🌵 Indoor Plants to Spice Up Your Room

Ever wanted to decorate your room but had a lack of ideas, cash flow, or know how? Then jump straight to the leafy babies (or spiky babies): plants! In this quick Book Baller on a Budget guide, I’ll tell you WHY you should add some plants to your room, WHAT plants you should consider, WHERE you should buy your plants, and HOW you can care for them (so they’re not wilted and brown in two days flat, oh no!). Take it from the girl who literally grows her own dinner: you’ll have a green thumb in no time!


  1. My go-to reason when people are on the fence about indoor plants is to promote the fact that they help purify air. Certain plants do this better than others, but they ALL contribute to better, cleaner air. This is particularly great for preventing respiratory problems!
  2. Plants reduce stress! Yuuuuuup, science has said it so it’s now a total and complete fact. Meaning don’t just adorn your room with plants, but put them in your office too, and keep that heart rate down.
  3. Having trouble sleeping (or looking for an even better sleep?) Plants help with that too! We’ve already covered how they purify air and reduce stress, so no wonder they help us get to snoozeville faster and better.
  4. Plants decrease the likelihood of us getting a cold, sore throat, or other (minor) illnesses. Well, who wants to say no to THAT??

animation plants GIF by whateverbeclever


Many plants can be purchased in the garden departments of home renovation stores (I’m Canadian, warning, so if I name places you don’t know, well, that’s why!) but think things like Reno Depot, Canadian Tire (LOL this is definitely Canada only!), etc.

You can also go to garden specialty places or markets. I most prefer going to markets for my plants (and the prices are always fair, under four dollars a plant, but it can depend which market you go to). Most often the market will have local growers selling, so you know you’re buying from the source (instead of at garden departments, where you’re buying from someone who bought from a source, and may not know how to properly care for the plant).

Just make sure the plant is in good health before you buy it: AKA is the soil moist? If not, the people at the store may not have been watering consistently. Are there any brown leaves? Are the flowers drooping? A little bit of droop is alright if you know how to nurse a plant back to health — if not, make sure the plant is tip top shape before purchasing!


I’ll focus on some brown-thumb resistant plants here, in case you’re a little nervous because of a bad history with the green babies (or no history at all!) All houseplants really need is water and sunlight. If you want to get fancy, you can add plant food — but that’s generally not necessary. My houseplants are doing just fine without it! BUUUT some plants need water so dramatically if you miss a day they’re like — ciao! And others, you give a splash too much and they’re drowning. SOO here’s a guide of plants that are harder to kill off.

Image result for succulentSucculents: I’m sure you’ve heard of these dudes. They come in allll shapes and sizes and colours … of green (well, some reds and blues!). You give a bit of water once a week and a succulent is like, yup, thanks, that’s me! If you kill a succulent, I don’t know what to say.

Aloe: Technically a succulent but I wanted to separate it just to say a few things. First off, aloe can get big (if you get the large variety), so … get the smaller varieties, haha. And this plant needs sunlight! Again though, water once a week.

Image result for snake plantSnake Plant: (pictured on side) I see this often in people’s houses, probably cause y’all are catching on that it’s easy to care for. Doesn’t need too much light, and water once a week.

English Ivy: Super cute to look at and super hard to kill (unless it doesn’t get enough light). This plant is great if you want something that hangs. Water twice a week.

Cactuses!: Everyone goes crazy for these little dudes. Water once every two weeks and make sure they get a lot of light.


Plant care isn’t too complicated. Follow the watering instructions. Ensure they have the right amount of sunlight (don’t just put them in the left corner because oooh, it looks just right there). Ensure there is proper drainage (this means holes in the bottom of the pot or rocks.

If you’re still unclear about how to care for a particular plant, look up instructions online! There are info guides on pretty much every plant out there. Not to mention staff at gardening centers/markets etc know (should know!) how to tend to each plant in their care.

And just like that … you’re a proud plant parent!

Do you own any plants? After this guide, will you be owning some plants? Do you consider yourself a green or brown thumb?


25 thoughts on “🌵 Indoor Plants to Spice Up Your Room

    1. If you’ve been watering them more or less and they’re thriving, then they would be used to that watering schedule, so don’t change. But yup, succulents are super easy to care for and sooo nice. Plus since they’re usually really small, you can fit them even in the smallest rooms!

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  1. This is such a good beginners guide to plants. I’m a hibiscus person, so I have a ton of those, plus a shamrock, some bamboo, and my newest addition of a tiny purplish succulent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like the guide. Hibiscus are sooo nice, but for as much as I work with plants, I have very little success with flowers inside the house. (I blame the combination of low light and a cat, who eats said flowers. He is less interested in leaves.) I really want bamboo, but it’s said to bring bad luck if you buy it for yourself, so I’m just waiting for someone to buy me one hahaha. Don’t plants just make all the difference though?

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      1. Yeah. My hibiscuses don’t bloom nearly as much inside as they do outside, but they’re still pretty healthy and bloom on occasion. I didn’t know that about bamboo. I guess it’s a good thing my mom gave it to me then. And yes. I forgot one of my hibiscuses in my dorm room over Christmas break, so it died, and the room became 10x more uncomfortable and stuffier.

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      2. Hibiscuses are so gorgeous, even one bloom would please me.. which I can’t seem to manage, so massive props to you! Ahaha, a good thing indeed! Ooh no. Very true that a plant to brighten a room makes all the difference, we have the proof right here!

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    1. Nevermind how much fun *and destressing* it is to decorate your own pots for them! Ooh yes, nothing is as nice as relaxing as settling down in a plant-filled room (almost as nice as being in the actual outdoors!) Thanks for commenting!


  2. I love plants and gardening in general so I really enjoyed your post!

    I’d also add that when you’re buying plants, don’t be scared to slide them out of the pot a bit to check their roots. There’s lots of beasties that like to live in soil so you can check for those, plus you can ensure your plant’s healthy by making sure there’s a decent root ball in place. And if you’re buying from someone who has grown the plant themselves, ask them for their top tips!

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    1. Yay, glad you liked this post! OOHH, yes, checking the roots is a smart thing to be doing. I didn’t even consider it. I once bought a plant that had a bunch of white worms hidden up inside the roots. The plant itself was fine to look at … but those worms will infest a garden! Thanks for adding those tips!

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  3. I’m a huge garden freak, so my deck is filled with flowers, veggies, and trees! I myself go to my local garden center on my days off to shop for plants to add to the family, but I agree that the markets are much cheaper and offer good prices. 😉 Love this post! I’m currently wresting my tomato plant (because it’s dying or some reason) and your tips are definitely key! ❤

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    1. Isn’t it just wonderful to step out on the deck into your own land of plants? I have a large backyard space and slowly each year the grass is being eaten up by more and more land for the vegetable garden. I’ve been having more trouble this year because of the heat and humidity, maybe your tomato plant is just not impressed with this weather. Good luck with it!

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      1. Yes! I love the feeling of having a mini-forest in my vicinity; it makes me feel hydrated haha. And yep, my tomato plant is either not impressed by the weather, or I’m over-watering it. Experiment in progress! 😁

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      2. Yes, it’s so refreshing and pure! ❤ Experimenting with plants is all part of the fun. I tried a pineapple plant (in Canada!) last year, so doomed for failure for sure but a great project to take on just to see what I can accomplish while spending time outdoors.

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  4. There are so many plants downstairs in my house, but I haven’t made the jump to them in my library or bedroom yet. I need to though and this post inspired me to do that.

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