Bad Girl Gone (ARC Review)

bad girl goneBad Girl Gone by Temple Mathews

DNF @ 6%

*Thanks so much to the publisher for sending me over an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review – thanks so much again!!*

Did I want to DNF @ 6%? No, I did not. Did I figure I might? Probably. After reading a rather bad review of this (from Nicole at A Dance Between Pages), I knew I was in for a struggle. But I knew that this sounded really good and full of a redemption story arc that could be done brilliantly. However, from the moment I started the story, I knew that I was not going to be interested.

Sixteen year-old Echo Stone awakens in a cold sweat in a dark room, having no idea where she is or how she got there. But she soon finds out she s in Middle House, an orphanage filled with mysteriously troubled kids.

There s just one problem: she s not an orphan. Her parents are very much alive.

She explains this to everyone, but no one will listen. After befriending a sympathetic (and handsome) boy, Echo is able to escape Middle House and rush home, only to discover it sealed off by crime scene tape and covered in the evidence of a terrible and violent crime. As Echo grapples with this world-shattering information, she spots her parents driving by and rushes to flag them down. Standing in the middle of street, waving her arms to get their attention, her parents car drives right through her.

She was right. Her parents are alive but she s not.

She s a ghost, just like all the other denizens of Middle House. Desperate to somehow get her life back and reconnect with her still-alive boyfriend, Echo embarks on a quest to solve her own murder. As the list of suspects grows, the quest evolves into a journey of self-discovery in which she learns she wasn t quite the girl she thought she was. In a twist of fate, she s presented with one last chance to reclaim her life and must make a decision which will either haunt her or bless her forever.

This book was just…boring? Although I can’t really say that since a lot of things were happening. Echo wakes up in this place that I couldn’t quite understand and then there’s some creepy dead things or monsters or I’m really not sure because while it had potential to be really cool, I just got confused. Instead of truly investigating the creepiness, Echo’s like, ummmmm, I’m just going to sit and hide in this bed.

Which she does until this guy shows up underneath her bed and she chases him for like two seconds until someone tells her that no, she shouldn’t be out and about but she’s also allowed no questions. It was like, NO QUESTIONS FOR YOU, AND NO QUESTIONS FOR YOU. Echo’s then like, why, of course, I’m just going to back to that same bed and think happy thoughts about the first awkward time I met my love of my life, Andy, and he kissed me to shut me up. Happy thoughts.

Snow White definitely didn’t stay in her bed and asked no questions when she awoke from her slumber.

ANYWAY. Then she wakes up again and she’s being yelled at because the guy living underneath her bed somehow transferred his random wetness onto her but still no questions are allowed. Um, this is concerning. Why are no questions allowed? And shouldn’t Echo be fighting harder to get the questions answered?? If I woke up at some place with no memory, no idea what it is – I wouldn’t just be hiding in my bed. I would want answers, and if they told me no questions allowed, you best believe I would be demanding for a superior or trying to call, oh, I don’t know, 911??

I was so bored as well. I didn’t connect with anything and if I was skimming at 6%, I knew I was going to have too much of a downhill battle for the rest of the book.

No crowns since it was a DNF and a Snow White rating!

Check it out:

What do you think? Do reading reviews about a book before you read the actual book help or harm what you think about it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

40 thoughts on “Bad Girl Gone (ARC Review)

  1. The synopsis of the book actually sounds interesting and promising, but your review makes me reconsider even thinking about starting to read this book.

    Normally I’m the kind of person who’s all “I’ll see it for myself if and when I read it”, but when there’s an absolute “nope” coming from a review… Let’s just say the synopsis could be yelling at me that it’s going to be awesome, but I probably wouldn’t pick it up. Or, I wouldn’t pay for it. If I’d got my hands on it in the library, I might give it a shot and see where it goes but that’s about it.

    Reading reviews of a book up front does help me sometimes. In that way that negative reviews often make me enjoy a book so much more if I do like it. On the downside, it also makes books I don’t like, look that much worse for it, haha.

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    1. Ahahaha, it was rather…strange.

      But definitely! As you said when it’s a clear nope, I tend to go, erm, maybe not so much. But definitely about the library! And fantastic points about the reading reviews. I definitely love reading a negative review of a book I didn’t like because as you said, it makes it look so much worse and I feel so vindicated. XD

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  2. Oh jeez, this book sounds super weird because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULDN’T ASK QUESTIONS??? So strange. And confusing too!! I’m sorry that this was a DNF for you but I can totally see why! If I find myself skimming through a book, I always DNF it as well! Awesome review though! 🙂

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    1. Ahahahaha, I know, Jackie! I was like…but you wake up in your non-home with weird non-family and friends people and just go, okay, I’m just going to sit here while this lady yells at me and not ask any questions. XD But yes! Thanks so much! ❤

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      1. Girl, I hear you! Once I start reading a different genre, I can still totally get into it, but fluffy contemporary is all I crave anymore. We have definitely ruined ourselves.

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  3. This book sounds disastrous…. I understood NOTHING of what was going on! I’m so sorry you had to read 1% of it, let alone 6%, Mandy. It just feels like an absolute train wreck.
    I would definitely loose my mind over such a passive main character. Why is she not demanding answers?? Why is just sitting/lying by idly??? WHO CARES ABOUT HER FIRST KISS??
    Ugh. I’ll calm down now. Honestly, though, what a mess :/

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    1. Ahahahaha, thank you, Sophie! ❤ It was…I still don't fully understand everything that went on. There are a lost…just a lot.
      And YES. She was like, let's go to a happy place since the lady told me I couldn't ask questions once. XD Just once and she's like, oh, okay.
      So true, though. :/ Sorry to get you into the craziness as well. XD

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    1. I didn’t get too far, but glad to know it got to the 2 stars point. But it was so very odd indeed with some parts. I agree – it was a fantastic premise, but some parts were just mind boggling. I read your review the other day and you summed it up wonderfully.

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