May Wrap-up / June TBR

May Wrap-Up

may wrap up

Mayyyyyyyyyyyyy…I’m not sure if it went fast or slow. Like, to me, this month started to go really fast and then it kind of weirdly dwindled for a while. So I kept thinking we were weirdly further along in the month than what we were. Weirdness.

Anyway, May was an interesting book month for me. I encountered book burnout in the middle of the month. Therefore, I had a lot of books that I was not pleased with. I reread some amazing books again, which totally threw off my review copies TBR pile. But now, in the past week and half or so, I’m back on track and I finally got some really good reads. Here’s what I read this month with a total of 16 books!

*I did also read two other books that I will not be reviewing on the blog. One because I still haven’t collected my thoughts on it fully, and the other because it would be so short and unnecessary. XD

Favorites of the month? Well, I only had one go on the favorites shelf this month, and honestly, it was actually already there, but my nitpicky self accidentally took it (Scarlet) off before in a fit of book hipsterness. It is now back in its rightful spot. Besides the glorious TLC rereads, A Darker Shade of Magic was my favorite read of the month. IT WAS SO GOOD. I totally am seeing the light of that amazingness that is V. E. Schwab and I will hopefully be binge reading the rest of the series soon. Honorable mentions: Follow Me Back and Secrets of Skin and Stone, which turned out far better than I expected.

Worst reads of the month were the three DNFs. I had a lot of hope for Ensnared and The Best Kind of Magic, but I was totally let down by them. I couldn’t get behind the concept of Ensnared, and I just felt a huge disconnect with Magic. Dear Reader just got a little bit crazy on me.

The rest of the reads were just okay. Nothing super amazing but nothing super bad. It just felt like an okay month overall for me, and I’m hoping June will have so much more for me.


June TBR

I was talking with the fabulous Krysti over @ YA and Wine, and this idea came to me: why not make a month full of fluffy, adorable contemporaries? Two of my most anticipated reads came out the other day – When Dimple Met Rishi and I Believe in a Thing Called Love. I clearly want to read them as soon as possible, but it won’t be until June when I physically get them. I have been reading a ton of darker, fantasy-like books without the feels and cuteness, so I clearly need to get my groove back for my lovely contemporaries.

So, all the physicals books I’ll be reading this month? They will be adorable, fluffy contemporaries. All the ebooks? ARCs that I need to get on top of since I will hopefully be doing an ARC read-a-thon this month. I usually trade off or try to read at the same time.

Here are my two piles that I will be picking from this month:


Adorable, Cheesy Goodness and/or Books that Will Make Me Feely Feel Physical Reads

Rapunzel is so pleased with this list.

There will clearly be a few other books in play, I do believe for this month, but these are the main ones that I really want to get knocked out. Since June will be the official beginning of summer, I just want all the feels, all the cuteness, and so much adorableness. I can’t wait to get started!

Also, I’m going to really, really try and stick to this TBR, but I do have the rest of the Darker Shade books haunting me, and I did order a few new books which all make me want to read them as well. And who knows what will surprise me on Netgalley or if I get sucked into something new…like The Hundredth Queen, which will be coming very soon as well. Oh dear.

What’s on your TBR for June? Do we have any of the same? What are you excited to read this month? And what did your May look like? Anything the same? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


62 thoughts on “May Wrap-up / June TBR

  1. Very ambitious TBR 😀 I’ve been thinking on my June TBR for almost a week now and honestly I don’t even know what I want to read. There are a few ARCs coming out in June that I will definitely be reading but I’ve been in a dystopian / sci-fi mood lately.. Life is hard! 😀

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  2. I have trouble with TBRs, as I pick my next reads randomly from a stack of books I haven’t read. I do know that I will finish my current reads, and will start Now I Rise in June, but other than that, I’ll be reading whatever fate decides.

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  3. I’m so glad you loved A Darker Shade of Magic!! I really need to read the rest of that series ASAP because it’s AMAZING.
    Also, congrats on reading SIXTEEN books. That’s awesome!! 🙂

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  4. When Dimple Met Rishi totally gave me heart eyes even though I almost always complain about romance in YA. So that should tell you how amazing it is.

    I like your idea of reading cute fluffy contemporaries. They definitely put me in a good mood. I’m going to be reading 99% queer books for the next couple months, some from my TBR, some new purchases, and I’m seriously so excited.

    Hope you have a fantastic June!

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    1. Ooooooh, I’m soooooo excited for it. And that is totally such a ringing endorsement. I’ll surely be reading it the moment I get it. 😀

      And yes! I’ve been reading a lot of darker fantasies, so I totally need some good moods. But oooh, that’s epic! I can’t wait to see what books you end up reading. 😀 There have been some amazing sounding ones coming out recently. 😀

      You as well! ❤

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  5. 16 books?????? Wow, Mandy… I’M IMPRESSED! And I can’t wait to get my copy of When Dimple Met Rishi! It won’t be here until next week *cries* but I’ve been anticipating it for sooooo long!!! I can’t wait it’s finally OUT! I’m totally here for all the adorable-ness! 😍

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    1. Thank you, Jackie. I totally didn’t realize that I did that much either. o.o But sameeeeeeeeeeeeee. I apparently didn’t realize I preordered a book with that isn’t coming out until tomorrow and now the bookstore is holding it hostage. XD So I feel your pain. XD BUT SAMEEEEEEEE. We shall have to fangirl over it together. 😀

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  6. This month may have been slow Mandy, but June will be fabulous for you! I mean all those squishy contemps have to get you in a good mood. I’m in the mood for a little squishing myself but I have some fantasies to get to! I will try to get my hands on When Dimple Met Rishi though because it sounds absolutely adorable and I want to read it so badly! Good luck with the TBR I know you can knock it down!

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    1. Thankies, Rendz! I’m thinking it will be too. 😀 But oh no. Hopefully some of the fantasies will provide some squishies. Or at least the TLC rereads will in July. XD But yessssssssssssss. I want it so bad, and Amazon is holding it hostage right now. D: Thanks so much!!

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  7. You read some FAB books in May, Mandy, and I am so excited for you and your month of sweet, fluffy contemporaries! I will be living vicariously through your blog for the month for sure! Bring on all the feels!!! <3<3<3


    1. Yes! I had a really random selection, but they ended up being quite interesting. And ahahaha, yesssss. I’m cracking open the first one today, and I’m so pumped. Hopefully the one or two you’ll have will be extra amazing as well! 😀

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      1. Ahahaha, yes, it can be a bit hard to plan a nice theme when it’s based on the tours and arcs. But, yes, a nice variety can be great. 😀 Definitely never be boring in the same rut. But yes! So far, so good! 😀

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