👸 Why Readers (and Bloggers) are Disney Princesses 👸

How is it possible that Mandy and I have never done a truly Disney Princess and reader tie-in post? Get ready to find out why we think readers (and bloggers) are truly princesses in disguise.

This post is inspired by ChainReaction’s “Why Bookworms Are Basically Disney Villains.” She later came out with a Disney Princess post, but Mandy and I had already started this list by then. Both exist on her blog, though, and we encourage you to check them out!

Ariel from The Little Mermaid
sad the little mermaid GIF

Much like Ariel, readers want to explore new worlds. You want to see everything the world has to offer, no matter how many people try to hold you back. Maybe your budget won’t quite allow for a trip around the globe (or maybe you’ve got an overbearing father who also happens to rule the sea) but when you crack open a book you’ve got your one-way ticket to anywhere.

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Image result for sleeping beauty sleeping gif

Much like Princess Aurora, books can sometimes put readers to sleep. Sometimes, books just can’t keep your attention. Maybe it was a long day working the grind or maybe that novel just wasn’t your particular flavour, but the inevitable truth is there are the occasional reads that just won’t click for you. 

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

jada pinkett smith disney GIF

Much like Princess Jasmine, readers long to be free to read when and where we want. We wish there wasn’t work or school or chores or anything, but instead, we can just curl into a comfy position, snuggle in some comfy blankets, and spend the night binge reading a brilliant book. And just like Jasmine, we’re sometimes bound to run away from our palaces because we just want to have a moment to read.

Tiana from Princess and the Frog

the princess and the frog disney GIF

Much like Tiana, readers will work tirelessly to reach their goals. And you have many goals! Your Goodreads challenge, perhaps a monthly book ban (ugh, but it has to be done!), new genres you want to try out, and finishing books before deadlines. Readers are relentless when it comes to conquering what others will label impossible.

Rapunzel from Tangled

disney rapunzel GIF

Much like Rapunzel, readers are adventurous. You may not have tried a genre before, but hey, now feels like a good time. Perhaps you’ve heard some negative things about a certain book, but you’re ready to form your own opinion. Maybe some think because you live between pages you can’t be compared to someone climbing Everest aanndd they may be kind of right. But you have your own kind of adventurous spirit inside you, and it can’t be tamed!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast GIF

Much like Belle, readers fangirl/fanboy hard over a beautiful giant library. Beast knew the ultimate way to a reader’s heart, and it was easily to give them a library that is jam-packed with towers full of books, cool spinning staircases, and books that can take you to whole new places. At the same time, you can love even the tiniest of book collections, just like Belle treasures her small village selection, as long as you have access to words on pages!

Merida from Brave

animation winning GIF by Disney Pixar

Much like Merida, readers are passionate about what they believe. We fangirl/boy hard. We argue about whether or not a character would really do something in a hypothetical situation. We cry about our love for a certain space pilot thief every chance we get. We push books hard on anyone who will listen. And if someone tries to fight us about our favorite books – we might take out the bow and arrow.

Cinderella from Cinderella

disney cinderella GIF

Much like Cinderella, readers never pay attention to the time. Think about every book as a ball, and you’re just jamming your heart out to a Mozart piece, dancing in circles with a fellow that will forget your face in the morning, in the swishiest dress of your life. You’re not going to quit the epic ball, are you, just because it’s midnight? Not when the killer is at stake, or your ship has just crashed??? You’re gonna let yourself turn into a pumpkin for the morning so you can keep the magic going until you get to the last page.

Pocahontas from Pocahontas

disney 90s GIF

Much like Pocahontas, readers want to build a community. Some may say it’s impossible, but in their hearts readers all want to connect and share their passion for the written (and spoken) word. 

Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

snow white cleaning GIF

Much like Snow White, readers maintain functional blogs and bookstagrams. Yes, Snow looked after seven messy men … but you manage a blog and several socials to promote and support dozens of authors. You’ve traded in the classic broom/dustpan for spreadsheets and to-do lists as you organize yourself, not to mention that fantastic and oh so aesthetic blog layout!

Fa Mulan from Mulan

disney bow down GIF

Much like Fa Mulan, readers fight to protect their culture. You know that as much as reading is fun and enjoyable, books needs to achieve certain standards. With your blog posts and tweets, you challenge authors and writers to strive for the proper representation of diversity in their works. 

Were we on the ball with this one? Which Disney princess do you relate to the most when it comes to reading & blogging? Can you picture Jasmine sneaking out the palace to reading a book her father forbid?


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