Wires and Nerve Vol. 1 by Marissa Meyer (Reread Review)

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When rogue packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous peace alliance between Earth and Luna, Iko takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers’ leader. She is soon working with a handsome royal guard who forces her to question everything she knows about love, loyalty, and her own humanity. With appearances by Cinder and the rest of the Rampion crew, this is a must-have for fans of the series.

REREAD THOUGHTS 1/31/18: I’m going to add in my reread thoughts in all caps and parentheses after my reread of it a year later.

I have waitttttttteddddd for this book forever and ever and ever (LOL YES, I DID. SO MUCH WAITING). The Lunar Chronicles is my favorite book series ever, and another addition to it? From Iko’s POV AND including Cresswell? I couldn’t get this book fast enough. Even though it veered from the usual format (LOL, BASICALLY ALL I AM READING IN 2018 SO WOW A YEAR HAS CHANGED THINGS), I loved the new graphic novel part of it, and watch out: my fangirling might go to an ultimate high by the end of this review. (REREAD THOUGHTS: I FEEL LIKE I WAS REALLY INTO EXPLAINING THINGS?)

I never doubted that the book goddess that is Marissa Meyer would not deliver with a new format.Graphic novels are new to the Lunar Chronicles series, and you do really need to read them before you read this book. There will definitely be some confusion if you don’t, and I definitely don’t think that you would get as excited about some things (like the Cresswell and Wolflet – oh, ugh that ship name XD (WAIT, HOLD UP. I KIND OF DIG THE NAME. WHAT WAS 2017 ME THINKING????- scenes). That being said, this book was a perfect homage to the fans where we get all of our beloved characters in a fun, new setting. (REREAD THOUGHTS: SERIOUSLY, SO MANY EXPLANATION…MUCH LIKE A LOT OF THIS BOOK WAS SPENT EXPLAINING THINGS TO OTHERS, SO YOU COULD PROBABLY GET AWAY WITH ONLY HAVING A BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE STORY.)

Iko was amazinggggg in this book. I always had loved her in the book, but she wasn’t quite on the level of my love as Cress or Cinder or Scarlet. She so moved up to that level after this book, and she was so not only fun, fiesty, but also hilarious. The fangirl in me was so pumped to see her fangirling over the clothes and Kai as well. (REREAD THOUGHTS: AGREED, AGREED, AGREED.)

All of the other characters were involved in some way or another – although Winter and Jacin always get the short end of the Lunar stick – and it was so cool to see all our favorites again. You know your love and dedication is real when you get excited that Torin is there. XD It was also amazing to see more of Thorne’s backstory with his parents as well. (REREAD THOUGHTS: POOR JACINTER.)

Also, the new storyline was interesting. I was fascinated by it, and I loved watching Iko kick evil hybrid wolf butt. (REREAD THOUGHTS: I LIKED THE HUNTING BAD WOLFIE MEN PARTS BUT THE POLITIC NONSENSE WAS BLAH BLAH BLAH.)


The only issue that I might of had was with the art. I grew to love it, but at the beginning, I wasn’t really a fan. It wasn’t how I pictured the characters, and it really messed with me to see them that way. By the end, I definitely grew to like it, but I wasn’t the biggest fan at first. (REREAD THOUGHTS: EH, STILL HAVE ISSUES WITH IT. LOVED IKO’S CHARACTER DRAWING BUT THAT WAS REALLY MY ONLY LOVE. I KIND OF JUST THOUGHT EVERYTHING ELSE WAS OKAY.)

ariel tag
I feel like Ariel and Iko would be super good friends.

Overall, this story was definitely all that I wanted it to be and more. Meyer cemented her status over and over again as one of the founding YA book goddesses, and this story is no exception. Can Volume 2 just be here already (LOL, IT BE HERE NOW)?? My heart can’t handle not having more of my babies. D: Mulan/Aurora ratings, and of course, five crowns!

REREAD THOUGHTS: Okay, I changed my thoughts a bit on it. I think I was just blinded by the TLC light. Like, I was just ahhhhhhh screaming and didn’t realize there were a few flaws with it (OR I AM JUST BECOME THIS HEARTLESS BOOK PRINCESS THAT GIVES NO FIVE CROWNS OR FAVORITES ANYMORE??? But there were a few parts that just were kind of meh and the art really wasn’t as great as I wanted to be since I didn’t feel the characters as much as I wanted to. It’s still a really good story, but I noticed there were a few more meh things than I first read. 4 crowns and a revised Ariel rating.

four stars

What do you think? Do rereads really change your opinion that much? How much does your reading change in a year? ARE WE EXCITED FOR VOLUME 2? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Wires and Nerve Vol. 1 by Marissa Meyer (Reread Review)

    1. Yes! I was in the TLC haze that I got me the first time, but I did notice the imperfections a bit more this time. But yessssssssssss. SO MUCH FANGIRLING. And yessssssssss. #2 looks so much bigger so more TLC to love!!! ❤

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  1. Great review, I just read this for the first time the other day and I loved it, I did give it five stars but I feel a lot of that had to with the nostalgic feelings I was experiencing, it did have some issues though. I did just post a review if you or anyone else would like to check it out.

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    1. Yes! I think it’s those feelings of how much you love the series that it does just bring back all those cheery feelings. But I do agree. Not a bad book at all, though. 😉 And yes, I’ll have to check it out now! 🙂

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  2. Oh I’m really looking forward to this one! Wolflet ❤️❤️❤️ And I’m glad Iko is super badass in this too. I never loved her but I grew to like her character over time 🙂 Also, Kai!! Cresswell is still a ship I don’t particularly love but I still find them cute 😊
    And as for the art, well, once you read a book you’re bound to have a certain image in your head so I understand it might have thrown you off a little. That’s why graphic novels are so much harder to love than books! If I don’t like the art, then it’s bye bye hahaha (actually, the same happens when I don’t like the writing in a book… Hmm)
    Amazing review, Mandy! I also loved your reread commentary 😂

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    1. Yessssssssssss. Wolflet is in it and adorbs. ❤ I heard volume 2 might feature them more too?

      And yes! I was never a super big Iko fan, but she really grows on you from book to book. ❤ And Kai for sure!! XD

      But same! XD We just push them aside for two main reasons. XD But I do agree. I think book to graphic novels is even harder because you do have that image in your head already.

      Thanks so much, Sophie, and I try with it. XD

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