Breaking the Rules of Revenge by Samantha Bohrman (ARC Review)

21435388_256708324850197_7373407606741663744_n(1)Release Day: Today…or the 19th! Amazon and Goodreads are a bit confused.

Mallory Jones is tired of being the girl who stays home and practices French horn while her identical twin, Blake, is crowned homecoming queen. So when she has the opportunity to pretend to be Blake, she takes it. At Camp Pine Ridge, she will spread her wings and emerge a butterfly. Or at least someone who finally gets kissed by a cute guy. That is, until bad boy Ben Iron Cloud shows up, ready to get revenge on Blake—aka Mallory.

If it weren’t for that infuriating girl, Ben wouldn’t even be at camp. Luckily, he now has six weeks to soak up some rays and get even with his nemesis. But the more time he spends with Blake, the more he realizes she’s nothing like the girl he thought she was—she’s kind and innocent and suddenly way too tempting. And soon enough, revenge is the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, the girl he’s falling for is keeping a major secret…

Disclaimer: This book contains a super-hot bad boy out for revenge, all sorts of camp hijinks, and a girl who realized she’s been a butterfly all along.

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*Thanks so much to Entangled Teen for sending me over an e-ARC of this! I really appreciate it, and it did not change my opinion in any way!*

I have a thing for camp books. Like, I really like camp books (i. e. why I have a thing for them – wow, I’m being Princess Obvious). Therefore, the moment I saw some trees on the cover, I WAS LIKE, THAT’S A CAMP BOOK AND I WANT TO READ IT. While the book started off strong, it fell apart for me and my camp love couldn’t quite save it.

There were quite a few good things that I did enjoy about the novel. As I said, I was fully invested for about 40% of the novel and it was riding at easily a 4 crown rating. Bohrman has a very easy writing style, and it really does feel like the perfect, easy read to pick up when summer is winding down with fall up on deck. The atmosphere was wonderful, and the setting of camp was a lot of fun.

Our main characters were fun as well. Gosh, I could relate to Mallory. She has a perchance for regency romance, and dear gosh, I wanted the book that she was reading so badly. I literally kept going, um, I need an update on the duke and Lydia. They were some of my favorite parts of the novel. I’ve never been so invested in such a ridiculously small subplot before and I think the author deserves a major round of applause for making me care so much about that. Other than that, I could relate with Mallory in other ways, and I thought she was quite real and realistic.

One of the issues I had was that it seems to get a bit too repetitive. After reading about the pranks and whole keeping a secret thing, I felt like something had to give. Yes, the twist was put in, but it took a little too long to get there and then I grew restless and bored. And then when it did come, I knew it was going to happen and I didn’t really care as much because I was so done with waiting for it. I just bored and felt so eh.

Well, Cinderella is in Into the Woods, so I mean, she is used to the outdoor, forest setting.

And then the characters. While I had an investment in them in the beginning, I thought their growth got a bit stunted. Some of it didn’t feel as natural as it should have been, and I really kind of just stopped rooting them on. There was the whole reveal tension, of course, and that was amazing, but then the aftermath didn’t feel as satisfactory for me. The ending just felt so meh to me and I kind of just…I felt nothing at the end, and you’re usually supposed to have a super happy feeling at the end of a contemporary novel.

I’m not sure if I even explained my thoughts on this properly, but it did feel like this book had an odd switch. The beginning half of the story was very strong, and I thought it was fun and a perfect end of summer read. However, lack of growth in the story and characters brought the ending half down for me, and I failed to get into the ending half due to that. 2 crowns and a Cinderella rating!



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    1. I don’t think there are too many out there anymore. I remember it used to be a pretty big thiing when I was first getting into my teens, and I just read so many of them. But I know this year there was Sasquatch; The Names They Gave Us, and this book. The first two were pretty good. I’m going to have to try and come up with a few more.

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