The Book Gods Have Heard My Pleas

I break up your regularly scheduled program for a Book Princess Fangirl Announcement:




Gals and Guys, the book gods have heard my pleas and they have bestowed upon me a book that literally puts my wildest book dreams to shame. That’s right – someone wrote a Bigfoot book. Well, actually there are two Bigfoot YA books this year, but the one I’m about to fangirl about intensely is ONE THAT IS SLIGHTLY BASED OFF FINDING BIGFOOT. That’s right – my weirdly favorite show.

You may remember – because it’s one of those absurdly weird things you remember – that I have this weird fascination with the show, Finding Bigfoot. It’s this reality show/documentary thing where these four Bigfoot hunters go to random places to track down Sasquatch (or the other name, Bigfoot…or the yeti…or really anything big and furry). The show is absurd. These people have no doubt that Bigfoot exists, they believe the sketchiest of witness accounts, and they literally base what they know of Bigfoot off what they come up with on their own or what Bobo (yes, that is his nickname) likes to eat. But seriously, this show is HILARIOUS. I treat it as a sitcom, and I love it so.

And two special someones made a book about it. *forever crying*

sasquatch love
Credits to Simon Pulse

Pride and Prejudice meets Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot in this humorous and heartfelt debut about a loving, quirky family on the hunt for the mythical Sasquatch.

Hunting for monsters was never so awkward.

It’s bad enough that Samantha’s parents, charter members of the Northern Ohio Bigfoot Society, have dragged their daughter around forever, hunting for yetis. But now they’re doing it on national TV, and worse, in front of an aristocratic prep-school crew including a boy who disdains Samantha’s family.

But when he scorns her humble Ohio roots, she becomes determined to take him down. As they go to war, their friction and attraction almost distract them from the hint that Sasquatch may actually be out there somewhere…

I NEED THIS BOOK. I NEED THIS BOOK. I NEED THIS BOOK. If I keep saying it three more times, do you think it will just appear in my hands? 😉


*fangirling hat taken off, and now deep breathing techniques employed as I try to calm the book hell down*

Okay, yeah, this happened. I just wanted to share with you all the amazingness this presented, and I know a few people seemed intrigued by my Finding Bigfoot obsession back in the day. SO, um, yeah. I now shall just wait here impatiently and see if the book gods will be kind to me.

Check it out here on Goodreads!


43 thoughts on “The Book Gods Have Heard My Pleas

  1. OMG this sounds hilarious! “Pride and Prejudice meets Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot”… WHAT XD Who came up with that premise??? They’re total geniuses! XD
    I honestly haven’t watched the show yet but it definitely sounds epic. Anything that absurd will get on my watchlist (apparently, I have a thing for “accidents” – hey, they just amuse me ok?)
    I definitely want to read what you have to say about this book, Mandy! So, August, come quick XD

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    1. DOES IT NOT? It’s like the two randomest things smushed together, but it’s amazing?
      Omigosh, Sophie, I cannot explain the amazingness that is that show. It’s so random and funny and I just sit there in disbelief the entire time going, OMIGOSH, WHAT IS THIS INSANITY? So definitely add to the watchlist. XD
      Ahahaha, thanks so much, Sophie!! I’m defintiely with you on that!


      1. Haha I love it too! Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book ever in the world, so I’ll be preordering as well.

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      2. It can be hard to read the first time, but I totally recommend reading it along with the audiobook narrated by Rosamund Pike. It’s absolutely wonderful, and I’m not just saying that because the main character and I share a name 😊

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      3. It is! And that version of the audiobook is on audible only for 1 credit or 2.99. So worth it. It’s amazing.

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    1. I’m basically the biggest Bigfoot fan that doesn’t believe in it. XD I blame these books as kids that were totally into all the supernatural stuff and made Bigfoot look all cool and fun. XD But it does sound epic! 😀

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  2. YES MANDY I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND THIS BOOK! THIS IS A SIGN! A SIGN OF FAVOUR FROM THE BOOK GODS! A Bigfoot book! A BIGFOOT BOOK! Sounds amazing and I can’t for you (and me) to read it! And since you’ve watched all those documentaries about BF then you’ll be very educated about it while reading this book I guess heheheh

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  3. Okay so if you haven’t gotten an arc of this, DM me on twitter (@dizzylizzii) because they sent me 2 and if you want one you can have it. Otherwise I’ll just give it to my library.


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