The Wishing Heart Character Interview!

Today, I’m so excited to bring you an interview I did…not just with the author of the amazing The Wishing Heart but with the book’s two main characters, Rebel and Anjeline! This was so much fun, and if you missed my review of the book from earlier in the year, I seriously urge you to check this book out. It has one of the cutest ships I’ve read all year, some seriously amazing writing, and total SOC and ADSOM vibes! Let’s meet the characters of this fantastic book!

About the Book

the wishing heartAbout the book:

Winner of the 2016 YARWA Rosemary Awards for paranormal fiction that Mia Siegert (JERKBAIT) calls, “An exhilarating read.”

With a book in her bag and a switchblade in her pocket, Rebel’s been thieving her way through life while hoping for a cure to fix her ailing heart.

But when the bejeweled vase she just tried to hawk turns out to be a jinni’s vessel, Rebel gets lost to her world and dragged within another. Now every magical being in the city wants the vase for himself.

Thrust into a game of cat and mouse in a world she never knew existed, Rebel must use her uncanny skills to find a way to free Anjeline the Wishmaker.

But wishes have consequences. And contracts. Anjeline’s freedom could unravel a love like Rebel has never known, or it could come at the cost of Rebel’s heart…

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The Interview

Questions for Rebel

So, I hear that you’re a thief – and a very good one at that! I’m sure you’ve gotten some interesting treasures along the way. What is the best thing that you have ever stolen? What is the worst/funniest/weirdest?

Well, I might be all dirty hands and bruised knees, but my “magical” fingers can steal the pants right off a stranger. Which, I literally did once. But Jaxon doesn’t like to talk about it.

Best thing I ever stole…would have to be a particular vase that turned out better than I could have ever wished for.

If you could jump to any city in the world and steal one thing, what would you steal and where?

Paris of course, just so I could purloin the Mona Lisa.

If you had a soundtrack for your life, what kind of songs would be playing? Any specific songs come to mind (I’m thinking the Mission Impossible theme song??)?

“True Colors” by Zedd and Jailbreak by Awolnation.

Really anything that involves being chased.

Oops! A wish has Anjeline has done has gone wrong and now you’re stuck as an animal. Which animal would you hate to be and why (I’m guessing a fluffy, adorable, snuggling bunny might not be it)?

A cow, hands down. Have you seen what people turn them into? I can do without being eaten, or worse…milked.

Questions for Anjeline

What is the craziest wish that you have had to make true? Any funny wishes?

There was a magician once who wished to have a duplicate of himself in order to make for an easier, greedier life. Turned out his wife enjoyed the company of his duplicate better than him, and they eloped.

Oh no! You’ve been bound in your jinni vessel for hundreds of years. What is the first thing you’re going to do when you get out? Also, what food are you going to eat first to celebrate?

First I’d set ablaze the vessel…then celebrate by sprinkling the ashes over a Golden Phoenix Cupcake.

An Excerpt

“Hand it over, pigeon.” The officer gestured to her bag.

Rebel sighed. How ironic. Could her life get any worse? “As you can see, I’m poorer than a vagabond.” She gazed down at herself. “There’s nothing in my bag except my hopeless dreams.”

“Is that why it looks so heavy?” His lips curved into a grin, and his teeth gleamed against his beard. He was a beast of man, his vast shoulders pushing the uniform to its absolute limit. “Don’t be foolish. Give it here, girl.”

Woman. You hobnocker,” she spat, in no mood.

A chuckle vibrated in his throat. “Skinner said you were a spitfire and a slippery grift.”

Rebel stiffened as awareness caught up to her, the satchel heavy at her side. He was no officer. Even worse, this had trap written all over it. But was it Skinner’s trap, or whoever had been on the other end of that phone call— someone even more brutal? Her eyes darted about, scouting an escape. Nothing good ever happened when a girl was snatched off the streets from a henchman twice her size.

The man glanced at her satchel. “I’ll be taking that now.”

When in doubt, distract. “Fancy outfit just to rob me of a vase? You’re not overcompensating for something, are you?”

“Don’t play stupid. The vessel’s not the prize, we want what’s inside it.”

Rebel squinted. “There’s nothing inside it, you tool.”

“Wrong answer.” He growled, sounding more animal than man, and something changed in his features. His eyes glowed amber in an extremely inhuman face.

“What the…” She lurched back, her nose twitched at an odd scent, and dizziness emerged. Now wasn’t the time for her heart to hamper reality. “This has got to be the weirdest panic attack.”

“No attack, unless you refuse.” The man inched closer.

“Touch me and I’ll carve Repent on your chest.” Rebel fumbled at her belt, grasping the bone handle of her switchblade. She never actually used it on anyone, never wanted to.

“All’s we want is the vessel,” he warned. “There’s no need for it to go there.”

“You don’t want it to go there,” said another.

Shadows moved out from behind the man.
 A young female appeared, followed by a male version of her, both cloaked in animal-hide coats. The twins’ blood- red hair spilled over their shoulders like lions’ manes, the girl’s pelt trimmed in fur of equal shade. As they moved, between one second and the next, they shifted into a wave of rippling fur. Bones snapped out of place, and jet-black muzzles emerged from their faces, until they formed into four-footed shapes. Their backs contorted, and slowly, bone plates elongated down their spines like an armadillo’s shield.

They were not human. Not even close.


“Wolves?” she voiced it aloud.

“Lycanthrope,” the man corrected. His eyes burned like embers as his ears tapered skyward, and his vastness seemed to increase compared to the others. Obviously, the alpha. “A thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf. Didn’t legends ever teach you about the big bad one?”

About the Author

jc welker.JPG

J.C. Welker is an author who’s been, among other things, a fashion designer, a filmmaker and a kickboxer (seriously). Her short documentaries, which focused on homeless Iraq veterans and lgbtq+ issues in the military have been featured on CURRENT TV, and her debut novel THE WISHING HEART won first place in the paranormal category of the 2016 YARWA Rosemary Awards. She continues to work towards giving a voice to stories that are needed, while facing magic and monsters along the way.







What do you think? How epic were those answers? And how good does this book sound? How leading are these questions? XD Let’s discuss in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “The Wishing Heart Character Interview!

  1. Oh my gosh, this idea and these questions were everything. I’m sitting in the eye doctor’s office waiting for my grandpa’s appointment to be over and trying not to laugh.

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      1. Sadly I don’t own it yet, but when I got into work tomorrow a library copy will be waiting for me so that’s almost as good, right?

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