The Princesses Read: Quick Update from a Princess on Hiatus


Hellooooooooooo there. Yes, I’m on hiatus (read more about that here). I did want to give you a quick update. Clearly this is on hiatus too, because I wanted to focus on other reviews that I needed to get up before I left on said hiatus.

Anyway, we’re going to be done to our last princess, Merida, in 2 weeks, and I cannot be more excited to share with you my thoughts on her…but also super sad because the princesses will be officially done. Of course, the series will be continuing, and we’ll be moving on to the other Disney heroines and one non-Disney princess, Anastasia.

I was given the idea of doing the princes and villains as well. I know I mentioned the villains but would you want to see what the princes would be reading as well?

Lastly, next week the princesses read will be back…but we will not be doing a princess. Instead…well, it will have to do with my 1000 follower celebration and that something, something that I finally figured out what to do.

What was your favorite princess that we’ve done so far?

23 thoughts on “The Princesses Read: Quick Update from a Princess on Hiatus

  1. My favorite princess you’ve done is definitely Rapunzel because it was so accurate! (also she’s just my favorite princess in general). And I think it’d be so funny to read about princes as well and villains and other disney heroines! let it never end! do the animal sidekicks too if it comes down to it!

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  2. Definitely do the princes! Having the heroines, villains and princes planned means that it will be a LOOONNNGG time before you have nothing else to post.

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  3. Nooooooo to the princesses ending!!! Yeeeessss to non-princess, though!!!
    OMG, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next, Mandy. Your choices are always super spot-on and interesting and make me go all like “huh, who would have thought?” so yeah, I’m excited ^^
    As for which villains/princes… Man, I have no idea. I guess Ursula? Because she’s so awesome and savage and I love her xD And I could already guess at least one very obvious book that could e on your list.
    *sits down with a pillow, Ben & Jerry’s and a book, waiting for Mandy to come off hiatus*

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