Makeup Fridays: Introduction

Happy Friday Book Princesses and Princes!

My name is Shania but as a nickname lover, I invite you to call me Sha. In this new year I am the new addition to Book Princess Reviews and I have come to bring you the glory of princess makeup. (*insert stunning pose here*). Every Friday, join me to explore cruelty-free makeup looks inspired by Disney princesses (and then perhaps villains, and then perhaps sidekicks, and then perhaps who knows?).

Wow, it is so exciting to finally reveal this project! When Mandy and I first I discussed the idea, I was immediately ready to crack out my ABH palettes and disappear into a cloud of setting spray. I’ve only been doing full face makeup for the past three months, so challenging myself to do crazy new looks every week of the next year is *my* New Year’s Resolution to up my makeup game. Sharing them all with you is just an extra bonus!

After watching this first video in the series, I invite you to drop a comment below and let me know: am I way out of the ballpark or is there an iota of talent in my brush hand? I turn to you for inspiration and advice, just like our iconic princesses. And may I just DISCLAIMER right off the bat, I am fully aware that the shadow on my right eye (er, the right eye if you’re looking at the screen, but left in real life) goes up waaayyy higher than the shadow on my other eye. Long story short, I did one side of my face using a mirror and the other side using my camera lens, giving me a *completely* different perspective. Future videos will be mirror only and much more symmetrical!

And most importantly, what was your New Year’s resolution? Come at us, 2k18!

Stay lovely,
📷 = @shaniasquires

14 thoughts on “Makeup Fridays: Introduction

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed the video! There’s just something about makeup tutorials that soothes me… I could watch them all day! Okay, sometimes I do watch them all day, haha.

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  1. Hi Sha! This is such an interesting idea and the video is so cool! I love the makeup look! It’s actually pretty useful, because I’ve started using more makeup recently, so I’ll be following your videos 😀

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    1. Hey Marta! Glad you like the video and makeup look. I hope my tutorials help you learn more about makeup!! Definitely let me know if there are any tutorial ideas you would like to see 😀

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    1. I think my nerves were eclipsed by my intense passion for makeup. Going into it, all I could think was “Is this going to be any good, will anyone like it, am I wasting my time?” and then as I was filming, it just became about the look I was creating. The tough part is when you edit (at least for me). Then you see all the unflinching realness of yourself stumbling over words or those too-close face moments. But it helps to embrace yourself, too, and remember that you’re doing this because you’re passionate about something and you want to share that passion with someone. I hope this helps! If you do decide to start on some makeup looks, let me know!

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      1. I think you did great and I am glad you enjoyed it and were able to show your passion! I will definitely let you know when I get to working on my channel. You are awesome and beautiful and I am happy you are doing this! ❤

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