my physical TBR. If I’m trying to knock it down, I avoid the library since I’m usually down to check out 15 books and promptly forget about them. Usually about twice a month for sure, but honestly, could be more.

  1. Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you can read or are you someone who checks out the exact amount of books you intend to read before they are due?

SHA: I always check out the exact amount of books I can read. When I go to the library, it’s because I have nothing else to read and want to set myself up for a week or so.

MANDY: Lol, oh no, this girl HAS to check out more books than I can possibly read. An usual amount for me will be anywhere from 10 – 15…even up to 20 because I know that I’m not going to enjoy all of them or be in the right mood. I mean, it’s the truth. I even did a study when I was a kid since I was going to the library pretty much once or a twice a week because I would check out 6 books and only read all the way through or even like one or two of the books. This girl has always been a mess with her books.

  1. How old were you when you got your first library card?

SHA: No idea! I know I’ve been going to the library since I was very young, but I was probably using a family member’s card. I only remember having a card (for the first time) about five years ago.

MANDY: I was young as well. I mean, it had to be super young. Maybe like 7 or 8? My parents would take me and then when I would spend summers with my grandparents, they would take me too. It was super young.

  1. Do you go to your library for a particular book or do you check out anything that piques your interest?

SHA: Both. If I have nothing to read I’ll browse, but if I need something for the blog (or someone recommends something) I’ll see if my library has it. Let me tell you now: my library is so small, it pretty much *never* has what I want. I try to stick to browsing!

MANDY: Both, for sure. I’m usually going because I have specific books on hold or I know a book is going to be there, but I’ll take a stroll to the YA section to see if they have any books that I wanted to read from my TBR. I’ll usually walk away with a few that I wasn’t supposed to.

  1. Do you only check out books or do you also get DVDs, audiobooks, etc.?

SHA: Only books. Everything else is pretty much just in French.

MANDY: Books are a must, but I will usually pick up audiobooks and lately, graphic novels or manga that look interesting as well.

  1. From what section of the library do you check out most of your books?

SHA: The young adult section/middle-grade. My library mashes the two together so it’s pretty much one shelf.

MANDY: YA for sure. I don’t usually look at any other section. Although I really need to find that MG section.

  1. What is your favourite part of using your local library?

SHA: My library is super eclectic, so even though there are barely any English books, the English books that *are* there are ones I never heard of before (even though they can be pretty recent!). So when I browse, I have a great chance of finding cool books I never would have through blogs or Goodreads.

MANDY: It just has a super homey vibe. Like, I know where everything is, and they honestly have an amazing selection. I know that I’m going to find something that will be interesting and something that I can walk away with. They have been slowly building up their YA selection for years, and I just love going in there to see what it will bring.


For this one, we tag every blog that starts has the word “book” in it! (Is that allowed? Too late!)

That’s it for us! Did you like our answers? Did you like this tag? Would you like to be tagged next time? Let’s discuss below!


24 thoughts on “Library Lover’s Book Tag

  1. As a kid I spent tons of time in the library, but now, it’s hard to make their hours. BUT, my library gives me access to lots of electronic media. I check out all my audiobooks and lots of ebooks via my library privileges.

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  2. I can so relate to you, Mandy! I check out more books from the library than I can get through. It’s not our fault the library lets us check out so many books at once, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m totally going with “mine starts with books not BOOK so HAH” but mostly because.. like.. I don’t use our library because they rarely have decent English books, except for old ones of 5+ years old [if you’re lucky?] and.. yeah.. :’)

    Totally relate to Mandy when it comes to the amount of books I used to check out, back when I still read Dutch books.. I actually went home after school to empty my backpack so I could take AT LEAST 10 books with me. The limit of my library was 18 back then, unfortunately, but.. sometimes I actually went back two weeks later, having read them all? Guess I always had a knack for reading way too many books in short periods of time..

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    1. I feel you Kathy, I feel you!! My library has next to no English books and the ones there are ooollddd. Also, they have a habit of sometimes, *sometimes* getting newer books in series, but only like, the second or third book in the series? Not the first?

      They do us dirty. :/

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      1. YES. omg. Mine does that as well! Even bookstores are bullies like that sometimes? When a sequel only just came out they have that one but they don’t bother stocking up on the first installment(s)? It’s horrible. :’)

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  4. Sha you sound so resentful about your French library XD Great tag, ladies!! I personally love the library!! I’m lucky to live in a big city so the system is HUGE and I can get my hands on all kids of books! I usually go in just for one or two books but leave with ten so that pretty much sums up my library experience!

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    1. I think I have a bit too much resentment towards the amount of French I am immersed in on a daily basis. *clears throat uncomfortably* My lack of ability with language is not good enough for a bilingual province, lol. Ahhhh yay for a big city and big library! I’m happy for yooouu!

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