April Blog Challenge: Human Rights Meets Book Princess Reviews????

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Sha: Spring is almost here, I can see it in the occasional flashes of (brown) grass, in the days when wind doesn’t burn my face with cold, in the moments of warm sun on the back of my neck. This means April is around the corner and I’m ready for a challenge. Just me?

Mandy: just, you, Sha, just you. Well, you, and probably a lot of other bloggers besides Mandy.

Sha: As if posting one blog post a day is not work enough, Book Princess Reviews is tackling a blog challenge for the entire month of April based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every day for the month of April, Mandy and Sha will post one book review/book tag/etc. based on one of the thirty UN human rights.

Mandy: And then Mandy promptly died because she really agreed to keep track and stay on schedule??? Has Sha never seen the whole, The Princesses Read will be here every Saturday posts? XD

ShaMandy and I have come up with this challenge for two main reasons. The first is because not everyone knows about the UN Human Rights, even though these rights apply to all persons! No, they are not laws, but they are rights that belong to every person under the sun. We are allowed to fight for and request these rights. But how to do that if we don’t even know they exist? So this challenge exists namely to let you know what you have in your pocket every day you wake up and every night you go to bed.

Mandy: I felt the pocket was a very interesting metaphor there. Wasn’t quite expecting it, but A+. ANYWAY, to be completely honest, I didn’t really know this was a thing? In school, they were never talked about for me, so when Sha brought it up, I didn’t know too much about it, but it really was a learning experience – and not the academic college/high school kind of drawn out lectures, the art of the powerpoint presentation, and boredom. Just some interesting info thrown into our normal posts with doing something that Book Princess Reviews usually avoids like a disease – DEEPNESS.

Sha: The second reason is because books are an amazing tool for education. They allow us to travel to another world and escape whatever dreariness we might be living at the moment (be it a huge midterm looming around the corner, or the boredom of just nothing to do, or a home life not so great). But sometimes the books we get on the market don’t discuss what *needs* to be discussed, or they could dig just a little deeper. This challenge lets us, as readers, explore some books that go a little deeper or show how a book *could* go a little deeper. Humans are endowed with that magical gift called critical thinking: let’s use it!

Mandy:…or not, Sha, or not. But it is rather fun to see how many books tackle these issues and explore them in a cool way. FUN. FUN I DARE SAY DESPITE MY BEGINNING RELUCTANCE SINCE I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING BACK TO COLLEGE PAPERS IN MLA FORMAT.

I do want to stress, though, because Sha will tell you that I struggled with this so hardcore (literally, like, 4 hours later) – we’re really not doing anything different than we normally do. I’m still over here doing my fluffy YA reviews, the fun book tags, Sha doing her amazing makeup posts, and epic Chooseday Tuesday reviews – except we just have a little something extra at the end exploring something different and challenging and actually learning something instead of whether or not Mandy fangirled too hard, lol?

EXAMPLE TIME BECAUSE EXAMPLES ARE COOL: During my Wires and Nerve Vol. 2 review, in between the massive fangirling and crying about the nonexistent Cresswell action, I actually relate it to the right of responsibility? INTRIGUING. And there will be a very new princess-y fairytale-y book tag created based on the right of copyright?



  1. Post on your blog everyday (or everyday you can!) drawing inspiration from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can just post a quote, a book cover, a novel with shared themes, a book tag with similar ideas, a discussion post, etc.
  2. Tag the creator of the challenge @bookprincessreviews
  3. Accept all opinions! Yes, this challenge is based on human rights, but it is not inherently political (I see you, Sha, since Mandy was all like, oh dear gosh). Choose how you want to approach each topic and prompt discussion, not set opinions.


Check out the list of simplified Universal Human Rights over here (insert link http://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights/universal-declaration-of-human-rights/articles-1-15.html). Mandy and I are so excited to bring this challenge to you! We’ve already spent hours planning out our April booklist and we’ve got shivers thinking about what is now on our TBR.

Will you join this April blog challenge? Have you heard of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights before? Let’s discuss below!

(Also, Sha never saw my comments added in, so she’s probably going to kill me. Let’s all hide together??)

21 thoughts on “April Blog Challenge: Human Rights Meets Book Princess Reviews????

  1. MANDY!! SHA!! This sounds like a fantastic challenge, so inspiring and thought provoking! (but omg I suck at posting every week not to mention every day 😂 😂 😂) I will trrrryyyyyyyy to get in a couple later this month 😬😬😬 I will try 😉

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