➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

What could be better than a sweet, cute, lovable cupid costume for Halloween?

That’s what I asked myself when brainstorming ideas for a costume (except, again, I whipped this one up for camp, so I did this mid-summer and not for Halloween). Maybe I didn’t go OG-Cupid with wings (couldn’t find any, for the oddest reason) or a giant diaper (I said cute not baby) but hey, I’m a firm believer in artistic license.

Stay tuned for my DIY tips on making your own Cupid costume at home if you’re not into those pre-made, 100% poylester, exorbitantly priced costumes from Halloween stores.

The Outfit

– Solid black or white outfit
– Solid black or white shoes

This part was simple. I went with a black dress (because I used so many other materials everywhere else). The goal is to use a plain coloured “base outfit” so everything else stands out. Of course, my first choice was white (hello, it’s Cupid) but apparently I have something against white and only had a single white t-shirt to my name. Obviously you don’t need to go with a dress! You can also go with any of the following: pants/shorts/skirt matched with t-shirt/shirt as long as they are a solid colour and both black or white.

For my feet, I went with white shoes. Would I have preferred black to match my dress? Yes. But I didn’t have black shoes. Ultimately an all-white outfit is best, though!

The Crown

“What crown?” you’re saying. “Cupid doesn’t have a crown!” My cupid does, actually, and since there are no documented pictures of a real, legit cupid, I suppose I can really work this artistic license thing.

– Thin craft wire
– Construction paper
– Ribbon

Create a circlet slightly smaller than the size of your head using the craft wire. This will be the base for your crown. Using more pieces of craft wire (these are usually very thin) create several twists around the crown’s base so it is more sturdy. Cut out hearts from red and pink construction paper and attach them to the crown using short pieces of craft wire. Wrap a length of pink ribbon around the base of the crown and allow a length to dangle down the side. (Or tie several lengths to hang down.)

The Bow and Arrows

Let me tell you right now that Cupid is a magical being and has no need for those “physical arrows” that humans go on about. Only Cupid can see Cupid arrows aka they’re invisible. This will save you time and energy when people try to take your arrows and shoot them up trees, at your cat, and into gloomy spooky probably haunted forests.

– Bow
– Ribbon

I don’t joke when I say these Halloween costumes are super easy. If you want a full-out Cupid costume, you’re definitely on the wrong page. To get your bow ready, head to a dollar store and buy a kid’s bow and arrow set (I chose one marketed to little girls which would unsurprisingly be pink). At home, I decorated the bow with ribbons and paper hearts galore.

The Body Art

Whoa. Whoa. I know what you’re thinking. Full on Cupid tats? Not even close. This is just another quick step that takes a simple costume one tiny step further.

– pink liquid lipstick
– pink eyeshadow (glittery)

Using the liquid lipstick like a marker, draw hearts on any exposed skin. You can also use face paint or liquid eyeliner or Halloween makeup, but liquid lipstick is something a lot of people have on hand *and* it stays on like glue. With the hearts you can add things like the word “love”, happy faces, and tiny bows and arrows.

Take the pink eye shadow and buff it around your skin to give yourself a pink shimmer. (Optional).

There’s my take on a Cupid costume!

Are you excited for Halloween? What was your favourite costume growing up? Your favourite thing to get trick or treating? Let’s discuss!


4 thoughts on “➳ DIY Halloween Costume: CUPID ➳

  1. I love these halloween costumes posts! I wanted to do one for this year but I really have no time to prepare something cool, go out and take pics and prepare a decent thing like I did a couple of years ago )): Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marta! My time saver was thinking up these costumes during the summer for camp. If I had to do one right now, I don’t think I would stand a chance. I hope you get the time next year 😦 Planning a DIY costume is so fun (and makes you feel so creative!).

      Liked by 1 person

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