3 Books That “Tricked” This Book Princess

You’re probably sitting there going, well, why has The Book Princess decided to use quotation marks around the word, tricked. Has she finally lost it? Has she gone completely hipster – and not just the book variety – and is now using quotation marks around everything not necessary. WHY, OH, WHY.

Most of you are now rolling your eyes or going, oh, huh, there were quotation marks somewhere? I didn’t really care before that. XD But anyway, I say “tricked” because the truth is, the only thing that got tricked was myself by myself.

Do you ever read a book and you’re like, oh, wow, this is NOT going the way I thought/planned it out. It reminded me so much of x that I thought it was going to be like x…only now it is crazy different. I do that to myself a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Thinking a book is going to be one way and it turns out this crazy different way. Shall we go through 3 books that did that to me? No? Well, I’ve already wrote these long paragraphs so we might as well.

Kill The Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky

Has anyone seen the movie, Taking 5? Up until about two or three years ago, I hadn’t either. It’s this super random movie from back when the semi boy band group, The Click Five were a thing. Remember them? Beatles haircuts, ridiculously bubblegum tunes, and fantastic music videos with epic flip phones like this one:

Well, anyway, I accidentally stumbled upon this movie that starred two girls kidnapping their favorite band – the boys of The Click Five although they were Five Leo Rise (I can’t even XD)Β and had these super sketchy new names. I was like, OMG, what is this absurdity. Until I saw this clip and knew it was just the right level of absurdity:

I literally cry every time. It’s so stupid yet hilarious to me. And that’s basically the entire movie – hilarious, random, and never takes itself seriously.

kill the boy band
Credits to Point

Enter in Kill The Boy Band. I totally thought it would be exactly like this movie. Wacky, funny, and making fun of the wonderful boy band tropes. I read the first few chapters…and it took itself really seriously. I mean, SUPER seriously. o.o It wasn’t funny. These people were dead serious about kidnapping a member of a boy band and doing dark stuff to him. I wanted a feel good novel and instead I just felt super uncomfortable. So, I felt tricked by it…even though it was literally all Five Leo Rise’s fault. πŸ˜‰

Air and Ash by Alex Liddell

cover air and ash

Again, not the book’s fault – I totally assumed from the book’s description that this book would be more lady pirates. When I first talked about it on here, I mentioned that it gave me such feels from DOTPK and when I was applying for the blog tour, for my post ideas, I was like: favorite pirate princesses, princesses that would make good pirates, etc. No wonder they gave me a review, because there was no pirates to be had. Which was okay! Because this book didn’t need pirates to be epic but had some wonderful sea adventures and epic seafarers. No pirates, though, and I literally have no clue where I assumed they were. I was tricked by this book – and not by the book itself but literally by my DOTPK obsession and newfound desire to find pirates literally in every book. Welp. But check out my review here because it really was quite good.

Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh


This is the only book that I really did feel actually tricked by and not just by myself. In the summary, it specifically mentions witches. Lots of them. I do believe at one point it mentioned Witch trials although it is not there anymore. So, of course, I imagine this book is going to be about the Isle of Man’s own Salem Witch Trials. While there is a witch and she does play a decently helpful role, this book is not about witches. There is barely any witch content or magic. It’s more about folklore and sea creatures and disappearances. Not some witchcraft goodness. While it still turned out to be a really good book, I had gone in expecting a story about witches and not about sea creatures. But I mean, that cover, tho. Check out my review here.

What do you think? Have you ever been tricked by a book? Was it because the book tricked you or your own thoughts got in the way? Have you read any of these? AND IF YOU HAVE WATCHED TAKING 5, PLEASE FANGIRL WITH ME. Let’s discuss in the comments below!

35 thoughts on “3 Books That “Tricked” This Book Princess

  1. Oh, I can’t even count how many times I’ve been tricked by a book! Or well, rather I tricked myself! Sometimes I have certain expectations after reading the synopsis or hearing people talk about a book – and then I read it and it’s turns out to be totally different! πŸ˜€

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  2. I think I’ve been had by Fear the Drowning Deep as well. I haven’t read it yet, but I also would’ve assumed more magic would be involved.

    Aw, Kill the Boy Band isn’t fu? That sucks, it almost sounded cool.

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    1. Yes! I noticed they took out the part about witches and the trials in the summary on Goodreads. There is magic involved, but it’s not very heavy on it, which I totally got from the summary.
      And I think if I had known it was more of a dark, serious (VERY serious) humor, it might be a tad better and I might have expected it more?

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  3. Oh, how about BLACKHEARTS? Yes, that’s right, that conniving little book that said there would be PIRATES and so far, NO PIRATES. And its sequel? Oh yeah, no pirates so far EITHER.
    Ok, I’m calm.
    Aaaanyway, this post was really fun! I don’t get tricked by books that often but I found it hilarious how you described your deceiving experiences XD
    And was that Trina from Victorious? And Christy Carlson Romano? My God, I feel old LOL
    Awesome post, Mandy, and thank you for the giggles! A feel good post a day makes… Everyone feel super good? Erm. Yeah. Keep ’em coming!

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    1. …I apparently forgot to answer this before the other one. So, ignore me asking about no pirates. XD But like seriously. o.o It has a pirate ship on it!! And the jolly roger – there should be PIRATES.
      But lol. Yes, I do have struggles, but I’m super glad that you don’t manage to because it’s so lame. XD
      AND LOL YES. Every time I see Christy in these scenes, I’m like, dear gosh, it’s Even Stevens and THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW IT AND I’M AN OLD LADY NOW. X
      But thankies!! ❀ XD


  4. This happens to me constantly. It’s so weird, since the synopsis wouldn’t be THAT misleading. But sometimes it’s the cover, or the author usually, that sometimes makes me expect something so far from what the book actually is. Great post, Mandy!! πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’˜

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    1. Ahahahaha, YES. Same issue. I feel bad for the books since I have my own random things going on for them when as you said, the synopsis isn’t that misleading. XD So weird. As you said, the cover impacts a lot too. XD But thanks so much!!

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  5. What a fun post! Bookish tricksters! So I have been tricked by books, but I’ll admit it’s partially my fault. I’ll assume a book something it isn’t sometimes based off of the title and cover and then not read the description very carefully. So usually it’s my own bad.

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    1. Yes! I always feel so bad saying that the book tricks me even though as you said, you yourself gets confused about it. Sometimes you just get it stuck in your head and no description will let you stop it. XD

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      1. It’s so true! There are a lot of books that you go into expecting something based on an author’s past books and get something totally different, so I sometimes feel “tricked” then not necessarily in a bad way. It’s fun to think about!

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      2. Yes! I think that’s where I failed with the Grisha triology with Bardugo. I was placing the insanely high expectations and the feeling of Ketterdam and it just didn’t connect for me. It’s a whole different story, but I just couldn’t get it to mesh. But it is fun to think about.

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      3. YES. YES. YES. Thank you, Krysti. Because I had the same thoughts. XD And my friend totally doesn’t believe me on it. It’s like, I felt so bad for the Grisha trio because I felt I really would have loved it had I not read SOC before because I couldn’t stop comparing the perfection that was that series and Grisha.

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      4. I totally had the same experience. Because Sarah read Grisha the same time that I read SoC, so our experiences with it were totally different. LOL. I just need to not compare anything to SoC. It’s just not fair. LOL. πŸ™‚

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      5. Yes! I’m thinking so. I’m so interested to see where she goes with it. I heard too she will eventually go with a more contemporary type book too, and I’m like, I don’t know how Bardugo will do contemporary, but I’m sure it will be glorious. XD


  6. I’ve been “tricked” before too. Most recently by the Winner’s trilogy. Pretty covers doesn’t always equal cheesy story! Now it’s one of my favourite series so I’m glad it tricked me. ALSO CINDER TRICKED ME! BECAUSE I THOUGHT THE ROBOT FOOT CINDERELLA THEME WAS WEIRD AND I DIDN’T WANT TO READ IT! HOW WRONG WAS I AND I’M SO GLAD I WAS TRICKED BY QUEEN MEYER!

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    1. Ahahahahah yes!! I agree! I was totally tricked by that one as well. I totally thought there would just be lots of pretty dresses. AND THAT ONE. YES. I WAS NOT ABOUT THE WEIRD FOOT LIFE, BUT IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG. QUEEN MEYER DID SOME WITCHCRAFT BUT I SO APPROVE.

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      1. Yeah, I was watching one of the videos a while also and she just happened to mention the Click Five. It took a second but then I said wait what? I now look at them in a whole new light πŸ˜‹ but it also reminded me how much I liked Just the Girl when it came out.

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      2. Ahahahaha. Omigosh, that’s amazing. And YESSSS. That song was my jam…it still is my jam. But I was totally a mess of a fangirl for it. Apparently, though, I missed all the drama and the movie later on. XD

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