Discussion Post: What do you do with spoilers?

discussion post

The curse of Mandy’s Discussion Posts have struck again! I’ve lured you into a false sense of security, thinking, goodness, we’re good! We’re all free from her ramblings. AND THEN THEY ARE BACK IN ACTION.

Speaking of striking again, I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, minding my own business when BAM! A spoiler was thrust upon my eyes, never to be unseen, always to be ingrained in my memory so I’ve effectively ruined an entire series I hadn’t even started yet. I had heard a rumor that someone was going to be killed in a pretty popular series, but I deliberately maintained a good distance away from spoilers. I mean, I haven’t even read the first book, so I didn’t really need to be reading reviews on the third.

Honestly, seeing spoilers is basically you starring in your own 30 second horror movie where you see the spoiler, scream “THE HORROR”, and bum yourself out for the rest of the day. Huh. I guess this discussion post really does fit correctly in the month of Halloween.

Just like how spoilers screw with you, the Twitter spoiler appeared out of nowhere allllllllllllll for the sake of a meme and to have some funnies OR JUST RUIN MY TWITTER FUN. IDK, BUT IT JUST POPPED UP AND I’M NOT OKAY.

So, that leads us to our question for the day:

What do you do with spoilers?

As book reviewers, we have a duty to talk about our feelings on the books we read and the series and so much more. Sometimes, we may feel the need to talk about particular things in a book that made us happy or sad or crazy – other times, we’re fine to talk about things in general terms.

Personally, I like to do all of my reviews in general terms. I’m all about giving vague comments that may or may not confuse you because I’m all about no no no spoilers. But I’ve recently see a few posts about how people I want, idk, DETAILS because this is what reviwers do??? But then I always get stuck with what is too much that falls under spoilers or what is not enough to make people understand/want to read or not read it. It’s a thin line, and this girl has yet to master it.

So, most of the time, I just give the basic details, talk about my feelings, and move on. However, there are a few times where I just HAVE to talk about something. Mostly, it’s for books that are really crazy and I have to prove the craziness in long drawn out reviews that probably should have accompanying powerpoints to them. I did this recently with Uncharted by Erin Bowman and a few months ago with The Queen Underneath. I had to slip in moments in the story that were in fact spoilers, because I needed to talk about why I got to that one crown rating.

So, if you absolutely need to talk about spoilers, what do you do? Well, I of course, always include big CAPS saying (SPOILER ALERT:) and yes, they are usually in parentheses. But do I need to do more? Do I need to bring out the color coding and the underlines and bold and red flags and boxes and confetti cannons? Because idk about any of you, but if I see all of that, like, I’m more tempted to look and then it’s all dunzo again??

But spoilers are a major issue. They honestly can ruin an entire book for me. If I find out something major, it really will take away a reason to read it. Why would I need to pick up and read the book if I already know the big plot twist when it’s what the book is based upon? Sometimes, it works out, but if I find out a spoiler to a mystery/thriller, honestly what’s the point. At least with my nonexistent memory, I have some hope that I’ll forget about it by the time I pick up the book. But I’m not sure there is a clear answer what to do. So, I’ll throw it back to you to see what you do!

What do you do with spoilers? Have you ever been spoiled? What was it like for you? How do you deal with spoilers – do you put them in your reviews or avoid them altogether? Do you create spoiler reviews along with spoiler-free? How do you label them? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


31 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What do you do with spoilers?

  1. Haha, I was honestly waiting for a post like this to pop up on any blog at this point. I’ve heard people going on about being spoiled for a certain sequel a LOT these past couple of days and.. well.. I’m glad I’m not among them? I try staying clear of social media when it’s a release I’m anticipating myself; not that it works out all the time but hey. I skip the things that even MENTION the book / series and force myself not to read one more word. It’s worked so far; let’s hope I keep it up..

    As for spoilers in my reviews.. It honestly depends on what kind of spoiler it is. Sometimes a spoiler is immediately a trigger you just HAVE to warn people about and then there’s no way around it. You could still say that “hey, a trigger isn’t necessarily a spoiler because you don’t know how it’s incorporated in the story” but in the end.. you can easily pick up on the clues while you’re reading and know beforehand how that trigger will be present. I do try putting those triggers in white [on my white background] so people can decide for themselves.

    When it comes to some event in the book I want to talk about, I usually try and talk about it in as little words as I possibly can and also put it in white with some spoiler warnings up front and at the end. It’s what works best for me and I haven’t had any complaints yet so.. I’ll just keep doing that? :’)

    I do know some people who use those.. eh, don’t know the term. That little arrow-thingie you can unfold to show more text? But that one does NOT work for me at all. I’m curious and have probably unfolded the spoiler before realizing I’m going to freaking spoil something, haha. [It happened, thankfully with a book I ended up not wanting to read anymore.]

    Do I even want to know what amazing book / series you got spoiled for, btw? :p

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    1. Yes yes! Definitely good to have the blinders and avoiding it all. I’m trying to do that myself more often now because you’re right – it seems to be easier that way.

      Oh, okay, I like that, Kathy. I find that seems to be a great way to do it and the way I like reading it.

      And omg YES. I totally am with you. It’s honestly just so tempting that I must click it. And I’m glad that it was one that you ended up wanting to stick with.

      And mmmmm that’s a good question. I looked on Goodreads and you have read the author’s work before, but I’m not sure if you’re interested in this particular series. Let me know if you want to know the author (they have a lot of series so I won’t spill which one).

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  2. I’m terrible with spoilers, if I read them by accident they sit in my head for AGES. So many book endings have been anticlimax because I already knew what was going to happen

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  3. I think spoilers are just unavoidable these days, especially for us who are almost always online. Besides those few times when I accidentally spoil myself by flipping the book to the last page, most of the times when I was spoiled was when I was looking up fan arts for the book I was reading. Sometimes it is better to know what is going to happen before I’ve read it because I can find all the factors that lead to the event. But the shock would be gone when I actually got to that event. So I guess there are both sides?

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    1. Omigosh, so true! Social media totally brings them all out. And yes! I’ve noticed fanart brings them out so much that I didn’t even realize. I have to stop myself now for that. But honestly, I agree as well! Sometimes it’s too stressful or as you said, you can appreciate it better because you see the detail that led up to it. But for sure!

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  4. Great post, I hate when you get spoiled for something completely put of the blue with no warning. I try not to put any spoilers in my posts and if I do I make it very clear that a spoiler is coming up and if you haven’t seen the book then you can avoid reading it.

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  5. Sometimes I find reviewing difficult because of this… I know that there are people out there who want especific reviews and that means spoilers at times but since I hate being spoiled unless I0m actively looking for it.. I tend to be as vague as possible .. so sorry not sorry…. Great topic.

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  6. I never intentionally reveal a spoiler in my reviews. Like you, I keep it vague and fairly general, when I talk about my pros (and maybe cons) of a book. I hate spoilers. I like to figure out stuff or discover stuff on my own.

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  7. Great, now when I go to read my pretty popular series I will know someone is going to die!!! Thanks for the spoiler Mandy :///

    Lololol I drop so many spoilers in my reviews it’s terrible. I’m trying harder I promise. I personally like spoilers? I put the amount I would enjoy… but realize that I’m often an outlier in reading preferences. Oops.

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  8. I’m crazy enough I’ve spoiled myself before on purpose haha I haven’t lost the interest in the series I spoiled myself for, buuut it might take me a while to get to it now. When writing reviews, though, I always pay attention if I’m not saying too much. When I wanna write spoilers, I let people now and I hide them, just to be double sure!!

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  9. Spoilers are the bane of my existence. It legit makes me so angry when someone just drops a spoiler with no warning whatsoever! That’s why I avoid them like the plague in my own writing. I always say in my post titles that my review is spoiler-free and then keep things super general 🙂

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  10. Spoilers are rough. I won’t lie, sometimes I actively search for them to get a little insight when reading a book. (Especially if there is a love triangle and I need to know who to root for) But within my reviews, I try to stay as far away from spoilers as I can. I hate being spoiled myself if I am really into a book, so I wouldn’t want to cause that pain on anybody else. If they are big spoilers that I need to put in my review to get my point across, I usually put them in white and if people wanna read them they can highlight it. Otherwise, I would suggest that people don’t post spoilers anywhere and if you do give a good enough warning. (I’m eyeing everyone on twitter, insta and tumblr)


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