Join the Book Princess Reviews Community!

Introducing the Book Princess Reviews Facebook page! On our new FB page, you’ll get notifs about new blog posts, weekly discussion posts on book-related questions, makeup tips from A to Z, and memes. A looooooot of book memes.

Sure, discussion on blog posts is fun. But those can be limited to the book topic. Our FB page allows even wider discussion as well as suggestions on new books to read and *your* reviews on books/movies and better yet, books turned movie!

Follow BPR on Facebook now @bookprincessreviews to join the community.

We follow back all pages!

15 thoughts on “Join the Book Princess Reviews Community!

    1. Thanks for joining! You might not have liked as your page though, because I don’t see a page account under your wordpress following. Unless I’m still as utterly lost in Facebook page settings as I was when I started, haha.

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      1. Go to the page you want to like. Under the cover page/banner, you see the like button, then the follow button, the share button, then three dots. Click the dots. A table will unroll and you should have the option there to like as your page! (y)

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      1. Lol I was seriously very concerned for myself. Instead it was just words of wisdom, Sha. Omg I must tell you about this book that I’ve just binge read in mass email or chats in future. It got really insane.

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