Calendar Girls: Best Fairytale Retelling

*screaming* WHEN DID IT BECOME JULY? Because I clearly missed it, and I also clearly missed the Calendar Girls post - and it was literally the most Book Princess of them all. Luckily, it's never too late to become a Calendar Girl or, you know, post your July choice since I've clearly failed. Calendar Girls … Continue reading Calendar Girls: Best Fairytale Retelling

Sunday Update: Book Princess Edition

Hello, all! I HAVE VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: I AM OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP ON REVIEWS. REVIEWSSSSSSSSS. If you remember my discussion post from last Sunday, Mandy was behindddddddd. So very, very behind. Um, totally a month's worth. (EEKS!) But I sat down one night and said, I will not leave this seat or computer until all … Continue reading Sunday Update: Book Princess Edition