The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1

The Mortal Instruments: Graphic Novel Vol. 1

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The first installment of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling urban fantasy series, The Mortal Instruments, is adapted into a graphic novel series!

Hanging out with her best friend, Simon, is just about the most exciting thing in Clary’s life…that is, until she realizes there are people only she can see. But when her mother disappears and a monster attacks her, Clary has to embrace a world that she never even knew existed–a world full of vampires, werewolves, demons, and those who fight for the humans, Shadowhunters…

I’ve never actually read The Mortal Instruments all the way through. Goodness, I didn’t even make it through the entire first book in audiobook format even though I was enjoying it. I’ve failed this book even when I’ve really enjoyed it.

However, I have finally managed to finish it in graphic novel format, and I can say that this might be my favorite version of it so far. To be honest, I can’t confirm it kept the storyline in tact or compare it to how it was but from what I remember in the audiobook I read last summer, it kept a lot of the same information in it and just moved things a bit faster along than what the real story did. It did take out a few things but honestly not too much from what I can remember.

The art was okay. There were some great images, but it wasn’t quite perfect. Like, I never found some of the most attractive looking people supposedly all that attractive? I thought it was okay, but I didn’t quite love it. The images of the Silent Brothers were some of my favorites. They were intensely done and quite cool to look at it. It was good, but I think it could have been greater.

ariel tag
I’m pretty sure Ariel is the one with the Mortal Cup in her stash of hoarding cave thing.

I did like the pacing of the story as well. Sometimes I do have a struggle with graphic novel format from the original story because it either rushes by the original novel’s main points or doesn’t go quick enough. This pacing was just right, and I felt like I was speeding by it at the right time. I thought it was brilliant.

Overall, I definitely would recommend this graphic novel – whether you’re a casual Mortal Instruments fan or if you’re just trying it out. I think it had enough information that you would get it if you were just starting it off. I can’t speak for true Mortal Instruments fans if it did the series right or not, but I did really enjoy it. It kept me enraptured. However, the art wasn’t my favorite, but it was good enough. 4 crowns and an Ariel rating!

four stars

What do you think? Should I finally read the actual book of City of Bones? How do you feel about books that turn into graphic novels – love it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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