The Princesses Read: The Muses

Each Saturday, I will be showcasing what one of the Disney Princesses, Heroines, Princes, Villains, or Sidekicks might be picking up if they were reading YA today. It will be based off their likes, interests, personalities, and their storyline. At the end, I will also feature a book that the character would NOT be picking up and a section of books that are based off either the plot or original princess fairytale. Check out more info here on my original post! We’ve featured all of the princesses, and we have also done two non-princesses but epic Disney heroines, Alice and Tinkerbell! I also started my own tag for this as well, The Disney Princess Sidekicks Tag!

This week we will be featuring…

the muses

The Muses from Hercules

I know it’s a bit of unconventional choice, but when I was a kid, I totally thought that The Muses were the best part of Hercules. They created the best songs of the movie, they were so entertaining, and honestly, they were the gospel truth. 😉 I loved their look (THEIR DRESSES), they were fun, and it truly felt like I was learning the story from them. I forever wondered why they couldn’t have their own story, because I would have watched the crap out of it. The show girl power in understated way, and their dynamics, their harmonies, their musicality, their knowledge, and so much more. Plus, their hair and gowns are magical (yes, I’m on repeat BUT IT THE TRUTH – AND YES, I REFRAINED FROM USING THE SAME DISNEY REFERENCE TWICE). I so want to be one of them.

What YA books would The Muses be singing their praises for?

the lightning thief

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Well, obviously the Muses are going to love their Greek mythology and history. It’s their job in Hercules to know the entire story and to get all the facts out about it – in fantastic harmony, by the way. They helped inspire it in a way, too. So, I think they would be interested in the completely different way that Riordan tells it, and would love his take. It’s funny, kooky, and so original, and I bet The Muses would definitely love all the ways they could sing about the antics that go in this series. Percy is definitely a hero like Hercules full of ups and downs – I would love to hear the songs they sing about him.


Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

I haven’t read this book, but I have seen a lot of good reviews for it – and I definitely think that it would be something that the Muses would LOVE to pick up. It is about a girl that is striving to get into an a cappella group. While the Muses do have some fantastic tunes behind them, I feel like these ladies are always jamming out and harmonizing a cappella when they aren’t around some music notes floating around. I feel like they would love a look into this world, and definitely love the atmosphere of a performing arts school.


Chasing Eveline by Leslie Hauser

Well, of course, I had to throw in my favorite music book that I have ever read. This book has fantastic descriptions of music, and it honestly felt like what I was reading was the notes that I could hear. The Muses would love a book that could truly capture what they feel in their heart and what is in their soul – music and its true beauty. I definitely think they would enjoy this story as well – full of ups and downs with a heroine that is true and truly goes the distance.


Hunted by Meaghan Spooner

I was trying to think of the best sister relationship that I have read, and this book certainly comes out on top. The Muses have a true sister bond, and they are so in sync and in harmony that it is magical. They laugh like sisters, they joke like sisters, they embody the frustrations and absolute love that sisters have for one another – gosh, I’m making they sound so very deep when they are literally just Disney’s fun quirky version of a narrator. THEY ARE SO COOL, THOUGH. Anyway, back to Hunted. This had one of the best sister relationships that I’ve seen in a long time and they truly loved and adored one another, and they understood what kind of sacrifices they would truly do for one another. Their love was deep and so beautiful.

A Book that the Muses would NOT pick up

Okay, to tell the truth: I don’t think that there is not a book that the muses would not pick up. The Muses are especially art and the inspiration for everything. They are technically the presence that is response for creativity and by in turn, books themselves. Even if the book is awful or totally disses music, I think they would still give it a try, because they understand that it is still someone’s art or it’s art in its own way.


Want to read more about them?

I don’t believe that I have seen a book that is truly focusing on the Muses. You have a lot of books out there that take Greek mythology and use them (Percy Jackson being the biggest name in that game), but I don’t think I have seen them mentioned. How epic would that be to have a story focused on a Muse? I mean, can you imagine the pressure that they would have on them? Please let me know if you know of any!

What do you think? What was your favorite part of Hercules? Do you have any suggestions for them? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

47 thoughts on “The Princesses Read: The Muses

  1. I loved the Muses from Hercules too! One of my favourite Disney songs is I Won’t Say I’m in Love and they completely make that song (plus, Meg is great and also my name twin, so she was always a favourite growing up too!) I would love to hear them singing about Percy Jackson’s adventures! 🙂

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  2. The Muses were by far the best part, I always wanted to be them! Fantastic post! I got so excited when I saw Muses and immediately clicked on the post.

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      1. Oooooh I love it! Oh gosh, I like them all, but I always love that dress with the sleeve cut out but comes back at the wrists (as you can see i’m horrible with their names and their descriptions XD)

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      2. That would help me more if like two or three of them didn’t have that, but I’m guessing you mean the lead? Curly updo with the “headband”? Calliope, Muse of Epic Tales. She’s probably my second favourite, I always liked Melpomene’s long wavy hair because I related. She’s the muse of drama, which isn’t me but whatever. 🙃

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      3. YES. I believe so. And way to whip out the epic Disney knowledge, Kyera. That is super cool to know. 😀 And lol yes! XD I really like her too. 😀 Were the Muses your favorite in the movie or did you like Meg better?

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      4. Yeah, well I’m a mythology nerd so what do you expect? I liked Meg a lot, but since my cousin’s name is Meg.. I basically wasn’t allowed to like her? So yeah, Pegasus and the Muses were my favourite.

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      5. My aunt bought me a little baby Pegasus when we went to see the movie. 💜

        Yeah, head strong little red head, so you know Ariel was out of the question too.

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  3. I don’t think I have ever clicked on a post so fast. Hercules is probably my favourite Disney movie. It kick started my love of Greek mythology as a kid, plus the songs are great and Meg is the best.

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    1. YES. When I rewatched it, I didn’t realize just how many characters I truly enjoyed. Hades, Hercules, Meg, the Muses – they are all so epic. And they definitely made Greek mythology so much fun. Is Meg your favorite Disney character ever then?

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      1. I never really thought about it. I have a favourite Disney princess (Jasmine has always been my favourite), but I’m not sure I have a general favourite Disney character. Do you have a general favourite Disney character?

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  4. Haha, such a fun feature. :D. The Muses are fun, but I’m quite partial to Meg… :). You’re right though – they’re MUSES, they’d pick up EVERYTHING.

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  5. I read this book Mooniana by Miranda Moondawn which was combo of Greek, Norse, and Indian Mythology. In that there was a good info about Muses but it was very difficult read. I enjoyed mythology portion in that. Percy is my favorite as well. I loved this post. 🙂

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  6. I LOVE THE MUSES! Yes, indeed ( 😉 ) they are the best part of the movie and I still live for those songs haha And I loved how you mentioned that they’d read anything because it’s art, yup, that’s deep, though, honey, it may seem impossible, that’s the gospel truth (COULDN’T RESIST XD)

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    1. AHHHHHHHHHHH that was a fantastic reference! So many thumbs up. But yes! Them and Meg easily made that movie, and I just would sit patiently waiting for them to come back so I can jam to their songs again. XD

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  7. Yayyy the muses! They are so funny (and sassy!) and their songs are the best (especially Gospel Truth). I think they would love all the books you chose (even though I’ve only read one of them?) because your reasoning seems pretty sound, haha.

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  8. I love that you chose the Muses first. I also think they’d love the Pervy Jackson series; it’s a fresh take on Greek mythology, and they don’t seem to be the types to dislike a different adaptation, especially one as well written as PJO.
    And I look like how you said there isn’t a book they wouldn’t pick up. They were the creative forces back in Ancient Greece…so I think they would be very open minded with their literature.

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  9. *singing The Gospel Truth because its an iconic opening song and it’s constantly getting stuck in my head and I love it!* This was so great Mandy! The perfect follow up after all our princesses!! I would love to read some books based on the Muses or just Greek mythology in general! Looks like I have to go on a Goodreads binge! Lovely post!

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    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. After this post, I couldn’t get “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” out of my head. Hercules is so catchy, it’s rough. BUT YES. Quite a few years ago, there was so much to it, but now, there is barely any inspired by Greek mythology. We will both have to! 😉

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