💄How to Look like a Disney Princess (+ some Product Reviews) 💄

It has been SO. LONG since I filmed a makeup video. SO LONG!

Fact is, I don’t think I was ever cut out for the booktuber life (this blog suits me just fine) which is why I avoided filming and stuck to this cozy niche of BPR. BUT recently I bought a bunch of makeup and I had to share with you and T H E N, oh yes, I got the Disney x Colourpop eyeshadow palette A.K.A. Princesses. A blog post would never accurately depict that beauty, that *W O N d E R*. 

Cue me, setting up my fancy camera (read: iPod) and getting ready to review some makeup!!

I know not everyone is ready to sit and listen to a YouTube video though (maybe you’re an on-the-go type, or you prefer text over audio, or what have you) SO you can read a wrap-up of my thoughts in this blog post instead of watching the video. I included time codes to skip to associate video moments!

Click on the VIDEO if you want to watch or scroll down for the written wrap-up.

💄 [2:00] 💄 Review of Colourpop “No Filter Concealer”

I have been a long-standing fan of the Tarte ShapeTape (like, ever since I finally got my hands on some), but that stuff is expensive. (If you didn’t know, CAD $35 not including shipping). I use it for my crazy annoying dark circles, my under eye wrinkles—I’m in my twenties but genetics don’t care—and adding precision to makeup application. Like, it’s some good stuff, but the priceeeee.

In comparison, the Colourpop No Filter Concealer is US $5 (around 7 CAD). I would be a fool not to test this stuff out?? My preliminary determinations are overwhelmingly positive, and I’ll be using this product for the future.

PROS: Huge shade range! Great price! Conceals dark circles.

CONS: Not as good at covering wrinkles/lines.

💄 [2:30 / 6:25] 💄 Review of Markus Zusak’s “Bridge of Clay”

I haven’t finished this book yet, but I have so many thoughts I needed to share something and soon. I picked up this book based on the author—I read The Book Thief and loooove it—and wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a vague summary? I had no idea what I was headed for with this book. 

Right now I’m 130 pages into the more than 300 page book and I have two issues tickling my mind. First, the majority of the main characters are in their teens … but they act nothing like teenagers. In fact, I assumed they were all in their twenties until I found out otherwise.

pretty little liars wtf GIF

I don’t think BoC was pitched as YA, but it ALLLLL brings me back to VickyC’s post about teens and YA. These are teenagers but they are depicted utterly unlike teens. In this case, I don’t feel misrepresented (I’m not a teen and I didn’t expect teenagers) but I do feel distanced from the narrative. It’s odd, these teens running around acting like adults.

Also, the narrator Matthew (WHO IN MY VIDEO I CALL MICHAEL because I clearly feel no real emotional attachment) is telling this entire story. He is writing it down. And he speaks I N C R ed I BLY eloquently for a high school dropout??? It created a lot of emotional distance to the characters in a book that is written in expectedly wonderful Zusak prose.

I’ll keep reading, in my down time, but this book has lost a lot of it’s initial charm.

💄 [8:05] 💄 Daily Glam look using the Disney x Colourpop Eyeshadow palette

As promised, I created a wearable, daily look using the DxC eyeshadow palette (It’s a Princess Thing)! (Which is so pretty, but also v heavy on the neutrals, and I’m a colourful kinda gal). The video is obv the easiest way to go about a recreation for this, but I jotted down details here, too.


  • Lay base on lids with concealer.
  • Apply GRUMPY as transition shade to crease.
  • Spread GRUMPY outwards towards brow bone (lightly).
  • Apply TRITON to lid. Blend into GRUMPY.
  • Apply ABU to outer corners in circle motion.
  • Apply FAIRY GODMOTHER to inner 2/3 of eye with packing brush.
  • Blend TRITON along lower lash line into outer corner.
  • Apply POISON APPLE to lower lashline.

After, add as much or as little eyeliner and mascara as desired. ✨


💄 [11:20] 💄 Review of TooFaced “The Sweet Smell of Christmas” Lipstick Collection

I don’t like scented things except for handmade soap and THESE. THESE LIPSTICKS. The product is B O M B and they smell soooo good. I’m sensitive to strong smells (they trigger my migraines) but these (?) don’t (?) and I’m for it.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas

This collection SMELLS like the holidays and has my favourite kinds of shades (orange and brown tones). A huuuuge recommend from me. USD 25 for FOUR mini lippies and they don’t dry out and they last for a long time I’m sorry this is an amazing deal.

Are you a fan of TooFaced lipsticks? Have you tried Zusak’s new book? Are you thinking about testing out a new eyeshadow look? Do I TOTALLY need to enunciate more? Let’s discuss!!


9 thoughts on “💄How to Look like a Disney Princess (+ some Product Reviews) 💄

    1. Aww, thanks!! As for the ColourPop collection, I like it, but I don’t think it’s their best. The quality is as good as anything else they’ve put out, but the shades aren’t mindblowing. If you like Disney, go for it, if not, maybe pick another palette.

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