YA Summer Reads Bingo Update

When I first started this, I so didn’t think that I would be so into this. But literally, apparently my days from being into bingo as a kid has come back to haunt me and I’m in deep.

If you remember from a few weeks ago, I posted about me beginning the glorious YA Summer Reads Bingo put on by Kyera @ Kyera’s Library. It’s not to late to get in on the bingo action, especially since you can use all your books from June & July. It’s so much, gals and guys, and I so recommend joining in.

ALSO, I AM 7 BOOKS AWAY FROM A FULL BLOWOUT, AND I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT. Here are some ideas if you wanted to join in.

summer reads bingo


Book with Yellow Cover – Still have not fully committed to this one yet. I’m working on it. D: D: D:

A Contemporary Read – It’s Not You, It’s Me by Stephanie Kate-Strohm =- so very, very cute

A Book by a Female Author – The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy so much wonderfulness

A Book Genre That You Don’t Normally Read – Wild Irish Women (non-fiction) by Marian Broderick – um, thank you, glorious book bingo, because I finially finished this book that has been sitting on my currently reading shelf for more than a year.

A Book Set In a Foreign Country – House of Furies by Madeleine Roux – wasn’t as good as I was hoping this gothic horror book would be, but it really was oh, so pretty! Mandy really just loved it for all the super pretty blue.



The First Book in a Series – Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova

Re-read of an Old Favorite – Cinder by Marissa Meyer

A Finale of a Book Series – A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab

A Book That Was Turned Into a Movie – Simon vs. by Becky Albertalli – it’s in progress so I’m counting it.

A Book With A One-Word Title – Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


A Fantasy Read – I’m working on it…which is concerning because this should be literally so easy. XD

A Book Published This Summer – Love and Other Alien Experiences by Kerri Winfrey  – this was kind of majorly oh ugh.

A Book With a Strong Female Heroine – A Gathering of Shadows (Lila Bard!!!) by V. E. Schwab

A Book With Flowers on the Cover – The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone


A Book That Takes Place in Summer – Rethinking this one currently!

A Science Fiction Read – Dreamfall by Amy Plum – oh ugh again.

A Book Set in a Fictional World – The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich 

A Standalone – Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios – this was so completely powerful.

A Graphic Novel – Sailor Moon – um, OMG OMG OMG.


A Book With a LGBTQ+ Character – We Are Okay by Nina LaCour wow wow wow

A Book from A Debut Author – Saints and Misfits by S. K. Ali – more wow wow wow

A Historical Fiction Read – Odd & True by Cat Winters – was not a fan of this, peeps, even though I wanted to love it so dearly.

A Book With A Diverse Main Character – When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

A Book About Fandom –  Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia – so much yessssssssssss.

Are you participating in a book bingo this year? If so, what one? Have any suggestions for my ones I’m in indecision for? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “YA Summer Reads Bingo Update

  1. Wow, you’ve done so well already! A yellow cover is hard! We should all be feminist is kinda yellow though, so maybe that could work? For the bookset in summer, you should totally read I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson. It’s one of my favourites!

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    1. Oooooooh, definitely adding both to the list, Eva!! I’ve yet to try a Jandy Nelson book, but it seems that they are fantastic and with a rec from you, I’ll definitely have to try! 😀


      1. My friend keeps pushing it at me, but I kept pushing it off – but now I super need to get on it. And oooooooh, very funny because I just commented on that on your post. XD I SUPER can’t wait to see what you end up thinking about it!!

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      1. Well, I basically take the Goodreads shelves I create each month and sort them by release date, blog tour date, and priority. Then I have columns for my reading status and to remind me to post reviews. I MAY overly complicate things…

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      2. It’s the only way I have any shot at finishing everything on time. At least the ARCs anyway. Everything else is kind of whatever at this point. You’ll have to let me know if you devise a brilliant system, so we can compare notes!

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  2. I think you can read The Summer I Turned Pretty(Jenny Han) for a book that takes place in summer. I haven’t read it but my sister loved it.
    I’m glad you loved Eliza And Her Monsters. I’ve been thinking of buying it. ☺️

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