Sunday Update: Book Princess Edition

Hello, all!

Ariel is like, whoa, UPDATE? Please tell me it’s something good, Mandy, and not something where you just babble for five paragraphs (oh, oops, sorry, Ariel).

I HAVE VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: I AM OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP ON REVIEWS. REVIEWSSSSSSSSS. If you remember my discussion post from last Sunday, Mandy was behindddddddd. So very, very behind. Um, totally a month’s worth. (EEKS!)

But I sat down one night and said, I will not leave this seat or computer until all of my reviews are complete. I cut out a bunch that I had only a few sentences to say and ones that I didn’t even want to bother with. Because let’s tell the truth: I was still under the assumption that I needed to review every single book that I read. I mean, if you’re reading something, it should be blogged about, right? Maybe? Not necessarily, I’m learning. If you have nothing to say about, you shouldn’t try to ramble about for a few paragraphs, saying the exact same thing just to have content (I’m learning, I’m learning, but it’s super hard when you based your entire high school and college experience literally learning how to say the same exact thing in different ways so you fill 3 pages).

From the discussion posts, you, gals and guys, gave some perfect advice. Taking bullet points as you read; doing it right away (not more than a week); and walking away for a tiny bit to let your thoughts digest.

And I’m certainly going to try it now. But here’s the deal: this coming week will be the week of Book Princess Reviews – that’s right, I love a good part in the story where you actually get the title in there with a random line.

Anyway, each day I will be posting a review/reviews of books that I was super behind about. So yes, you finally get reviews on Eliza and Her Monsters or When Dimple Met Rishi and many more – and there is a one crown review in there as well (MANDY ACTUALLY FINISHED A BOOK THAT WAS ONE CROWN – SO MUCH GASPING!)

This really is such a non-post, but I really wanted to think all of your brilliance for helping me realize I really needed to climb that review mountain. It has been toppled now, and hopefully in the following week you’ll find a new book to read and love! ❤

29 thoughts on “Sunday Update: Book Princess Edition

  1. YESSSSS MANDY *claps* I’m so proud of you :’)

    I wouldn’t say I’m behind on my reviews because I don’t really write/post that many in the first place but it definitely takes me AGES to find the motivation to start writing them and then to actually FINISH and POST them!

    I’m super excited for your review week and I can’t wait for your Eliza review!!!! 😍

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    1. Thankies, thankies *maybe taking a bow*

      YES. The motivation starts draining about half way through and then it’s just like, eh, maybe I’ll just stop for a while to never come back to it. XD But I always do love reading yours when they come out. 😉

      And thankies! Honestly, it probably should have been a fangirl Friday post with my love for it. XD

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      1. Hahaha exactly! Usually I write a short summary of my thoughts on Goodreads and then I’ll be like “Review to come” ……but it never comes 😂 Aww thanks *blushes*

        Oh yes, that would have been so lovely to read! I really want to write a proper fangirly review one day and then turn it into a Fangirl Friday post XD

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  2. Oh wow- well done you for catching up on all your reviews! I’m so happy for you 😀 I think I should do a sit-down session myself now, haha 😛
    I totally agree with making notes as you read though, or as soon as you finished if you don’t have time to write out a review.
    Congrats again, and I look forward to reading some of your reviews

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    1. Thanks so much! ❤ Honestly, just sit yourself down somewhere, and force yourself to do it is kind of the best way. XD I felt so accomplished after doing it. XD
      But yes! Maybe it will help us with our review procrastinating the most? XD
      Thanks so much!! 🙂

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  3. Ahh congrats! I struggle to keep up with reviews as well, I just recently had to accept the fact that I can’t possibly review everything I read. If I hadn’t moved on, I would probably still be reviewing stuff from May! 🙈 I can’t wait to read all your upcoming posts! 😂❤️

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  4. That’s wonderful advice, actually! I always take notes because my memory sucks and I also like to let the reading experience sink in before I dive into a review (mostly because otherwise it’ll end up more like a rant than anything hahaha) but not let a lot of time pass by. So I can attest to its truthfulness!
    And a one-star rating?? OMG MANDY :O I’m so so sorry you had to go through such a retched book. I’m actually scared to find out which one it is now XD
    But OMG OMG Eliza and Her Monsters and When Dimple Met Rishi? I’m super excited to read your thoughts on those! EaHM is one I’ve been meaning to read for a while now (it sounds super cute) and I’m curious to see your take on WDMR because of all the mixed reviews…

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    1. Oh huh, that’s really cool, Sophie. I’m super going to have to do that now that I know that it works for you. 😀 I’m the worst when it comes to character names, and I want to attest to truthfulness too!

      And YES. To all of it. Eliza was reallllllllllllly good. SO CUTE. And WDMF was very cute, but I will admit that I had some issues. That one is definitely coming later in the week.

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      1. I hope it works for you, Mandy 😊
        Oh awesome!! I’m glad to hear it ❤️ I’ve heard really great things about Eliza but WDMR is another story… I wasn’t too interested in reading it but I think I’ll give it a go, eventually ☺️


  5. Well, check you out!!! That is amazing! Congratulations on getting all caught up! I’m still two behind, but that’s not too bad. No. Wait. Three behind. LOL. Still not too bad. Hopefully tomorrow. I’m totally proud of you for being so on it! And I can’t wait to read all the review posts!!!!

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    1. Ahahahaha I was so excited…until I ended up finishing two books and now I feel like I’m living a lie. XD But no, not bad at all! 3 feels very managable!! We got this, Krysti!! And thank you – how did you do on your 3??

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      1. NOOOOOOOOO. I ended up getting one done, but I literally think I wrote two or three paragraphs, so I don’t think it counts as a big accomplishment. XD And then I just finished a book right now so I’m back to three. But YES. That is the important thing as least.

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      2. That totally counts! My reviews usually aren’t terribly long honestly, so I think three paragraphs is an accomplishment. 🙂 I did get one done yesterday, but I’m about to finish another, so back to five! LOL.

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