June Wrap-Up / July TBR

Our first month of summer is done here in the North Hemisphere, and I’m now deep in the summer book feels. JUST HAND ME ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE YA CONTEMPORARIES AND MAYBE SOME GHOSTIES/THRILLERS, AND YOU WILL HAVE A PLEASED BOOK PRINCESS.

Overall, it was a month of ups and downs and at least a lot of feels? I got emotional over a few books, so I mean, yay me for not being a completely heartless book princess?? I read a total of 19 books this month, and perhaps let’s check them out?

june wrap-up

The Highs

Well, my reread of Grave Mercy was the highest of the highs. I love this book so dearly, and rereading it with Sha just brought alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the feels back. ALL. OF. THEM. Undead Girl Gang was so so close to being a favorite, and Stay Sweet was sooooo great as well and totally completed my summer feels for the month. The Hammer of Thor, Date to Save, and #Murdertrending were great as well. Aristotle was amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg too.

The Lows

I had a DNF this month with Lost in a Book because it didn’t remind me of the classic at all. I didn’t have any one crowns, but I did have a lot of two crowns. Ace of Shades, Astonishing Color, and Playing Her Secret Crush fell quite flat for me. I See London, I See France had potential to be a lot more for me, but it still entertained me quite a bit.

Book Haul

I actually got a few different books this month, which pat on the back for me? Here is what I picked up!

What else has Mandy been up to?

Idk, actually. I’M NOT SURE WHAT I DID WITH JUNE. DID JUNE EVEN REALLY EXIST???? I fell into a bit of a blogging slump, so I really don’t even know what I am doing with myself. I think I’m finally getting my groove back. I think. I hope. We shall see????

Also, I’ve recently started binge watching The 100, which is actually really amazing. I’ve heard I should stay away from the books, though???

Life got on the drama boat at the end of this month, so I’m hoping July will bring so happy things. Buzzfeed Unsolved is starting in the second week of July, so fingers crossed???

July TBR

Well, July is very much alllllllllllllllll up in the air. My library game is still super strong right now, and, well, July is my birthday month, SO FINGERS CROSSED BOOKS WILL BE COMING AND THEN I WILL BE DROWNING IN THEM AND ALL BOOK PLANS WILL BE LOST. But also, I have rediscovered some enjoyment of ebooks, so maybe other e-ARCs will be coming??? Idk, I’ll probably forget everything and drown in contemporary books, because this is my life now. Below are a few books I know I will be reading for sure.

What do you think? Did we share any of the same books this month? What was on your month of books? What is on your July TBR? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


27 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up / July TBR

  1. My library got Stay Sweet for me. I got it because you read it, haha. I also got Save the Date from the library as well just because it was available.

    I do have Ace of Shades but I just read Legendary (from the library as well!) so it’ll be awhile before I read Ace of Shades. I didn’t request that Crush book.

    I wish I could post my June wrap up post..that was the plan today but my internet is having an outage. Sooooo I might go to Target instead. I’ve been saying that, but then I end up being responsible because I know I’ll just look at books, lol.

    So I am about to bring my DVD player into my living room to watch stuff I own while I wait for it to work.

    Nice post!! I always look forward to seeing your posts. Your blog is one of the few I also follow by email. 😉 But that was also because I had blogspot first and wanted to see your posts still.

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    1. Ooooooh yes! It’s a bit slow in parts, but it’s just so summery and adorable. I can’t wait to see what you think of both of them, Colleen! ❤

      Yeah, smart for the Crush book because it ended up not being super swell. And Ace of Shades wasn't a particular favorite either, so a bit of time could be good. 😉

      And oh no!! Did it ever come back…and did you haul any books from Target? 😉

      And thanks you so much, Colleen! ❤ You're so sweet. And yes! Same for me. I get a bit behind with my blog hopping, but I love doing my Colleen's Conclusions binges. 😉

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      1. Thanks! Same here!! I almost bought Stay Sweet because I liked how smooth the cover was. But I was like….that’s not a reason to buy it, lol.

        I find that if I wait sometime the book ends up being really good, like Legendary and Kasie West’s books were.

        I got bored enough to go to Target. It came back slowly…..it made me bored when it was slow lol. I was like….ok, time to get out! So I just drove to the next town over. And yes, I went to Target. When I got there I was like…..o.o I want this book. Ohhh, I want this. I want this. It was literally almost every book in the young adult section. I literally walked all over the store while deciding which books to get. I may have made some store associates suspcious when I just stopped, looked around to make sure noone was behind me and then try to choose.

        I walked away with Legendary because I wanted that to sit next to my Caraval book and I got Starry Eyes because you liked it. Haha. I wanted Listen to your heart too but not enough to want it just to sit it next to the other Kasie West books. I had already read that one. Legendary was different because I don’t usually like fantasy books as much as I liked that one.

        Aww, thank you!! I like how you said Colleen’s Conclusions binges. I like book princess binges too. 😉 P.S. if I get a domain name should I make it be Takenbybooks like my Twitter name or keep this name? Your comment might have already answered my question.

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      2. AHahahaha yes! I would try it out first and then smooth cover for the win if you enjoy. XD


        Ahahahaha oh no! I always feel paranoid with store associates. Like, really, I’m not doing anything weird – I’m just really indecisive with books!!! And oooooh that sounds like a great haul! Starry Eyes was brilliant and that cover is quite pretty so I hope you enjoy!!!

        And ooooh ahaha yes! I miss so often that I have to do the binges. But hmmmm…that’s a good question. I think you couldn’t go wrong either way. Colleen’s Conclusions is what you have started the foundation with.

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      3. Lol, that’s what I told myself to do. If I liked it, then I could buy it later. And yesss I got some weird looks. I have become an indecisive book buyer since I moved, lol.
        That’s good that Starry Eyes was good. Alex, Approximately was a bit bumpy but I finally ended up really liking it yesterday and finished it today.

        And thanks! I need to see how my speed with posts are this month first because I’m like…. ehhh, I’m just blogging for myself now, not Netgalley. I need to enjoy my books again like I did this month.

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  2. Girl your wrap ups are seriously epic! I haven’t that many books in one month in my whole life lol but I aspire to one day. Did you do or will do a review for Color of After? I’m really curious about your thoughts 🙂

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    1. Ahahaha thank you, Amanda! And I think it’s a combo of literally having no life and pretending each book is me being chased by dinosaurs and must finish it way too quickly. And alas, I don’t have it up on the blog yet (I don’t know how but I’m so behind on my reviews each month, LOL), but I do have it on Goodreads if you wanted to see it ahead of time. I wasn’t a personal fan of it. Way too slow of pace for me and the magical realism threw me off.

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  3. I am glad to see Stay Sweet was one of your highs. I am way past due on that one, but hope to get to it soon. I am sorry The Astonishing Color of After didn’t work for you (Did you DNF? I feel like I saw that on GR). It wasn’t a 5-star read for me, but it was a solid read nonetheless.

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    1. Yes! I think you’re going to love it, Sam! So perfect for summer. And I came really close to a DNF with it, but I did make it through somehow. The pacing was just too slow. And I think super pretty prose books aren’t my thing? But glad it was a solid read for you! What did you end up giving it?

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      1. 4/5 For some reason, I like pretty prose, which is odd, since my writing was always of a technical nature. I thought the magical elements were used well too, and Pan did such a good job pulling me into the setting with the sights, smells, and food


  4. GREAT WRAP UP MANDY! There were so many wonderful reads you had this month, I am so happy for you! And your haul is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! June was also my slumping month for blogging but I’m glad you have found a groove to bounce back! I’ve watched season 1 & 2 of the 100 but never continued, if you keep on singing its praises maybe I will 😉 I’m so happy its July!!! Happy birthmonth to the both of us!!! Here’s to hoping our loved ones bless with money for books!

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    1. Thank you, Rendz!! ❤ I really felt like Season 1 & 2 were the best for the 100. It lost its groove a tiny bit with a few things, but I feel like the first 2 seasons were really the strongest. And yessssssssssssssssss. Mine did so far, so fingers crossed for yours. 😉

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