Makeup Fridays: An ABC Makeup Tutorial (Cruelty-Free and Under 1 Minute!)

The Right to Education

Everyone has the right to education. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

Me, learning.

A brief summary of the right to education, but certainly a part that caught my eye! I’m someone who grew up with a huge love for learning. In the classroom I absorbed knowledge like a sponge. I developed a love for reading early on when I realized how much the classroom *didn’t* cover … and what books could supply! I pretty much lived at the library and read everything my school librarian had to offer.

Then began the hobbies. I tried scrapbooking, sewing, golf. I studied grammar books because the English classes at my school never into sufficient depth. When I became interested in something, I became fascinated. Knowing a little was not enough. Each time I would teach myself with online videos, instructional books, and trial and effort.

Why do I share these tidbits? Because learning is freaking amazing but also learning is not always as accessible as it should be. How often do you want to try something new, but the classes are hella expensive or the supplies are out of your budget or … you just don’t have the time?

Social media has changed how we can access information. Switching back to the topic at hand, I’ve learned so much about makeup just from YouTube videos and Instagram tutorials. Other people sharing their knowledge over the internet. It’s a great community. (And of course, makeup isn’t the only thing you can learn this way! Any artform, or skill, has its own online community.) This has removed so many barriers to education… And this is what inspired my tutorial for today’s Makeup Friday!

1-Minute Tutorial

Not into watching a tutorial, but want to recreate the look? Or, is the tutorial too fast for you? I break it down below for you. You don’t have to use the same products I do, but I mention the name and brands in case you do. If you don’t know any of the eyelid names, be sure to check out my post on Eyeshadow Application and for my post on Cruelty-Free Brushes for good shadow brushes.

  1. Apply your base makeup. I did this off-camera. You can use what you want of course, but so you know, what I used includes: moisturizers, brow pencil, concealer to cut out brow, foundation, concealer under eyes, contour, blush, highlight, brow gel, setting spray.
  2. Apply a light layer of white concealer to the lid of your eye. On this base, apply the light green shadow from the NYX Brights palette using a packer brush. Do not blend the shadow but use a tapping motion to achieve a more pigmented colour.
  3. Blend the light yellow shadow in the upper crease of your eye. Bring the colour from the inner corner area to the upper outer V. Use light sweeping motions. This shadow is from the NYX Brights palette.
  4. Blend the dark yellow shadow in the crease of your eye. This goes right below the light yellow shadow and right above the light green shadow, blending the two together. Apply use sweeping motions with a fluffy blending brush going from the inner corner area to the outer V. This shadow is from the NYX Brights palette.
  5. Apply the dark green shadow to the top of the outer V. My camera cut out this part, sadly. Using a tiny brush, trace the upper outer V with the dark green shadow from the NYX Brights palette. Blend into the outer corner of the light green shadow.
  6. Create a thick wing using the NYX black liner.
  7. Apply mascara to your top lashes and bottom lashes. I used TooFaced Better than Sex on my upper lashes and Hard Candy on my bottom lashes.
  8. Write your A, B, Cs. Using a toothpick, write the letter A along the top of your wing (on the eye of your choice) using a red lipstick or red liner. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in “American Doll.” Using a toothpick, repeat the steps to put B and C using liner/lipstick (I used NYX Vivid Brights liner in “Sapphire Blue” and “Green.”)
  9. Apply a turquoise shimmer shadow to your lower lashline. Use a flat top brush. I used “tiny tangerines” from colourpop cosmetics.
  10. Apply shadow/highlight to your highlight areas. I used the ABH eyeshadow “primavera” on my cheekbones, nose, inner corners, and browbones. This shadow really pops but you can also add a highlight.
  11. Use setting spray.

All products listed are certified cruelty-free. Let me know if you decide to try this look!

Do you think I went out in public wearing this? Would you recreate it? How have internet videos/blogs helped you learn? Let’s discuss below!

Stay lovely,
📷 = @shaniasquires

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: An ABC Makeup Tutorial (Cruelty-Free and Under 1 Minute!)

  1. First let me tell you that I found extremely pleasurable that the video was 1:00 min sharp, hahaha!! mmm, yeah! I would think you could have gone out wearing that make up (was I right?). I’m not sure if I would recreate it in the near future, but I’m going to use the toothpick tip! genius. About how has internet vids and tuts helped me learn… I could make a whole post about this… short version: internet learning is paradise, I learned to knit just by watching video tutorials… yep. Since then I haven’t stopped learning things online.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, certainly didn’t take me a minute to create but I thought a short video would be easier to watch. I did go out wearing this, although I wiped off the B and C since they were backwards, haha. The toothpick certainly helps when you don’t have a brush the size you need!! And I agreeee, the internet is a great site for learning. There are video tutorials for everything, it’s fantastic. Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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