🎁🎂 TWO YEAR Anniversary Q & A 🎁🎂

Thanks to those who submitted questions for us via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (If you don’t follow us already, be sure to now: we keep you updated on all blog events, upcoming releases, and cool posts!) We also had some pre-selected questions that we’re dying to answers, so let’s get started!

🎁 Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head on?

MANDY: Avoid, avoid, avoid. I literally took a workshop on conflict management and resolution, and I literally had almost all the checkmarks for the avoider.

SHA: In-person, if there’s conflict, I’m more likely to engage. If someone says something or is acting shady, I don’t like to waste time wondering if something is going on. I’ll just call it out to see what’s up so we can move on. Online though, I avoid. Too hard to read what people mean!

MANDY: Omg, so much truth in that last statement. I’ve stared at a single sentence for ages trying to guess if it was shady or like really nice?

🎁 Can you do a split?

SHA: Not even a banana split.

MANDY: Omg, NEVER. Never in my life shall I do one either.

🎁 What’s your favourite book that you’ve reviewed? @dreamyreads

MANDY: Probably Grave Mercy with Sha. I mean, I was going to have a ton of fun with reviewing it anyway, but then with the fangirling and how much that book both meant to us, it just brought it to the ultimate heights.

SHA: Grave Mercy with Mandy! She totally copied my answer. We had to cut stuff out because the post got so long, with us listing everything we absolutely adored in that book.

🎁 Do you have a catchphrase?

MANDY:  Um um um um…probably um? XD But I mean, Sha would probably say it would be something to do with Bigfoot or Josh Gates.

SHA: Just the word “wut” because I am in constant shock and awe over the things I see on the daily. Also Mandy is lying her catchphrase is totally “OMG Yes!” Or “go with the flow like a fishy.” She tries to hide it but there it is, her true self, flowing.

MANDY: OMG YES. It is “go with the flow like a fishy.” I totally forgot about that one…also I am now noticing that OMG YES is apparently a thing. Huh.

🎁 What’s one of your favourite posts you’ve done since starting your blog? @kaya

MANDY:  Probably How YA Lied to Me series. I was super proud of the first one I ever did of the How YA Contemporaries Lied to Me and I also really really enjoyed How Myseries Lied to Me.

SHA: I recently wrote my very first rant review and I think it was my favourite? Not because I want to spread negativity (soooo far from that) but because it was the first time I sat down and just let out allll my true feelings about a book. Being honest in my reviews is always a major thing for me, I would never give a rating I didn’t honestly mean, but sometimes I worry I’m too nice/too mean in reviews *no matter how much I edit*. In that rant review (which I did still edit like crazy) I just said everything I felt throughout my experience reading.

🎁 Who’s your favourite Disney princess? @dreamyreads 

MANDY: Lol, um, clearly I must give a Top 5 since I can’t even pick a one. Moana, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty.

SHA: Rapunzel and also Tiana and Mulan is cool too. But I feel Rapunzel and Tiana on a deeper level.

🎁 Have you read any of the Hunger Games, Twilight, or Harry Potter series?

MANDY: I have read all of HG and Twilight, but none of HP. (and the crowd intensely gasps and clutches their pearls)

SHA: I read the first Hunger Games (then heard the other two books had weird Peeta dynamics and I was OUT) and all of Twilight (because no one thought to be all, “Warning, this book has more than ONE SHADY BOY dynamic for you to worry about) and half of the first Harry Potter book. Um. I just have this thing with popular books, the hype train won’t let me on okay?

🎁 If you could get a bookish tattoo, what would it be and why? @Rendz 

SHA: I would probably get a quote from a book, something about strength or mental illness/health. It would have to resonate with me though. Meaning at the moment, nope, I don’t have one!

MANDY: Huh. I never thought about it. Most of my fandoms don’t have a big symbol that repeats like the HP lightning bolt or a mark for the Shadowhunters. I always do like the quote from The Lunar Chronicles about even in the future, the story begins with once upon a time, because, I mean, TLC is all the love and it mentions fairytales.

🎁 What’s the story of how you two met? @Rendz on WordPress

(Sha says we told this story before, but I think she lying, so we gonna tell it now.)
(Grab your popcorn this is a blockbuster.)

Once upon a time in 2011, a younger and more naive Mandy and Sha were dreaming the big dreams. The biggest of dreams. They were going to be authors. Of course, that kind of dream requires work, so Mandy and Sha did what any person desiring success does: they turned to The Internet. On this great and vast Internet, Mandy and Sha both signed up for a (now defunct) site called Inkpop where members could write novels in the hopes that the site owners (a pub company) would notice and publish their work. At the time we will now focus on, Mandy had several WIPs and Sha had her one little child, and to grow on the site, members would review each other’s works. Can you guess what happened next?

Mandy and Sha met over a swap. A swap, you say? A swap on a writing website was where people agreed to read each other’s books (for a set number of chapters) and then give feedback on what they read. (Um, wow, Sha and Mandy were bringing allllllllllll the reviews even back in the non-book blogging days.) We can’t quite remember who swapped with who first (although we both agree it was most likely Sha since Mandy was “in her fame castle” according to Sha but most likely “hiding in her 23 character book because I mean, who could ever find her when there are 23 characters???”)

So, Mandy and Sha did the swap. They read and they reviewed. But Sha went to Mandy’s page and dropped what seemed like an innocent comment: “The reaper in your book reminds me of this character from a book series I read…” At the time, Mandy chatted with dozens of people on Inkpop (let’s be real, Mandy is a chatter). But the thread continued. The two talked about Soul Screamers (TOD MAH BOYYYY) and then other books they had read and then kitties and then new writing ideas.

Then rumors circulated that Inkpop was shutting down. No matter. Sha and Mandy created their first Gmail accounts to continue talking. They cycled through different writing websites together, through high school grads (PROM QUEEN MANDY), through new schools and mental breakdowns (like at least ten) and pets. Lots of pets.

They may not have become WORLD RENOWNED AUTHORS but they became BESTIE BIFFLES and honestly, which would you rather?


Okay don’t answer that.

So, we hope that we might have shed a little more light on the mystery that is Sha and Mandy (although I mean, are ever on the same level as a Simone St. James novel or 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle?) Thank you to everyone that submitted, and if you have any more, let us know! Now, Sha and Mandy – the Bloggerellas – have to go run off home before the magical ball ends on our blogging anniversary and the pumpkin spice gets us!

23 thoughts on “🎁🎂 TWO YEAR Anniversary Q & A 🎁🎂

  1. Now I’m like.. Did I not see you people asking for questions? How did I miss that? Or did I just forgot? Because I would’ve been TOTALLY UP for sending you the most ridiculous questions or something.

    Now I feel like I missed out on a huge opportunity.. Boo. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We will have to do another Q&A sometimes soon! I was also supposed to post a shout out for questions on the blog (in addition to the Insta and Twitter calls) but … I … forgot… *hides* It’s easy to miss Twitter/Insta posts, so I totally get it!! I feel like I’m always playing catch up with posts from people I follow avidly, but *constantly* get updates from people I’m interested in, but don’t have close connections with. One day the way social media shows posts will make sense. One day.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉🎉🎉 Sha, you were smart to get out after the 1st Hunger Games. All the love triangle garbage gets SO ANNOYING!! The 1st one was really the only good one! And I love that both of you seemed to go mainly for NEWER Disney Princesses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is reassuring to hear! I’m not in for love triangles. The first book had so many empowering moments for Katniss, I don’t need that tainted by will they/won’t they and boy drama. The newer Disney Princesses are soooo much better (but we won’t forget our classic roots).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was fabulous ladies!!! I loved your answers to everything!!! Bookish tattoos have always been intriguing to me. Like there are so many good things I could get a tattoo of, but like I can’t pick and I’m too chicken to actually get a tattoo XD As for the story of how you two met! ❤ It was lovely, so bookish and I absolutely adored it! Thank you, Inkpop for bringing these two lovely people together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But it’s so hard to pick a tattoo, I’m sure once you settle on the right one you’ll boldly go forth and get those thousand needle pricks in your tender flesh!!!! !! !

      Mandy and I praise Inkpop on the daily, haha. And it was SO bookish, no wonder we’re book blogging now. XD

      Liked by 1 person

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