Makeup Fridays: Sleeping Beauty Tutorial + VOTE

Hello, hello, hello to another Princess Makeup Friday! I hope the week treated you well, although sadly I cannot say it has been the same for myself. Just a rough, rough assembly of five days mixed up with brutal assignments, temperamental weather, and too little sleep time. Fingers crossed for a better follow-up week?

This week’s princess look is Sleeping Beauty inspired, as you may have gleaned from the title, though I’m sad to say I wish the look had stayed a dream and not become reality (like Aurora’s dancing, vine-slaying, dragon-stopping prince). Maybe it was my craptastic week, maybe it was a lack of true inspiration, or maybe my fairy godmothers couldn’t agree which shadow my brushes should be dipping in, but I did not whip up a look I can be proud of this week. Hey, it happens, and I’m still posting it because maybe you’ll get somewhere with this look where I did not. But I think it’s time for YOU to take control of my reins, else I prick a finger on a needle and end up in a makeup sleep of a hundred years… Too many Sleeping Beauty references?

Okay, I’ll get to the point. For next week’s video, I want YOU to tell me what YOU want to see. I get that not all my readers are down for full on glam (I can’t tell you how many days I roll out of bed, look at my makeup table, and am just like, “Yeah, no.”) So vote in the comments below on what you want to see next Friday that would be most beneficial to you!

(Yes, my camera set up is an iPod on top of a pile of books. I’m a tech genius, got all the gadgets and that jazz.)

(1) Skincare Prep! This can be a getting ready before bed, or wake up in the morning type thing where I outline the steps I like to do to keep my skin looking and feeling good (as always, cruelty free). Let me know if you want morning or night.

(2) Out the Door in 5! This would be along the lines of “oh no, I slept past my alarm but also I want to look snazzy today, how much makeup can I get on without being late??” The look would be pretty basic (no blue eyeshadow, haha!) and easy to replicate.

(3) Oral Care. How to keep your teeth nice and white and healthy without A) buying a super expensive whitening kit or B) spending day in and day out applying strips to your teeth?

(4) I Dunno! You tell me. This is basically the “other” category.

Drop your votes below, I’ll tally up, and the new video will arrive next Friday! Thanks for watching, for commenting, for reading, for existing, for breathing, for—

Stay lovely!
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12 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: Sleeping Beauty Tutorial + VOTE

    1. Mandy and I planned this series over the winter holidays to have something new for 2018, it’s been exciting to share with Book Princess readers! I’m so glad you like it!! Thanks for the vote. ❤

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    1. Ahh, so glad you like! There is certainly a practicality to #2 (so good for those can’t be bothered days!).


    1. I could write a novel on how much I love Colourpop. Almost all the products are vegan and cruelty-free, they’re super cheap, and the quality is amazing. I tried the shadows for the first time this January and like … where were they all my life?

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      1. I know! When I was working as a receptionist in a salon, the owner told me to memorize the salon address, because then she showed me the website, haha. She told me to send my makeup there to hide it from the hubs! Even though the prices are amazing, we all still spent way too much money!

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      2. OMG, I love that plan. I need a second address to ship all my makeup to. I swear there are UPS trucks at my house every other week. That salon owner sounds amazing, she has her priorities in the right place! 😉


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