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I’m not sure if I’m one of the only ones out there that sticks all the things that she is tagged for in a giant file folder on her bookmarks bar, but well, that’s what I do. I was digging through it and I found this epic sounding tag – aka WHERE I JUST TALK ABOUT MY BOOK SHIPS AND CRY FOREVER BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I NEED MY LIFE TO BE ABOUT. Ugh, this post is about to get so fangirly. Be warned.

Thanks so much to Stephanie @ Stephanie’s Novel Fiction for tagging me…all the way back in June. OOPS. But thank you so much, and you should definitely check out her fantastic post and her blog as well which features some good reviews and more!

The Guide:

  • Thank the person who tagged you and create a pingback to the original author (Nel @ ReactionaryTales).
  • Share at least 5 (but more are welcome) romances that tugged your heart strings. They can be from books, movies, TV shows, manga; anything you can think of! They can be examples of sad tears, angry tears, happy tears or a combination of all three.
  • Nominate 5 (or more) people to share their emotional traumas
  • (Note: Try not to spoil the story for your readers in case they would like to check out these romances on their own)

Carswell Thorne + Cress Darnel

Cress by Marissa Meyer


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, did we not think this would easily be the first one out of the gate???? This is my forever ship. I broke down and binge read all the fanfiction I could find of these two. I knew I loved Carswell the moment I met him in Scarlet (although I was so worried he was going to be thatttttttttt character that was going to be super annoying and in some weird love triangle with Cinder and Kai). Alas, he was not, and he was epic. And then when he met the wonderful Cress? I ABOUT DIED. Their first interaction was adorableeeeeeeee, and Cress is sooooooo damn relatable. This is one of the few ships that I love the characters so much on their own that they would have been fine without a ship…but then they got together AND I HAVE SO MANY FEELS THAT I LEGIT CANNOT EVEN DEAL. OMIGOSH, THEY ARE SO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND THEY CHANGE EACH OTHER FOR THE POSITIVE AND HE’S SO FUNNY AND CRESS IS JUST OMG.

Let’s just say they’re my fave.

Inej Ghafa + Kaz Brekker

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


So, all of the ships in Six of Crows are amazinggggggggggg, and I had such a hard time debating which one was my favorite for the longest time. I mean, Jesper and Wylan? ME DEAD. Nina and big, burly Matthias? ME DEAD. But Inej and Kaz??? Okay, I’m super dead, because it just touched my emotional feels a little too hard. Every time they were on the book screen, I felt like Bardugo just picked me up, shook me super hard, put me back down, and then was like, oh, you’re supposed to be okay now and not put impossible expectations on romance now. There was just something so incredibly beautiful about two people that were strong fighters who never backed down break down their emotional walls for each other one brick by brick. They were broken in different ways, but they are so strong together. It was gorgeous and amazing and OMIGOSH I AM FEELING THE FEELS AGAIN AND I CAN’T DEAL AGAIN. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

Maddie + Logan

The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller


Oooooooh, I’m going contemporary finally! Of course, contemporary is the genre that is bound to have all the best feels and focused so much on romance. I absolutely adored Maddie and Logan together. THEY WERE JUST SO CUTE AND I JUST WANT TO SQUISH THEM TOGETHER. Logan helped Maddie embrace who she really was and who she wanted to be, and Maddie made Logan so happy that I WAS IN FEELINGS COMA. I literally would just squeal every time that they would appear on the page, and I had this stupid grin the entire time I read this.

Ismae + Duval

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers


This book provided me my first forever ship. I believe this was one of the first books that really really got me hooked on YA. Before then, I was kind of all over the place with my reading, but I remember picking this book up, falling in love with the heroine, the plot, and the love interest. Most importantly, I fell in loveeeeeeeeeeeee with the ship. They are ADORABLE. They move from love to hate so brilliantly, and the distrust between them makes it even better??? Ismae has darkness in her past, and Duval is so wonderful about it. MY HEART. THE FEELS. Ugh, they just appreciate each other’s scars, and I just want to cry for my little babies. It might be pretty cliche, but it still epicness.

John + Maggie

Speak Easy, Speak Love by Mckelle George


I think I had a harder time picking out a favorite ship from this story more than SOC. I loved all the characters, and the ships that they were in were pretty perfect. I would flop between Beatrice and Benedick and Hero and whoever she was with and then there was Price AND I WAS STURGGLING. But John and Maggie really struck a cord for me. John was off just being moody and broody, and Maggie was this girl that knew what she wanted – and John was part of that. They had some amazing sexual tension, and I was just like CAN YOU JUST GET TOGETHER AND ALLOW ME HAVE A BREATHER. GOSH. Whoosh. It was rough, but I loved them dearlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I think I’m going to stop here before I allow myself to do myself in with the feels – because I have a bad feeling that will happen if I allow myself to go too far. XD I’ve been doing a lot of tags lately, so I’m not going to tag anyone, but please feel free to do it because I would loveeeeeeeeeee to see your favorite ships!!

What do you think? What are some of your favorite romances? Do we share any of the same? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Soul Ripping Romance Tag

  1. I’m just going to consider myself tagged and do this later.
    Love this tag so much and totally agree with you about Cress and Thorne! I don’t know the others unfortunately. Loved this post!

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  2. I am totally using the bookmarks trick to saving tags. I’ve been trying to think of an easier way to save them all. I really need to read all of these. Six of Crows is the only one I’ve read and THOSE SHIPS ARE THE BEST. NINA AND MATTHIAS ARE MY PRECIOUS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omigosh, yes, it is a blog life saver! I used to keep a list or just a bunch of copies of them somewhere, but to be too much of a hassle. And then you can just delete them afterward. And yesssssss. I super recommend them all. The ships are a great part of them but the plots are super great as well. And OOOOOH. Nina and Matthias are amazinggggggg as well. They have so many feels and just the respect for each other. SO MUCH LOVE.

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  3. I’ll tell you a secret: I haven’t read Cress yet *shooosh*. I adored Thorne in the first two books, and Rapunzel is one of my favourite tales, so I’m excited to pick Cress (but I haven’t got time…😪)

    I loved and shipped Inej and Kaz so bad!! It was one of my favourite couples in SoC, because that. tension. between. them!

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    1. OH NO, NIA. I hope you get the time soon because Meyer does such an interesting job with it (and Cress is the best and Thorne is super Thorne-ish in it so it’s great). You’ll have to keep me updated when you get to it.

      And YES. That tension was a killllllllller. The level of feels just kept going up and up and up, and I couldn’t handle it. XD

      Liked by 1 person

    I would need to dedicate endless pages of my devotion to Cresswell. Two characters that I adore individually and together.
    Then there is Kinej which would require another essay of just endless fangirling and crying and squealing.
    I’m super excited about meeting these other ships, especially since I have Grave Mercy on my shelves now!
    Excellent post Mandy!!!!!


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