Makeup Fridays: What’s in Your Dream Makeup Bag?

Let me make it clear from the very start that my dream makeup bag is ultra-cushioned so my powders don’t crack no matter how many times I drop them, and the material is some kind of super lightweight fabric that absorbs all the heaviness of my glass foundation bottles and multiple setting sprays so, magically, when I carry the bag I feel like it weighs nothing at all. Also, if it’s not asking too much, this dream bag will allow me to fit in as many items as my makeup loving heart desires.

Who can relate?
news see GIF

Now that I’ve laid out the plans for this dream bag, what should go in? I’ve definitely got some beauty faves I cannot live without (or, well, probably could but life would certainly never be the same). Then some products I’ve been drooling over for ages but just haven’t found the budget space for just yet. Let’s see how many products I plan on cramming into this magical makeup bag of mine. (AS ALWAYS: All makeup mentioned is cruelty-free.)


NYX Total Drop Foundation

I own this foundation now and it’s my current fave. It’s extremely lightweight, so I don’t feel it on my face even after eight plus hours of wear. (And I more often than not have eight hour plus days of makeup.) This is a light to medium coverage foundation, but it suits my purposes just fine. Most days I apply only over redness to create a more even skin tone. Even better: the price point! A bottle is about $18.

Colourpop Eyeshadow Brushes


Maybe not the most popular brushes in the business, but every single one that I’ve bought has been super soft and great quality. I want to own about five (maybe not the craziest number, but still a lot for a non-beauty guru) of their tapered blending brush, nothing has blended my shadows as well.

beauty spray GIF by NYX Professional Makeup

Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray

This is first setting spray I ever tried, and probably the last one I will ever use.


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick

If you want a liquid lipstick that can stay for hours without smudging, without drying out your lips (within reason, you still have to exfoliate), without staining every glass you drink from, you’re looking at it right now. My absolute fave, I just wish they had more shades!



Sugarpill Eye Shadows

I have never tried these shadows but they are my absolute dream come true. I know, I get it, these colours may not be everyone’s dream, but I’m in love with BRIGHT, with NEON shadows. Can these please be mine now?


finding dory GIF

Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter

I live — I breathe! — highlighter. Don’t expect me to leave the house without highlighting my cheekbones, my nose, my browbone, my eyebrow arch, my left elbow. I neeeeed the glow. Which is why it’s pretty unforgiveable that I’ve never even touched an Ofra product.

This is my dream makeup bag, now what’s yours? Would you pick any of the same items as me? Share in the comments below!



18 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: What’s in Your Dream Makeup Bag?

  1. I love Nyx products! I’m currently using their tinted moisturiser, bronzer for contouring, their ombre blush and their finishing spray. I love NYX products, they’re affordable and been reliable too.

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    1. I’m in loooovee with the NYX blushes. Everything they put out is so affordable and of great quality, but the blushes are my extreme favourites. (And the eyeshadows.) Always great to find another NYX fan!


  2. You know what I want, Sha? Have you ever seen the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez etc pretending to be a rich girl…? Well there is a scene in the movie, where they pull out suitcaseS (plural) of makeup. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliners, mascaras, EVERYTHING.

    That is what I want! XD

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  3. I want to become a beautician. I can’t pay a lot of fees to learn. Is there any tutorial series from where I can learn by sitting at home.

    My Dream Makeup Bag

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    1. Good question. If you want to become certified, there are no free courses. I have compiled a few lists of #crueltyfree beauty guides on this blog if you want to check them out (best way to see everything written down in one place). I would also suggest Youtube tutorials. James Charles has two videos that explain in great detail how to do eyeshadow and also how to apply face makeup that I really like. You can also check out Sephora Play videos! Hope this helps!


    1. I’ve heard of Charlotte Tilbury’s collection (and her makeup in general) but never tried any of it. I’m not even sure if it’s cruelty-free, that’s how little I’ve looked into it. But if you want the whole collection, I’m going to guess the products are good!


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