If & Then Thursdays: Magical Kingdoms

if and then

LOOKY LOOKY. This Book Princess has finally joined another tag/meme/blogging event thingy. This is a big day. I’m very excited, and I’m going to try and not screw this one up. XD The poor Calendar Girls know I have struggles already. XD

Have you heard about If & Then Thursdays yet? It’s this really cool concept put on by Alex over @ Young At Heart Books. If you haven’t saw it yet, it’s super fun and even easy enough to follow for this Book Princess. Here’s a little more about it:

If&Then Thursdays is a book meme created by Alex@ Young at Heart Books. How do you participate? It’s easy! All you have to do is choose two books that are somewhat related in theme, writing style, genre, etc. Tell us how they are similar and why we would like them! All recommendations should be made in this format:

“If you like Book A, then you might enjoy Book B”

If You Enjoyed…

Dream Factory by Brad Barkley and Heather Helper

dream factory
Credits to Dutton Books For Young Readers

Has anyone heard of this book? I read this book before I was an avid Book Princess, but it ruined me forever on my favorite settings. It was set in Disneyland – that’s right; the most magical place on Earth – and followed around a girl playing Cinderella and a dashing Luke, who was not a Prince Charming (Dale actually, lol XD) but could be hers. I lovedddddd it, and the setting was absolutely charming and delightful – although I mean, what do you expect for it being in the magical kingdom. Check out more about it here!

Then You Might Like…

How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True by Sarah Strohmeyer

Credits to Balzer + Bray

I was a little skeptical about this book at first, but the truth is: it was just as magical as Dream Factory. This one is not set in Disneyworld – but actually a Disneyworld rival. That’s right – this place hates The Mouse (and literally only can refer to it as such XD). It’s a lot funnier in spots than Dream Factory, but it has a lot of the same elements that made Dream Factory as wonderful as it. Mainly it comes in the form of a similar epic setting, adorable fluffiness, and a Cinderella causing problems. It is a true adorable, cheesy goodness read, and if you’ve loved or even loved the premise of Dream Factory, you will for sure love this one. Check it out here!

So what do you think? Have you read either of these? Do you want to read any of these? Do you love the magical kingdom/theme park setting? What other books have you read that has this setting BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW!! (Also, if you are looking for more of this setting, I do know a few more. ;)) Let’s discuss in the comments below!


26 thoughts on “If & Then Thursdays: Magical Kingdoms

  1. Beyond Kingdom Keepers, I was woefully unaware that they had fiction books set in the parks. Please enlighten me about these options and they shall be added to my TBR on Goodreads!

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    1. YES. It is like this weird subset of books that are set in theme parks and amusement parks and they were so entertaining. Dream Factory and How Zoe are the best ones, but if you’re looking for a more paranormal twist, Devoured by Amanda Marrone is where it is at. It has some very cool Snow White retelling include in it as well. (It’s a bit problematic, but VERY cool). Swoon At Your Own Risk is set in a theme park, but I can’t quite remember how Disney it is. I think it’s a bit more waterpark. Also, I apparently made a Goodreads list that I have no memory of making that will be easy to find all of the main ones. How Zoe, Dream Factory, and Devoured are the strict Disney like setting, though. 😀 Can you see how excited I clearly get about this? XD https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/104229.YA_Books_with_Amusement_Theme_Parks

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  2. Oh this sounds really fun! And perfect for when I don’t have any post ideas (which is usually always XD)
    I was never that great at “if you like this then you might like that” recommendations BUT I will definitely try to come up with something.
    Great post, Mandy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s super easy, too, which I’m SO down for. XD But they are quite delightful, and THE SETTING. I know you don’t usually do contemps so much, so if you are looking for a more supernatural/paranormal/retelling version, Devoured by Amanda Marrone has the epic setting and ghosties. o.o

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