🎬 TOP 10 Scariest Disney Moments in Film 😱

Today, Sha and Mandy are counting down – and we’re not just counting down the days until Halloween. Today we’re also counting down some of Disney’s scariest moments in film. Disney certainly is such a big part of our blog, and Sha and I have watched our fair share of Disney movies in our life, so we thought, why not continue the Spooky Book Princess theme by taking a look at the scariest moments that Disney has brought to us?

Whether intentional or not, Disney has certainly brought us weird, frightening, and downright nightmarish things. There are moments that had me side eying it like, really??? Why is this in a kid’s movie? And things that made me shriek in terror as a kid.

Sha and Mandy are taking a trip down scary Disney moments lane and counting down what we think are some of the scariest moments around . . . are you ready?

Ten: Lady and the Tramp: Rat Attack

SHA: There are so many scenes were Lady and the Tramp just gets so dark and, as a child, you just don’t catch it. This is one of those scenes! Little Kid Sha was probably like, “Ahhh scary rat with demon eyes!” Big Kid Sha is like, “Uh, why did this movie just casually throw in a baby eating rat????” Like we don’t have enough to fear!

Nine: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: The Evil Queen

MANDY: Basically this entire movie is a horror fest (perhaps even including Snow’s singing??), but Sha insisted that we just pick one, so ya know, nothing like a creepy queen death?????

Eight: Don’t Look Under the Bed: The Boogeymen

MANDY: This movie was my Disney Channel Original Movie Halloween themed lifeeeeeeeee, but like, I’m concerned as an adult??? Like, I just remember the whole ending sequence going what??? is??? happening?????

Seven: Dinosaur: Meteorite

SHA: Dinosaur always spooked me as a kid. Not because the movie had dinosaurs, but because the dinosaurs were literally running for their lives after a meteor strike killed most of their family members. So they had to travel across barren lands to find water. While any newfound friends they might make dropped dead of dehydration or fell prey to carnivores. Um.

Six: The Black Cauldron: Gurgi’s Sacrifice / The Horned King

SHA: Picture me recalling this movie and suggesting it to Mandy because the Horned King was a creepy villain. Then looking it up online only to remember — because somehow I totally forgot — that one of the characters literally *sacrifices his life to the demon fire*. Wow, Disney, you changed. Is it a new haircut or…

Five: Hunchback of Notre Dame: Judge Claude Frollo’s Villainy

I think enough said????

Four: Monsters Inc.: Randall trying to capture Boo

SHA: What child didn’t have nightmares after this movie of a scaly, man-sized lizard that can basically *turn invisible* trying to snatch you and toss you into a door to nowhere.

Three: Bambi: Death of Bambi’s Mother

MANDY: Um, trauma for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

Two: The Lion King: Mufasa’s Death

SHA: *cries forever*

One: Toy Story 3: Furnace Scene

MANDY: I’m still not okay. How can anyone be okay??????

That wraps up our top ten scariest moments in Disney movies. Are there scenes we forgot? Should we have ranked some things higher (or lower) than we did? Has Disney made us the emotional wrecks we are today? Let’s discuss below!

20 thoughts on “🎬 TOP 10 Scariest Disney Moments in Film 😱

  1. Oh yeah I agree with the Lady and the Tramp rat scene, Mufasa’s death. Frollo’s villainy, and the Evil Queen! They do give me the creeps. However, there are two others that always get to me – Maleficent turning into a dragon and attacking Philip with fire, and Ursula rising out of the ocean with Triton’s crown and trident. I would rarely watch Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid as kid due to those scenes.

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      1. I think that’s what makes Disney films really good. They have a balance between the scenes which works and makes people come back to them time and time again, even if they’re scared witless by a scene or two.

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