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I first spotted this tag on Shanah’s book blog, Bionic Book Worm, a little bit ago, but I was like, girl, you have so many official tags, that you can’t go do this tag no matter how adorable it is. And then came along the wonderful as always, Kyera @ Kyera’s Library, and she gave me the official chance to do it. If you’re not following either of them, I’m going to become an official blog pusher because you should because they’re both amazing. ❤

The rules:

  • Please link back to me, Bionic Book Worm, as the creator of this tag!! I want to see your answers!!
  • Use the graphics – if you want 🙂
  • Have fun!



A Darker Shade of Magic! Fantasy is still a genre that a lot of things feels super fresh and new, but I will admit it has begun to fall into a little bit of a pattern. However, this book made me realize that fantasy really has no limit, and it was so unique to me. It takes the basic concept of our London and then adds 3 different, unique versions on top of it. It felt so unique and new for a fantasy concept, and I love it dearly.



Well, A Conjuring of Light has ruined me a bit, so I guess that has to count? XD Is this tag just going to be the homage to Victoria Schwab today? XD



I feel like a repeat track right now, but forever it will be The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller. I can’t help but not feel happy and smile during this book. It turns me into a melty pile of goo. Thanks, book.



Sasquatch, Love, and Other Imaginary Things! It’s got two out the three and a nice addition of brown, too. Look at me – going for efficiency and bonus points apparently. But it really is a perfect book for fall.


Don’t say Victoria Schwab, don’t say Victoria Schwab – A CONJURING OF LIGHT. Dang it, Mandy, get it together. A Conjuring really was non stop action, though.


there's someone inside your house

My newest most anticipated read right now is There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. I can’t wait to get my hands on this, and now i’ts top because it’s so close to releasing. *fangirling already because adorable contemporary and slasher fic must be good*

Tag…you’re it!

Okay, I’ve been so out of the game for the past few weeks in the blog world, so please, please, please feel free to tag yourself! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s super easy to do, plus it’s epic to do right now with fall time! (That was such a run-on sentence – please don’t hate me.) I would love to see your answers! ❤

What do you think? What are some of your answers to this? Do you enjoy fall? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

38 thoughts on “Fall Book Tag

  1. Oh I love this tag! I’d love to do it. Thanks for reminding me about it 😀 And yes, Conjuring of Light was pure magic. I loved everything about it. And I’m also excited about reading Someone’s In Your House! It sounds like something I’d love. It reminds me of two of my favorite home invasion horror flicks, You’re Next and When A Stranger Calls!

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    1. Yes! I can’t wait to see your answers, Azia. 😉 It’s so much fun. 😀 And yessssssssssssssss. I’m not sure my heart was ready for ACOL. XD I had an interesting time with There’s Someone in Your House. I’ll be interested to see how you felt when you get to it. 🙂

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      1. ACOL was so intense. The characters grew so much. But also, so many lives were lost! So unexpected D: Haha, that sounds kind of foreboding. I hope to get it soon! I’ll let ya know my thoughts on it once I get around to reading TSIYH.

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  2. You’re absolutely right about A Darker Shade of Magic, it’s a wonderful and unique book. I can’t wait to read book 2 and 3. Have you read any other books by V.E. Schwab? Vicious is really, really good as well!

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    1. Yes! It gets even wilder in those two, and there will be some new characters you love even more. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them. And I haven’t actually! I’ve heard The Archived series is pretty good and Vicious, but I haven’t tried them. I’m definitely going to have to try Vicious, though! 😀

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      1. I’m definitely very excited for the rest of the series!
        I’ve heard about the Archived, but haven’t read it. But it’s probably really good, I mean, Victoria Schwab wrote, so 😍 And I hope you like Vicious! I loved it even more than Darker Shades

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      2. Yes! I think my friend read and said it was slightly different than Schwab’s normal work, but it was still quite good. 😀 And ooooooh that is such a plus! I’ll definitely have to get to it sooner now if it was better. 😀

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  3. Omg totally doing this tag! It’s perfect! Ahh the graphics are so cute and I love the questions. So I kind of still need to read A Darker Shade of Magic but I’ve heard it’s a little slow, and the second book is better? Anyways I’m reading the Infernal Devices which counts for something lol…it’s one more series that I’ve FINALLY got to reading that has gotten sooo much hype.

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    1. I totally can’t wait to see your answers! It really is so much fun and such a breeze to do. 😀 And yesssssssssss it is such a good read! I actually thought it was kind of the opposite. The first book was super easy for me to get into it, but the second book does take a little bit of work to get into (really heavy on the characterization). But super worth it overall! And how are you liking it so far?

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