The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

  I'm still in the non-believe that August will be ending very, very shortly. And when August ends, well, it's a slippery slope to fall and autumn. Vacations, most likely, are done in summer, so I thought, well, I clearly need to get my book on the Ultimate Vacation Book Tag. I was tagged by … Continue reading The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

The Big F Blog Tour, Review, + Giveaway!

The Big F Maggie Ann Martin Published by: Swoon Reads Publication date: August 29th 2017 Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Danielle effed up. Big time. Danielle’s plans for the future were pretty easy to figure out… until she failed senior English and her single college application was denied. Suddenly she’s in hot water with very few … Continue reading The Big F Blog Tour, Review, + Giveaway!

1000 Followers (Me Crying + Lots of Thank Yous)

I never get those cool WordPress update bubble things that everyone seems to get, so when I checked in on Thursday, imagine my shock to see this little button just chilling there: OMIGOSH. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I don't know how I got here. Trust me, when I started … Continue reading 1000 Followers (Me Crying + Lots of Thank Yous)

Captain Guinevere by Clara Bennet

Captain Guinevere by Clara Bennet Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes and Noble Run! She has to run. Gwendolyn Patience has no intention of marrying a man she doesn't love, but when her parents betroth her to the prince of Voyagea to unite their countries, her only option is to run. With the help of some new … Continue reading Captain Guinevere by Clara Bennet

The Princesses Read: Sleeping Beauty

Each Saturday, I will be showcasing a lovely Disney Princess (or when they run out, some other Disney leading ladies and more) and showcasing what they might be picking up if they were reading YA today. It will be based off their likes, interests, personalities, and their storyline. At the end, I will also feature … Continue reading The Princesses Read: Sleeping Beauty

The Mulan Book Tag

Two princess posts in one day? Can we be excited?? I'm excited anyway. XD I would like to thank the lovely icebreaker694 for tagging me in a tag that I've been waiting (i.e. dying and FANGIRLING SO HARD FOR) to do for a while now but always a tiny bit afraid to tag myself (because … Continue reading The Mulan Book Tag

Fierce Fangirl Friday: Another TV Spiral D:

Fierce Fangirl Fridays are put on by the wonderful and lovely Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd. If you’re not following her already, seriously, go do it, because she’s amazing. Now, what is Fierce Fangirl Fridays? Basically, it’s where you fangirl/boy over anything – that’s right, each week you pick a different thing you’re … Continue reading Fierce Fangirl Friday: Another TV Spiral D:

Yesternight by Cat Winters

Yesternight by Cat Winters Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes and Noble From the author of The Uninvited comes a haunting historical novel with a compelling mystery at its core. A young child psychologist steps off a train, her destination a foggy seaside town. There, she begins a journey causing her to question everything she believes about life, … Continue reading Yesternight by Cat Winters