#POLL: Audiobook, e-Book, or Physical Copy?

A tale as old as time … and you can trust it’ll get as many remakes as the movie that line comes from!

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As readers today we can choose how to get the stories we crave, basing our decisions on budget, availability, personal taste, and more. Gone are the days when the first book was in print — and I mean the first book, also known as The Holy Bible, and devoted followers couldn’t even afford the thing because actually printing a book are you crazy that’s so expensive!!

Now we can drive to work and listen to someone read a thrilling romance to us and flip through the pages of an old classic during our lunch hour and then scroll over the last paragraphs of a spine-tingling mystery before bed. If you’re someone who can jump between three genres in a day, I mean. And that’s a whole other issue.

But the question is, do you? DO you? Do you know which book format you would choose if one must rule the world? Audiobook, e-book or physical copy?

Your time starts now. . .        (was that dramatic enough?)



66 thoughts on “#POLL: Audiobook, e-Book, or Physical Copy?

  1. I’d say.. physical books!
    Audiobooks simply aren’t for me, at all. I can’t focus on them no matter how often I try. I simply get distracted by.. everything else? As for ebooks.. They’re fine enough but I do like holding an actual book. Plus, without physical books.. No Bookstagram? No drooling over covers in stores? NO BOOKSTORES. Nope. Nopenopenopenopenope. Give me all the physical books. You can take all others.

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    1. Hey Kathy! You’ve said the one thing that gets me every time: No bookstores! I can spend hours in a bookstore, drooling over covers and flipping through pages to see if a particular line will catch my interest and get me to whip out my wallet. Books with embossed covers, fancy lettering… I miss it too much in the e-book world!

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    2. You can totally still have a bookstagram with ebooks. And you can even display the colorful covers on there too. So far there has been no ebook shaming on my ebook bookstagram photos! That was why I didn’t join the longest time. (I like both physical copies and ebooks btw. 😉 )

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  2. Definitely physical books. They work even when the power is out or you don’t have enough battery on your device.

    Although, I hope we don’t do away with the formats, because they do have their place. (For example: My elderly grandmother can’t see well enough to read a physical book anymore, but she listens to her audiobooks everyday.)

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    1. Hi Maria! I’m having memories of me, with those tiny book lights, curled under my covers when I was supposed to be in bed, reading books, haha.

      You make such a great point though, each format has its value. I’m glad your grandmother can still enjoy her favourite books because technology has moved forwards!

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  3. Physical Books, 100%

    I’ve literally never listened to an audiobook. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like something I’m particularly interested in. And ebooks are alright, not my favorite but definitely convenient. However, my tablet that I used to use for ebooks officially kicked the bucket, so the only way I have to read them is on my phone. Ew. Besides, real books just smell so nice, and you get to flip the pages through your hands, and it feels so satisfying to hold it in your hand… *sigh* It’s true love for me.

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    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone in the “never listened to an audiobook” camp! I haven’t actively avoided… I’m just happy with physical books! Oh, no. A phone screen is way too small for book reading. *brief moment of mourning for tablet* Page flipping will forever be a true love here!

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  4. Physical, audio, and ebook in that order. My eyes hurt too much with staring at the screen because I’m old lady and never ate my carrots. I love being able to skim in a book as well when I first get it and scan the pages (to spoil myself apparently) and you miss all of that. Audiobooks oddly enough have become a great thing for me. Some of them are so well done and it’s like you’re just listening to a movie without the picture.

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    1. Audio before e-book? I’m scandalized! You’re also very much in love with carrots right now, I think I know what to get you for your birthday. PRECISELY, how can you skim an audiobook? You get a chipmunk. Chipmunk! But I appreciate that we have an audiobook lover in these comments. A new perspective!

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      1. Huh, that’s interesting. Would you say it’s because with a physical book, you can see how much you have left and it encourages you to keep going, or maybe the screen stresses your eyes and you need more breaks?

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    1. Hi Marco! Yes for paperback love! I will literally wait a year for a favourite book to come out in paperback. Although I’ve never tried an audiobook, I know that I’m such a multitasker that I would get bored. I don’t want to be bored when listening to a book, it seems so scandalous!

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  5. My order is physical and then eBook. The Nook that I have feels like I’m holding an actual book in my hands. I’ve tried audiobooks, but I can’t really retain the information when I listen to audiobooks. I love my Nook because I have access to hundreds of books and I can borrow the eBook of a print book if the wait list is too long for the physical book.

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    1. Hey Ashley! Ooh, yes, I’ve heard about how easy it is to access e-book versions. That is perhaps the biggest temptation for me when it comes to e-books. Sometimes I read a book review and I’m like, Must. Read. Now. An E-Reader would be like magic for that, haha.


  6. I’d say 75% physical books, 25% e-books, and 0% audio books! E-books are only good when I can put them on my phone and then for convenience, can read it anywhere. I have a zero percent success rate at finishing an audiobook. The narrators are always so dry and boring. And then when they try to change their voices depending on the character that’s talking, UGH!!

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    1. Hey Rebecca! Cinder is a hard book to *not* enjoy, though, haha! (Although, perhaps I’m a little biased considering how much I adooooore that series.) And if you can get a book cheaper, in any format… I’m down for it! Reading is too important to miss out on!

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      1. It had me so sucked into it, I just borrowed it on Wednesday and I have less than 2 hours left. I’ve been squeezing in as much time as I can because it’s so good. How did I take so long to read this series? lol

        Yesss exactly! I’m always looking for cheap books anywhere and everywhere 😛

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      2. How *did* you take so long? Haha! At least you’re getting to it now. Just wait until you get to Cress, I coudn’t tear myself away from that one. Definitely my favourite in the series.

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  7. If only one could rule the world then I pick physical books, but I consume all three mediums. I’ve recently discovered that some audiobooks are quite enjoyable (Illuminae) and listen to one everyday.

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      1. Veeeeeery long commute to work, sometimes 1.25-1.5 speed depending upon how slowly the narrator speaks, and literally just putting it on when I’m making breakfast, washing my dishes, whatever.

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  8. I really love the feel of physical books, hands down. However, I recently got a tablet in order to read my ebooks faster and to give my eyes a break, since I would normally read them on my laptop or my tiny phone. So, I’m really getting into ebooks now. Audiobooks are only something I listen to if I know I can get the book finished faster by listening to it and if the reviews are good.

    Hands down, though, I’ll take a physical book.

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    1. Hiya! You offer a great perspective here: use the method that will best enhance the book you’re going to read. I’ve never actually considered if an audiobook version would be more pleasant/enjoyable than a physical copy. You can bet I am now though!


  9. Ebooks 75 percent of the time….physical copies the rest of the time. Ebooks are convinent for me especially since I moved since we don’t have a decent bookstore in town with a decent young adult selection.

    I like physical books when I need a break from the screens since I look at screens all day, but they are more expensive than ebooks are usually and I’m on a budget now with my first apartment. (I went slightly over my budget at the used bookstore yesterday…just ten dollars over though.)

    I don’t even try with audiobooks because I’m hearing impaired and I have actually thought one time when I was tired, hmmmm…..I must find one with subtitles! And then I realized what I said and said “Books are their subtitles!” Hahaha.

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    1. E-Books are certainly a saviour when it comes to poor physical book selection. And you can bring as many of them with as you want, wherever you go!

      I fully understand the budget angle! I have to guard my wallet closely when I even catch the slightest glimpse of a bookstore. New books are super great but apartments are pretty important too, haha.

      Hahaha, I must be tired as well because it took me a second to see what would be wrong with an audiobook with subtitles.

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  10. I am so very much in the minority here, but I have to say audiobooks. I find that being able to listen to a book while playing some mind-numbingly passive game on my phone helps me concentrate and get immersed in the story.

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    1. Hey Bella! Perhaps in the minority but still holding a completely valid opinion! I always get bored playing things like Candy Crush on my phone so maybe an audiobook at the same time is the perfect solution.


  11. I’d have to day printed books as we went well enough before technology came through in the ebook/audiobook front, but I think with all formats it’s a matter of getting used to it.

    My main choice would be printed but ebooks has been coming a close 2nd lately, just the ease of getting new books.

    Can’t go past the book-smell though.

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