Mandy’s Story Behind the Story: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

story behind the story

IS IT TRUE? DO YOURS AND MY EYES DECEIVE ME? MANDY HAS NOT KILLED OFF A RANDOM BLOGGING SERIES THAT SHE MADE THAT ONE TIME? I’m impressed. By myself. So, um, that’s really sketchy. Let’s just move on.

Most stories have stories behind it, and I’m sure with all of us bloggers we have stories behind the stories we read. In this blogging series, I will be sharing some of my craziest, deepest, entertaining stories behind some of the stories I have read. They might be how the book moved me, how I spent 2 years of my life trying to chase down a book, and more! Let’s pretend to enjoy Mandy’s trips down book memory lane?

This week’s Mandy’s Story Behind the Story is…

Percy Jackson series!

Last year, after seeing this book alllllllllllllllllllll over the book blogging world, I decided to cave and bought myself a box set of the Percy Jackson series. I mean, I had read it before as a kid, and I knew I enjoyed, so why not? I was looking for a way back into the middle grade world, and I just needed a good dose of Greek mythology. So I binge read the entire series and fell in soooooooooo much love again. This series brought the fun, the funnies, amazing characters, and so much more.

However, as I was reading things, I started discovering things about the book series – or really my experience with the book series. I had totally lied to myself about a lot of stuff, because my book memory was a mess when it came to this series. Shall we dive deeper into this? Well, even if your answer was no, we still are!

Lie #1: I did not read all five books

Okay, I always knew I didn’t read the first book. For some strangely odd reason, I picked this series up at a Scholastic book fair. It was right around the time when the second book had come out.I saw Sea of Monsters everywhere. And my mom gave me money for only 1 book. The Lightning Thief? It looked BORING. I mean, he just had this boring lightning bolt on the cover. Sea of Monsters? It was orange (my fave color), it had promises of monsters, it looked more like it would have more Greek mythology, and I was a little confused on how series worked apparently.

So I bought. I read it. I super enjoyed. I was in deep with all the rest of the books. OR SO I THOUGHT. I thought I finished up the series and was all good to go…UNTIL I FOUND OUT PLOT TWIST I HAD NO READ THE LAST BOOK. I mean, I literally thought I had gotten to it, but turns out I literally only read 2, 3, and 4 but skipped 1 and 2. As Sha put it, I literally only ate the middle part of the Oreo, and forgot about the rest. What even, Past Me?

Lie #2: Titan’s Curse and Battle of the Labyrinth Are Not the Same Book

Yes, I somehow totally thought they were the same thing. I literally comboed the two books together. I thought things that happened in Titan’s Curse ALL took place in the context of the Labyrinth. BUT ALAS, NOT? TOTALLY TWO SEPARATE BOOKS, and I kept sitting there in Titan’s Curse going, BUT WAIT. WHERE IS THE MAZE??????

Lie #3: Sea of Monsters and Battle of the Labyrinth are not my favorite

I was 2000% convinced maze book and sea book were the best. They were my favorites. Until I read them again and they actually ended up being my least favorites of the series? The other books ended up being soooooooooo much love for me – especially when I actually found out what happened in them. I guess I just associated lovely times with mazes and when I first bought the Sea of Monsters at those gorgeous book fairs that I lost all reason.

Lie #4: Nico is not all sunshines and rainbows

All I remembered from the first time was how much I loved Nico. I mean, I still love him, but I had associated him as a happy little boy that jammed with the group. BUT HE WAS TOTALLY NOT. IDK HOW I EVER GOT SUNSHINES FROM THE ADORABLE LITTLE BRO. He is all darkness and angst and moods. Which is okay. Just not the little boy I remembered in my youth brain.

Lie #5: Thalia

My mind blocked her. I legit forgot she ever existed. I also kept saying, I can’t wait to meet this Thalia girl in the first or fifth book! BUT I HAD MET HER ALL ALONG. WHAT EVEN.

So, what do you think? What is your story behind Percy Jackson? When did you read it for the first time? Let’s discuss in the comments below!



33 thoughts on “Mandy’s Story Behind the Story: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

  1. I read this series in 2016 and my story is, I haven’t written a review on this series! I didn’t know I could write review like I can now, I was new on Goodreads and I never thought of starting blog at that time. Now I have to re-read this whole Percy Jackson series and then only I will write review.

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  2. Your LIE #2 – where Titan’s Curse and Battle of the Labyrinth mix is soo relatable for us!! We’ve read the series ages ago (and reread it “fairly” recently) and we’ve always got them muddled up!! Lol😂

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      1. Especially when it comes to binge reading – it becomes totally difficult to differentiate between scenes that happened between the books! And you have to go and tell yourself that – no it happened in the other book…and refrain from spoiling others with spoilers because the books just MERGE one!

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      2. Yessssssssssssss. I started thinking about House of Olympus and I realized everything is starting to blend together with that one too – and Riordan is just so easy to binge read so it’s just all downhill for us! At least we can just say the series was good???

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  3. When I first read the Percy Jackson series, I loved it so much I told everyone I knew about it (which was mostly my family). I even convinced my dad to read it to me and my brother. The thing was that while my dad was reading it to us he started pointing out everything that was super similar to Harry Potter. Me being the rigidly moral 10 year old I was, I immediately lost all my love for the series because I couldn’t love anything that copied another thing. That was my stance for years, but now with Harry Potter not being my favourite and Rock Riordan starting his imprint, I’ve started appreciating Percy Jackson more. I don’t think I’ll ever go back and reread the series, but I’ve stoped hating it so much.

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      1. I tried reading the first book in The Kane Chronicles and really didn’t like it, but that was a long time ago (I think I read it around when it came out). I also read I think the first 2 books in the one that starts with The Lost Hero and wasn’t that invested. I might still try to read The Trials of Apollo, but I’m more interested in all the ones coming out from his imprint.

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  4. Haha, I love this post! It’s so funny how different books can be from the way we remember them. I also re-read this series this year and really enjoyed it again. But the first time I read it I was already an adult, so my memory was a little less off, lol. But I also combine Labyrinth and Titan’s Curse in my head…

    So I read this for the first time after college when I was substitute teaching. The teacher I was subbing for had the Lightning Thief in her library, and I was giving a test and had like, 3 free periods for some reason, so I decided to give it a go. I read most of it in a day and then immediately texted my husband and was like “YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY RIGHT NOW AND GET ME THE REST OF THIS SERIES”. The rest is history. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And it really is amazing how different books are when you actually reread them instead of having the memory in your head. And lol YES. For some odd reason, they just get smushed together quite well.

      Omg, that is such a fun story! I love it! It’s amazing what happens when you just pick up a book on a whim and it ends up being brilliant. Plus, that is kind of epic to just have a chance to read while subbing.

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  5. The Percy Jackson series was my Harry Potter when I was a kid. I actually remember that at first I didn’t want to read it at all, but my mom had bought it so I eventually gave in and started reading it. Needless to say I became obsessed and immediately had to read all of them (though for some strange reason I remember starting the fifth one right after I read the first one?? Idk, childhood was a weird place).

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    1. YES. I agree about PJO being my HP as well! And yes, I agree! Once you read one, you just have to keep going. LOL about reading the fifth one. It really was since I started with the second book! Have you continued with the other series?


      1. Lol. Yes, I have continued with it, currently up to date with the Trials of Apollo, sometimes I ask myself if I’ll stop reading them before he stops writing? Or will he never stop writing? 😂 It just shocks me sometimes to realize how long I’ve been keeping up with the series.

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  6. lolols I started reading this series back then because I thought Percy on the cover kinda looked like Harry Potter. 😂 And I totally understand the thing about Nico! He was sunshine and rainbows at first, but he does become very angsty and cynical. But I don’t remember; ISN’T Nico all happy in this series? I thought he became angsty in the Heroes of Olympus series, not this one…?

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  7. Lovely post, Mandy!! It was so fangirly and funny at the same time!! I know that I buy second books of series by accident, but never on purpose! I eat my oreo cookies entirely, you can tell Sha that!XD Yet here I am, having not yet read the PJ series, Le day

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