Fierce Fangirl Friday: A Gathering of Shadows


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A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab

a gathering of shadows

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OH. MY. GOSH. I AM IN DEEP. I was going to write a proper review for this book, but I was just sitting there going, but I’m not sure I could even properly deal with forming sentences – especially coherent ones.

To tell the truth, I knew this book was going to be good and I knew I would enjoy and I actually was enjoying it when I read it, but the beginning part was, well, slow going. You’re kind of just sitting there going, oh, this is interesting but I could really just sit this down and watch like 5 episodes of Friday Night Lights and not really feel guilty or care.

But once you get over that initial hump full of amazing character development, it just gets so amazing and FEELY AND OMIGOSH I CAN’T EVEN DEAL. MY HEART. MY READING SCHEDULE. MY POOR FEELS.

Okay, V. E. Schwab does something amazing: I literally don’t know most side characters’ names or their characteristics or like anything about them, which should be a problem, but I still enjoy them. The whole Night Spire ship crew is just one mess of pirate dudes, but I LOVE THEM AND I LOVE THE SHIP AND I LOVE NEW CHARACTER CAPTAIN MAN.

New captain man = so much love. And the shippppppppppppppppppppp (well, not his actual one, but the romantic one that he is a part of it). They literally had like, what, two interactions? BUT THEY ARE LIKE LITERALLY IN MY TOP FAVORITE SHIPS EVER. How does that even happen??

And Rhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. In the first book, I always felt bad for him, because to me, he was just kind of there. I mean, Kell and Lila are so blinding that it’s super hard to have much love for anyone else. But this book really lets that man shine and shine he does. I’m in so much love with him. HEART EYES HEART EYES HEART EYES.

And then Lila. And Kell. Their characterization is just so brilliantly done. I love them both, and I don’t think there will ever be a fiercer character than Lila Bard.

The new evil dude? SO CREEPY. I have this super weird image of him in my head and I so do not approve.

Ugh, I just can’t even deal. I had to give a four crown rating since it did take me so long to read it and get into it. BUT WHEN YOU DO, IT TURNS OUT SO GOOD.

This book has ruined me. And I have a buddy read to get to it. Oh sigh. Amazing book. Amazing author. Amazing characters. I just can’t deal so I need to go put myself in a fangirling corner somewhere. Welp.

What do you think? What are you fangirling/fanboying about this week? Do you enjoy the Shades of Magic series? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

45 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday: A Gathering of Shadows

  1. We haven’t read this one yet but we cannot wait it sounds like we are going to get our book soul ripped apart to shreds (in a good way)!!! We are fangirling really hard alongside with you!! ❤❤😁😁

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    1. Ahahahahaha you ladies are going to love ittttttt. If you think the first one is good, Schwab just brings all of the characters just right up and makes you love them even more. And a new ship arrives and it’s so amazing! ❤

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    1. Yesssssssssssssssssss. I super agree! I’ll definitely be picking up anything from her. And yessssssssss. I super can’t wait!! I think is so much that she can explore and it will be so much fun.


    1. Ahahahahaha I waited a long time too – too much of the hype, distracted by new shiny books – I don’t know why either. XD BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT. I haven’t been disappointed at all. You will love it, for sure. 😀

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  2. YES!!! I do agree that there is a bit of a hump to get over when starting this book, but once I was past it I basically raced through it and had all the same reactions you did. THAT CLIFFHANGER.

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    1. Yes! I was going so slow with it and then all of a sudden I was binge reading the entire thing. XD BUT OMIGOSH YES. I was done it. I don’t think I’ve ever walked so fast to a bookshelf to get a new book. XD

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  3. Yesssssss their first interaction was just so amazing, you instantly fall in love with the ship. It gave me so many feels and I immediately said, this needs to happen!

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      1. Yesssssssssssss. I’m trying to tell myself to pace myself with the third book but I just can’t deal because there are so many feels and I love all of the four main characters and I just want all of them. Is Lila your favorite? Or Kell?

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      2. Yeah, they’re so good you just can’t. But you can always read one of her other books next if you haven’t read the yet. Kell is my fave. You?

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      3. I’ve read This Savage Song, but I’ve yet to read any of her others. But I’m thinking I need to get into a Schwab binge after this and read everything else. Have you read any of her other series? And I think he is mine, too. Lila is a super close second, though.

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      4. I’m pretty sure my friend…crap, she either read it or is reading it and she really enjoyed it. She said it was super different than everything else she wrote but she super super enjoyed it. She didn’t really talk too much about a cliffhanger, though, so I don’t think it ends on a super tough note.

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      5. That’s good! After I sent the message I realized that I don’t think she originally planned to have a second book so it probably wraps up pretty nicely.

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  4. Oh my, yes! I love that captain too! One of the best characters! And his ship is one of the best ships out there! I agree 100%!

    And Rhy, my I cried so hard for him in book two. It was so sad!

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    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So much agreement, Birdie. I’m like, how can Schwab create any more amazing characters than she already has but then she gives that amazing man. XD

      YES. I didn’t know I’d have all the Rhy feels for this book, but wow, he was amazing.


  5. Your fangirling has most definitely got me wanting to read this series! I love reading everyones fierce fangirl friday posts! Also I fangirled about Alice Through the Looking Glass movie!

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  6. Yes!!! These books are SO AMAZING. I can’t even get over it. I STILL need to read book three. I’m trying for this month, since Schwab will be here for Comic Con, but we’ll see. That one is HUGE! Wonderful post, lady! Glad you love this one so much!!!

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  7. OMG I have been wanting to read this book for sooo long now and I just NEED IT! It sounds so amazing and I know I will love it because it sounds perfect, has amazing writing, and theres also world jumping! I mean come on how could I not love this book! I will for sure be fingerling just like you after I read this book! Great post 🙂

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    1. YES. Once you take the plunge, it totally works out. It’s just taking that plunge that is the struggle. XD But I definitely think you will be super enjoying. ❤ Thanks so much and hopefully you enjoy. 😉


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