How to Make Me Trash for a Book in 6 Easy Steps

I was looking through Goodreads the other day and just so happened to found some books that happened to fit all of my buzzwords. It got me thinking…having some of my buzzwords are just the first step into making me full on trash for a book. There are multiple layers that are intricate and complex…oh, who are we kidding. I get excited for books at a drop of a book hat but then promptly get distrustful of them because super high expectations usually make me Captain Unpopular Opinion. But shall we count the ways of what makes me trash for a book?

Step #1: Buzzwords, Buzzwords, Buzzwords

I might have some of the strangest buzzwords out there in the book world? I mean, give me ghosties, Bigfoot, X-Files, aliens, any creature that appears on Destination Truth or Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, haunted houses, witches, small summer towns, Princess Bride, Disney Princesses, Disney World/amusement parks, abandoned insane asylums….okay, I should probably stop here before this gets even weirder. I can’t tell you how many random amusement park novels had made it onto the favorites shelf because I’m Desperate for Disney (trademark pending) for them. Also camping and ghost shows.

Examples: The Truth Lies Here for X-Files/aliens; The Bigfoot Files for, um, Bigfoot; and Starry Eyes for camping

Step #2: Promise me spooks and ghosties

Despite my intense hate for horror movies and always managing to get freaked out by the lamest of ghost shows, there is nothing I love more than a spooky book that promises me intrigue, a haunted place, and some ghostie goodness. I comb for books continuously on Goodreads and anywhere I can find that will give me a ghost and a half like a good bargain deal. Add in a haunting atmosphere or other spooky things like witches or black magic???? THIS GIRL IS GONEEEEEEEEE.

Example: City of Ghosts for Haunted Scotland with girl that sees ghost; These Shallow Graves for spooky 1900s mystery; and The Broken Girls has haunted boarding school

Step #3: Those Pretty Covers

As bookworms, we know how we’re not really supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it almost never works? We judge prettiness all the times, and if a book has a gorgeous cover and the summary that matches, well, yeah, I’ll be here ASAP.

Step #4: Girl Power, Girl Power, and Allllllll the Girl Power

If a book promises me strong female empowerment, then it is 1000% more likely yet again that I’m going to be even more in love with it. There is nothing more empowering than seeing girl power in novels, and I need all the strong females in my life – especially in a world where females are still not getting the due credit and respect we need as equals. YA has been doing a wonderful job of bringing all the strong heroines lately instead of the Mary Sues we had a few years ago, so when I see books that I’m sure will bring me fierce ladies, I’m totally more likely to get pumped for the book.

Example: Undead Girl Gang for an epic girl gang; Bring Me Their Hearts for a fabulous heroine; and Furyborn for two super empowering powerful ladies

Step #5: A Ship to Sail All Ships

To be honest, I used to have to have a ship in a book. I needed a little romance to get me through. However, nowadays? I don’t have to have a romance if the book is interesting enough on its own. But if a book gives me a strong ship or looks like the potential for some adorable cutesies and romance???? Okay, this girl will probably be all over it.

Example: Monty and Percy in Gentleman’s Guide; Cinder and Kai in Cinder; and some major starcrossed love in Sweet Black Waves

Step #6: Funnies and Feels

This is mostly for contemporaries which do rule quite a bit of my favorites. However, it goes along with most of the books on my favorites. I book needs to give me the feels and the funnies to help it try to get on the favorites shelf. If a see promising funnies and lots of emotions and feels, well, step right on up and jump in Mandy’s TBR.

Example: all of these are funny. So look at the pretty pictures!

Step #7: The Me In the Book

I’m not going to lie, a book can make me trash by literally just mentioning Disney Princesses. Or Princess Bride. Or legit just casually mentioning a single city that I’ve been too. I can’t tell you how desperately I pick up a YA travel book because it mentions Prague. Or a place in Ireland. BECAUSE I MUST READ ABOUT PLACES I HAVE SEEN BECAUSE IDK I’M NARCISSISTIC OR SOMETHING??? If a book casually mentions a Princess name drop or a Princess bride quote, I’m 200% more behind it. And if they mention a band I love? I’m wayyyyyyyyyyyyy gone.

Example: I See London for Europe travel; #murdertrending for Disney Princesses; and Now a Major Motion Picture for Ireland + Bastille references

What do you think? What are some steps that make you trash for a book? Do we share any of the same? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


27 thoughts on “How to Make Me Trash for a Book in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Pretty covers get me. Every. Time. I also am a sucker for a book that promises to be funny. It is not a crime to like more lighthearted fare. If you ever take a took at my STS, there are a lot of well-toned torsos – the official mascot of a most romance novels. So, yeah, naked torso, I’m in.

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    1. Yessssssssssssssss. Even if I have no interest in the summary, I have to stare at it intensely and debate. But YES. I love me some lightheartedness. And ahahaha yes! I avoid those sections because I know when I get in them, I’ll go in deep with some cute naked torsos, lol!

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  2. Omg I had to look back again because I thought the title was “How to Make a Trash Book in 6 easy Steps” it did surprised me that its not 😂😂 But well I agree with everything you said in here! Can’t wait to read City of Ghosts by V.E Schwab 😄

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  3. THIS!!! Mandy this was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I loved reading your 6 steps and I agree with quite a few, especially the cover one, the ship one, the girl power one!!! But for me in particular I need the promise of magic. You know I love magic and any kind of magic will do pleasssseeeee!!!!!

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  4. I love this post – it got me thinking about my own buzzwords and what makes me run head first down the damn rabbit hole for a book. Definitely the last one – maybe that’s why I like Twilight so much as a teen because I’d BEEN to Forks…numerous times.

    More to think about!

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  5. I love this list! I have my own buzzwords, but it works both ways. I have some things that I tend to run away screaming in the other direction when I see. Not too get too dramatic or anything.

    I also am a huge sucker for a pretty cover and a cutesy romance. I will pretty much pick up any contemporary that promises a drama free, adorable love story.

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  6. Spot on! I think even if a book isn’t that good, a strong female protagonist and/or strong female friendships will convert me anytime. Also, strong romances! I find those kinda rare, so any book that gives me a great ship will sway me in the long run. (By the way, I like your choice buzzword for “Bigfoot”; it makes me smile for some reason. 😉 )

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    1. Yessssssssssssss. Any book that is supporting women or having women support women is just everything. I just love me the empowerment. And yes! It’s been a while since I’ve had a strong romance so anything that can bring those feels, Im with you! And ahahahaha it makes me smile too because like why, me. XD

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