The Mess That Is My Favorites Shelf

Me and my favorites shelf have always had a weird relationship. I used to blame it on the fact that I was a book hipster and I thought I was super cool and didn’t need a lot of favorite books. Well, I’m not that cool, and it was totally idiotic of me to think that. However, over time, I became to realize my Goodreads favorite shelf has kind of become a section of how my tastes have changed over the years…and still how ridiculously picky I am.

Out of 851 books that Goodreads has told me that I have read, I have a measly 32 favorites. That’s right. 3.76% of the books that I have read have become favorites. Now, some of the books that aren’t favorites, have been favorites before and somehow managed to get kicked off. Now I bet you’re like, omigosh, Mandy, seriously, how do you even choose your favorites because you sound like you’re just a mess. And it’s a good question. There are two ways a book can get on the elusive Book Princess favorites shelf right out of the gate:

The Book That Knocked My Fluffy Socks, My Crown, and More Off Me:

This book straight from the beginning had me in awe. I loved every single thing about it, and it was just sooooo good. I knew I would never find anything better than it…until the next book I picked up, but who’s counting? But it was just so good. A few examples you may ask? Gemina, Daughter of the Pirate King, and Geekerella. I knew from the beginning I would love them until the end of my book days.

The Book That Haunts My Book Dreams and Won’t Stop:

That’s right – I’m sure many of you have had that book that haunts you every once in a while. It pops back up in your mind when you least expect it, and it just sits there awkwardly, waiting for you to pay attention to it. These books I’ve given five stars in the past, and while they had some slight issues with them at the time that kept me from loving them, my brain has now been plagued by them until I have heard its pleas and finally added to this slippery shelf. Examples include: The Telling, A Court of Mist and Fury, and You Were Here.

Oh, weird Favorite Shelf Mandy, what causes a book to get kicked off?

Well, that is a fantastic question. Whenever I add a book to the shelf, I tend to kick a few off. Maybe my subconscious book hipster is still coming back out to play, but I think it mostly is because I see how my tastes have changed or how reading other books has changed me. Once I see the glory of how one author handles a YA mystery, maybe I won’t be as enthralled with another’s. Or I just have grown out of the book hangover or buzz I was feeling for it, and the really bad one: I really can’t remember what it was about. If I can’t remember and the joyous feeling of reading it, then it’s out until possibly the next reread. For the longest time, Cinder was out of the favorites loop because I couldn’t remember it.

So, yes, me and my favorites shelf have a totally messed up relationship. I don’t know why, but my book brain just gets a little funky with it. So, what book quirks do you have? What makes a book a favorite for you? Do you have a weird favorite system like me? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Also, if you would like to check out the mess that is my Goodreads life, you can be my friend on there (because I always forget to find all you lovely bloggers on there. XD) Click here if you so wish – if this post didn’t scare you away.

Update: I added one more book to the shelf. Are we excited yet??

29 thoughts on “The Mess That Is My Favorites Shelf

      1. We’re similar that way… so I can easily read your words as if you were saying them… getting the emphasis in the right place, the eye roll, the funny smile. At least that’s how I come off, so I’m thinking it may be the same. (No offense intended!)

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  1. I am like the complete opposite, I have like a million books on my favourites shelf (Not my Rendz Goodreads {although it does too}, but my real-life Rendz fave shelf) I literally think I love everything after reading it one time, then slowly after time things get knocked off. Like Red Queen. I am SHOCKED! I am hurt! How could Cinder come off that shelf? *clutches heart* TLC must be on the shelf, it runs in my blood! Still, a lovely post Mandy! Very interesting!

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    1. LOL. Can you help me see the light, Rendz, please? I feel like such a bad bookworm when I don’t have many XD Ahhhh, gotcha. That does make sense. AND I KNOW. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had somehow convinced myself that Cinder was the least good book in the series and I was in the heat of book hipsterness and I WAS A MESS. Can you forgive me?? XD

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    1. LOL, you must tell me your secrets as well! 😀 I really have no clue how I got that one XD I think it was because I requested it so early? I emailed the agent right off Sirowy’s website and she took book pity on me? XD

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      1. I have had trouble requesting books from pubs…I try to email them from a form letter Sammi and I found on the internet, but after the last several went unanswered, I’ve given up. I need help! 😩

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      2. Ahhhhh gotcha. This was my one and only that panned out and I gave up as well. Maybe it helped because it was an agent? I’m not sure. D: If I ever get accepted for anything else because I’m pretty sure this is a total fluke, I will have to let you know my secrets then. I think the combined fact it was an agent, I asked literally forever ago when it first came out, and my highest post at the time on the blog was her post. XD but if you find the help, please let me know too. XD

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  2. I’m like the opposite of you. I will likely give a book a 5-star rating just for giving me all the feels lol. I guess I’m so caught up in the book moment. However, over time, if someone were to ask me, I’d probably say, “Oh, that book was alright,” instead of saying that it was so amazing like the rating would suggest. It takes a lot for me not to say I really liked a book.

    Nonetheless, recently I have really noticed my taste in books have changed drastically. It’s kind of scaring me because I own so many books of the genres I used to be obsessed with, in which I haven’t read yet >.<

    This is a great post!

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    1. LOL. Awh, I wish I was like that. It’s so much more fun that way, I think. But I totally see what you mean. The book buzz fades. D: But oh no! Book tastes changes are always interesting – it’s like, yay for new books but ut oh for all the ones you had loved or have on the TBR. Hopefully it all works out.
      And thanks so much! 😀

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  3. Mandy, I adore your organizational skills! Haha! The fact that you have a “Favorite” shelf and how some books got kicked out of that shelf is awesome! I don’t even have a favorite shelf! XD I have a lot of favorite books but because they are so many that I sometimes forget why they’re my favorite. Haha! Great post hey! 😀

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    1. Ahahahahaa. Thank you. XD It entertains me, too, even though it’s so weird. XD But I think that’s cool as well – not the forgetting part although I’ve done that sooo many times. I just want a lot of cool books to know in your head kind of thing. XD

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  4. I love your book choices, Mandy! We have a lot of the same taste in books, which makes it really fun to chat with you all the time! I’m especially excited to see Geekerella and DOTPK right now. Those ones definitely had me in awe as well!

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  5. I felt the same way about Geekerella! I knew that I’d love it right from the start and I wasn’t disappointed! It also sits on my favourites shelf now!!! 😀 And I have a feeling that once I willl read Daughter of the Pirate King, it will find its way onto that lovely shelf as well 😛

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