Watch You Burn by Amanda Searcy

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Jenny didn’t want to move to the creepy, possibly haunted town with her dad. But the cops are on to her, and the only way she can protect herself is by moving as far away from her hometown as possible and staying out of trouble.

But even after she moves, Jenny still gets the itch. The itch to light a match and then watch it burn.

It’s something she hasn’t been able to stop, ever since an accident years ago. Now, in a new town, Jenny has the strange feeling that someone is watching her every move. Will her arsonist ways be exposed? Or is the burning truth deep inside her a greater danger?

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DNF @ 30%

I really tried with this one. This girl, right here, used to be the DNF Queen. I would pick up books left and right, and if they weren’t to my liking, I would fling them to the wind, usually giving them a little jazz hand wave as they flew away. But but but I had reformed! It’s been ages since this princess did her Miss America hand flutter. I had found something like, book commitment?? But this book came along and I was lost.

Pros: there were interesting moments. The writing was easy enough to get through 30% of it. I liked how the writer decided to tackle an interesting unreliable narrator who isn’t the conventional YA character. She did have real psychology behind it, and definitely showcases the mind of an addict. Um, um, um, I really really really like the covers and chapter headers??? I’m so sorry. That’s honestly about it.

Cons: oh dear. Bullet point list format since it’s mine and Sha’s preferred method of rants/semi-rants.

– The main character. She was just so eh. And jumped to the wildest conclusions. Example: she sees a burning cigarette outside her hotel room on the first night she sneaks out and sets a fire. So, instead of going like, oh, okay, someone clearly doesn’t understand how to use an ash tray and is littering, she is immediately going, SOMEONE HAS SEEN ME. THEY KNOW. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING AND THEY MUST KNOW THAT I STARTED THIS FIRE LIKE A MILE AWAY AND ALL IS LOST. Um, okay, I’m paranoid af, but even I wouldn’t have jumped to that major of conclusion.

Also, in things that are majorly weird and out of the ordinary, she didn’t have any sort of reaction? Example: she comes home one day and finds that there is a person in her room. Obviously and clearly, she starts reacting and freaking out (and I mean, you go girl, because you need to) and then IMMEDIATELY after, like, one sentence chills out because it’s her friend who literally snuck through her window, goes to use her shower, and then just chills in her room – all without asking. And her friend? She just met her I’m pretty sure 4 days before hiding out in an abandoned no trespassing zone. The main character’s main reasoning for instantly going kk sure is because she feels bad about her new bestie being semi homeless and living with a terrible aunt, even though this is weird???? If my best friend that I’ve known since 4th grade had done this, I still would be completely weirded out because I mean, you snuck through a bedroom window????

– I kept getting confused. There were moments that would happen that would be clear, but I really had no clue why they were happening, and then things would happen and I was just really confused by them and what was happening. The opening really perplexed me especially with the main character’s description of the hotel/motel that she’s living in. I literally had to read 3 paragraphs over 4 different times because I couldn’t tell if they were living in a really nice, fancy hotel or, like, the seedy Bates Motel where she about to meet Norman. It might have been because I was starting to mentally check out of this book hotel, but I really don’t even know how to describe what was going on in this book.

I had almost forgot about your judgey eyes, Snow. Almost.

– Also, I was promised a haunted town, and I got no haunts?? Like, the main character doesn’t mention how she thinks this is a weird town or she’s not vibing it. I thought this would really go a long way to create an atmosphere and some spookiness, but honestly, the most setting I felt was picturing it in arid New Mexico. I felt like this was promptly forgotten about?

– The revolving door of male characters. There is, like, 3 men that kept popping up for no reason and I didn’t fully get their purpose otherwise to confuse me on the male triangle of possible love interests???

All of these items added up to me having to call it quits despite me really trying to turn a new page in my DNF status book. It was an interesting premise, and I would see moments of that potential, but overall, it really didn’t add up to me. There were too many factors that I wasn’t a fan of that kept me from enjoying this one. No crowns because it was a DNF and a Snow White rating!

What do you think? What makes you DNF a book? What was your last DNF? Do you always try to find the pros when there are lot of cons for a book? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Watch You Burn by Amanda Searcy

  1. Ohhh, I think I have DNFd only one book ever (book ocd? I just can’t stand the feeling of leaving it half read 😂😂). It really needs to make me uncomfortable in a very personal level for me to decide to drop it, but I wish I could DNF more often because there are so many other wonderful stories waiting to be read 😍😍 That is why I luv bookbloggers, so that I have a clearer idea of what to expect from a book 😙

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  2. I have put off reading this one time and time again, because I have seen so many negative reviews. I am also sad, because I loved Searcy’s debut so much, and was hoping I would love this one too, but I do support your DNFing. I will not push through a book I am not enjoying.

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      1. I don’t know. I hate to waste time on books that are not worth it, and I have tons of backlist, which I know are good, and I would rather use my time to read those.

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