Afterimage by Naomi Hughes

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A horrific explosion levels part of the city and Camryn Kingfisher is the sole survivor.

Amidst controversy, conspiracy theories, and threats from government officials, Camryn longs for the truth. But the only person who she can turn to is a transparent boy in a lab coat named Quint. Unsure whether he’s a hallucination or a ghost, Camryn has no choice but to trust him as they become embroiled in a plot that is bigger than either of them realize.

In a race where the fabric of time and space is at stake, they must figure out who caused the explosion before the culprit comes back to finish Camryn―and her city―off for good.

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**I received an ARC of this – thank you so much to Page Street Publishing but it didn’t change my opinion at all**

There was nothing really wrong with this book, but I think a lot of things compiled together to make it a bit messy and cliche and something that I wasn’t vibing with. There were some good parts, but there were a lot of parts that I wasn’t feeling and it kind of put me in a slump since I didn’t want to pick it back up.

I have to say that I was really feeling the twists and turns. They were for sure my favorite thing of the novel. There was a big twist/reveal that happened about halfway through the story, and I vibed it hard. I thought it was super cool, and it was really the big thing that kept me going. Let’s just say, there are a lot more things going on then you realize and when you realize it, it becomes super cool and intriguing. I really didn’t count on it being a thing, and I loved the little twist that brought this book to another level for me.

The characters were okay? I mean, I didn’t hate them or anything. They just felt…like…Idk nothing? I mean, I really had nothing for Quint and I’m really grappling here, trying to think of something that could describe our main character and narrator, but I’ve got nothing. There was no traits that I could really pull out to describe them other than…strong? Mentally, emotionally, and more? That’s all I got.

Romance was eh. I thought for the longest time that we weren’t going to have a romance, and I was totally down with it, but it did pop its head up at the end that had me rolling my eyes. It felt a little forced and I was good with it not happening at all.

Cinderella is not here for the sci-fi, but she does love a sparkly star headband.

The plot had a pretty fast pace, and I was into it for parts. It got really intriguing and everything was always moving, but it did have parts where it would slow down and I wouldn’t want to pick it back up. There were also parts where it was so unbelievable that I was giving major side eye to it. Like, really, how cliched shady was this government agency really was? And like, how easy she was able to slip into said secret government agency??? Like, I can’t even sneak out of my own house, so how was she able to sneak into a top secret government agency with the random mysterious boy in her head’s help. And this part of the plot seemed way too cliched for me. I felt like I was watching a Bourne movie with a little sci-fi twist.

Overall, there wasn’t anything really terrible about this book, but it just really was lacking for me in certain parts. I thought the characters were okay, and I was HERE for the twists and turns that Hughes created, but overall, I wasn’t vibing this book too much. 2 crowns and a Cinderella rating!


What do you think? When was the last time you felt eh about a book? What the last time a book surprised you with twists and turns? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Afterimage by Naomi Hughes

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this was such a meh book for you, Mandy 😦 I feel that way tons of times too, though! Like the book is pretty much okay – structurally sound, with lovely writing, but that’s about it. There is no emotional response or connection to it, which totally defeats the purpose in my opinion.

    Also, the amount of times you mentioned the word “cliché” made me completely wary of this book already 😂 The cover’s super neat, though! I like it. But it just feels like a very generic YA dystopia that everyone else has already written before… Sigh.

    Amazing review, hon! ❤

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    1. YES. There are some books that check every box but they just sit there and not do much at alllllllllll. They’re just there, and I totally agree.

      Ahahahaha oh no! XD I didn’t realize how much I did, but it, um, really did get there. But that cover is really gorgeous…too bad it wasn’t up to par.

      Thank you, Sophie!!

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  2. Ah I’m sorry this book was kind of a bust for you Mandy 😦 The cover is gorgeous though. At least there’s that LOL. But yeah, as Sophie mentioned, the amount of times you used cliché in your review is already a HUGE red flag 😅 I think I might keep my distance from this one. It might be just okay but with all the amazing books coming out this fall, I think there are other things to be saving our reading time for. Hope your next read is much better! Great review 😀

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  3. Sorry this one didn’t work out for you Mandy! Eh characters and and ever eh-er romance, plus a cliched plot does seem a bit to well… These kind of books make me sad because I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted precious reading time reading them…but I did kind of waste my time…whoops. It was a wonderful review!!!!

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