Makeup Fridays: 5 Min. Makeup Tutorial

Is it bad that an avid makeup lover such as myself is ready and determined to name this 5 minute makeup video her favourite video yet?

Filming this video was so much fun! I got to tell you about some of my favourite products, recommend some great brands … and I barely applied any product on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I am *down* to spend a solid forty minutes working up a snazzy eyeshadow look, but there’s also something about sharing all my beauty faves that gets me really hyped.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved making it. Yes, you can see correctly, it’s a whole twenty minutes long, but I give some details on how to look put together in under ten with ~two~ different eye look options.

Let me know if I should jump back into princess looks next week, or if another instructional vid is more useful (and what kind!). Also, yup, my hair is curly. I showered to get my skin ready for some quick makeup and then ran off to do a hair mask. (Highly recommend Lush products!)

I don’t know what my hand is doing in the thumbnail either.

Happy Friday & stay lovely!
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