Princess Wars: Battle of the Best Book Reccer

The princesses are back in action for another dual post where we battle…I mean chit chat it out! Sha and I have known each other for quite a few years, and over these many years, we’ve pushed and peddled many books at each other. Some of have been successful, others might not have quite hit the mark. However, looking back at my favorites quite recently, they are books that I have shared with my epic princess in crime…even though I sadly skipped over a lot of her recs for literally no reason. I AM SORRY, SHA. Shall we take a skip down book memory lane to see all the books Sha and I have gotten each other to read over the years?

(Also, a brilliant thank you for us never deleting emails, since most of these books have become so ingrained in our lives that we were a bit lost in who book pushed these books at each other.)

The Shade series by Jeri Smith Ready


Recommended by: Sha

Mandy: This one was an easy one. This book was not on my radar at all, until Sha mentioned it to me. She mentioned it had some good paranormal content, some ghosties, some romance, and a MAN WITH A KILT. I REPEAT, LOVE INTEREST WITH A KILT. This was the days before I knew Outlander was a thing, and I just thought kilts were fun and uplifting (although, please, no uplifting winds around them), and I was, well, pretty sold. Past me loved it pretty well, and kilt love interest was pretty dreamy.

Sha: I forget how I found the book (but this was in the days when I did all my book shopping in bookstores, with no previous knowledge about the authors or any reviews to guide me). The summary sold me with its world where all people under the age of 18 can communicate with ghosts. Like, a fantasy world that could legit happen. Once I got Mandy on board, we raved for HOURS about love interest Kilt Man (I swear, he’s a cutie, and not defined by his kilt. But we were in love).

Mandy: I don’t know why, but kilts were like Sha and my THING. We even trolled online kilt stores for a while. We were in deep with the kilt fandom. But like not even the men attached to the kilts? Just the kilts? Huh. Why are we not more into Outlander, Sha????

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

paranormalcy book cover

Recommended by: Mandy

Check the blog for our Buddy Read review!

Sha: It’s a no from me. Mandy tried on this one. I mean, she had fiery love for this book. I was in the mood for a funny book and paranormal was still all the rage. Then Mandy pops up like OMG THERE’S A TASER and also OMG THE MC IS SO SASSY and also “The MC names the taser.” I mean, I’m as much to blame because this point sold me? I was like, OOOOOHHHH she names her taser this means the book is gold stars all around! But actually when I read the book (the second time because the first time I was naive and adored the named taser like who was I) I was just like, “What did I just read?”

Mandy: In my defense, I didn’t remember I had unleashed this book upon us. I just remember telling Sha about this sarcastic, funny main character with hot pink taser named Tasey. I didn’t remember all the insanity. I’M SORRY, SHA. FORGIVE ME.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Recommended by: Mandy

Mandy: I didn’t remember this much, but according to emails, I pushed this book on Sha while also showing copious amounts of disinterest. That’s right – despite Sha and I both enjoying Cinder a bit, we weren’t deep in the fandom. I was just like, “Scarlet is better than Cinder. You should read.” WHERE IS MY DEEP INTENSE FANGIRLING AND SCREAMING AND WHY DID I MAKE NO MENTION OF MY BELOVED THORNE. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS AND WHY DIDN’T I FEEL THE FEELS. Excuse me as I go put myself into a corner for not doing my proper fangirlingness.

Sha: Honestly, those emails shocked me. It starts with me, like, “Oh, BTW, I read a book called Cinder and it was okay.” And Mandy being like, “Yeah, me too! Kinda boring in some bits.” And then I wonder for a while if I should even bother with the sequel and Mandy convinces me to give it a shot while also listing everything that was not good about the first book. Like THIS IS HOW SHE SOLD ME ON THE SEQUEL. By listing everything she didn’t like in book one. I’m not sure what this says about her. Or me?

Mandy: …I’m concerned.

My Fair Godmother series by Janette Rallison

Recommended by: Sha

Sha: Ooooh all the laughs in this book series! And all the great and interesting love interests! Usually when I enjoy a romance, it’s because the couple is just deep and intense and all truly madly deeply. But Janette Rallison hooks me with her lighthearted romance (that is actually way more realistic, like, get your head in the game, Sha).

Mandy: I forever thank the great and powerful Sha for recommending this series. This series is beautiful and laugh out loud hilarious with epic fairytale goodness. IT’S JUST SO GOOD AND IT STILL IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITES. Sha did so so so good.

Sha: What can I say, other than to thank my family for supporting me until this moment and also my doggo and kitty for being their cute selves and also Janette Rallison for her epic writing goodness.

The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller


Recommended by: Mandy

Mandy: Sha was looking for book recs, and as usual, this girl immediately started spit firing. I had just finished this blessed book, and of courseeeeeeeee, I need to spread the love. Sha, like the important book decision maker, asked for the pros and cons and here is what I said the pros were:

Really good humor
Like realllllllllllly good humor.
I have this line saved on my phone.
But I can’t share at the moment since it gives a little something away.
The MC isn’t too hate-worthy especially since she is keeping her secret.
Love interest is pretty cool.
Story line keeps a good pace.
They LARP. XD That was super amusing.

And apparently, it was solddddddd!

Sha: I mean, I had never read a book with LARPing before! And I definitely thought that LARPing could bring some funnies. Imagine someone who has never gone to a LARP session going to a LARP session … because it’s all that and more. I was cackling throughout this book. Points to Mandy especially since I usually see contemporary books and run the other way. And … I just realized she never told me the line?

Mandy: :O The sad part is I know exactly what line that is, and I might still have it in my phone????

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers


Recommended by: Mandy

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Sha: I … this book … the words cannot come to me. This book is probably my all time fave? I hesitate only because there are different genres and it’s hard to compare, but this book just seriously wins on so. Many. POints.

Mandy: I did so good. I’m not even going to lie how proud I am of this one. I just knew Sha had to read it and I must get her to read it AND I WOULD NOT STOP UNTIL SHE DID.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh


Recommended by: Sha

Check the blog for our Buddy Read review!

Mandy: I had seen this series popping up every now and again, but it wasn’t until I was told by Sha that I had to read it that I did it. I had seen reviews that loved and hated it, but as you can see, Sha has led me pretty good in the past, so I thought I would give it a try. In usual Mandy fashion, it took me like 5 months to actually order it and then read it, but I did it! While it wasn’t a favorite, I did enjoy it pretty well, she was totally right about the setting, the atmosphere, and the magic it brings.

Sha: I fell in love with this book on the first chapter and immediately tried to sell Mandy. But she is not kidding. I will rec books and she’ll come back with a, “Oooh sounds good!” Is this a “yes I will buy”? No. It’s a very vague, non committal answer. Buuuut I gotta say, when Mandy wins one, she wins BIG.

A Tally of Who Won with the Good Books

Let’s see who recommended more good books!

Mandy: Grave Mercy + Summer I Became a Nerd + Scarlet = 3

Sha: Shade series (3) + My Fair Godmother + ½ point for Wrath and the Dawn =4 ½

Erm, maybe I really do need to go back and read more of Sha’s picks?????

What do you think? Have you recommended books to your friends? Have they worked out or not so much? Or are you the one usually getting the recommendations from friends? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Princess Wars: Battle of the Best Book Reccer

  1. When we read Cinder during its hype times (we still think the hypes still there tho)…we too felt there was some bits that were just a tad boring…like were is the EXPLORATION into this world but (granted it was the first book which lead to us…) we decided to read the second and it was getting there…tho it was still missing something. We have yet to continue the series but MANY have told us Cress is one of their faves and we hope we can get to it!
    The Wrath and The Dawn duology was our first duology we had read (and thoroughly devoured) and it was simply parfait!! It was kinda refreshing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cinder was soo long ago for me, I can hardly remember what I lived and didn’t. I know Iko was not a fave character for me, that stands out. But that was a series that really had highs and lows with me, but overall is recommend-worthy because it’s just such a fascinating world and the twists and turns never stop. So if you have a chance, do try and finish it!! Aaannndd YES Wrath&Dawn is just too great for words!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. From our memory Cinder felt a bit wishy-washing from what we were expecting (and by that point our expectations were pretty high – higher now!).
        To be honest so many book gets hyped about and it’s cool and all but then it just stays on for months to centuries!! Only just raising our expectations!! So when we got book hunting we try not to be swayed by others to much and then proceed to fangirl to the nearest person who hopefully has read the book or they’d be spoiled! 😅


  2. This was great ladies!! I loved this battle so much! Recommending books can be one of the toughest things ever cuz you don’t want the other person to hate it and it is just super awks if they do! I for one am always reccing books to my cousin and she gobbles most of them up! I am her YA fantasy go to! My sisters on the other hand take a lot more convincing but considering I have gotten each of them to read one of my fave series, I’d say its a total win!

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