March Wrap-up / April TBR

march books

So, you can say I had a good March book month, but I didn’t realize I did? Perhaps it was book denial that I managed to devour 16 books in March – almost none of them having been on my March TBR. Bad Book Princess, but the books that I totally deviated from ended up being amazing.

I ended up having a very weird collection of books in this month – full of super highs (two favorites added to the book hipster favorite shelf) but also quite a few 3 stars and DNFs. Shall we recap? No? Well, I shall anyway. The Princesses told me to.

So, the ups of the month? Geekerella and Daughter of the Pirate King, for sure! They became the latest additions to my favorites shelf (and involved multiple princess trains), and I can’t stop fangirling over them. I’m still a mess over them. ACOMAF is totally up there as well, and I’m still in a massive book hangover from it. -_- It won’t go awayyyyyyy. Maybe why I’ve had a less than stellar reading grouping after that. Honorable mentions: Caraval and The Names They Gave Us.

The bad? This month there was a lot of books that I just disconnected with or couldn’t jam with. Some of my most anticipated reads like The Perfect Stranger and Blood Rose Rebellion? They fell flat for me. I loveeeeee Megan Miranda, but I was so disappointed that The Perfect Stranger fell less than par with her usual work. My two DNF’s were so mehhhhh for me and included lots and lots of rushing.

Overall, though, I can’t complain, because I managed to get two new favorites with ACOMAF teetering on being a third. I did have a rash of four and three stars, but I’m blaming it on my book hangover. Let’s hope April will knock a few more books off my TBR unlike this month.

What do you think? What did your March TBR look like? Did you read any of these books this month too? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


April TBR

I try with my TBRs – I really do. However, I’m still a total mood reader, and it just depends on a book calling to me to get me to read it. I totally get distracted by a pretty cover. And guess what! I’ve finally caught up quite a bit with my Netgalley approvals. Are you impressed? I totally am, because for a while I was swamped by my clicking impulse. Let’s see what I might be trying to read this month?

And those are all the ones that I’m going to say for now because who knows what the month will bring. Seriously, I may go on another Netgalley binge or totally decide to go in a different direction…or totally go on a book haul binge that I totally don’t need to be doing. Who knows. XD And I totally don’t have enough fluffy contemporaries so I’m going to need to be changing that.

What am I most excited for? A CROWN OF WISHES. I’ve been waitttttting for this book since forever, and I literally can’t wait to get it and devour it. And I actually am reading Thirteen Reasons Why and The Shadow Queen based off of your recs!

What do you think? Are any of these books on your April TBR? What is on yours? Any thoughts on any of these books? Β Let’s discuss in the comments below!


47 thoughts on “March Wrap-up / April TBR

  1. WOW 16 Books! That’s amazing πŸ™‚ I’m still working on Blood Rose Rebellion πŸ™‚ I like your April TBR. 13 reasons why is also on my TBR. I love The Winner’s Curse. Hope you will have another great reading month in April! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. I’m not sure how I did it all. But yes, Blood Rose did take me a little while to get through it, too. But thank you! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on 13. I’ve heard so many rave reviews. And hope you do as well! πŸ˜€

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  2. I don’t make monthly TBR’s and I haven’t read any of the books you have read. I’ve had ACOTAR on my TBR for a while and keep going back and forth as to whether or not I’m going to read it. I do own it, I read the sample and wasn’t too impressed.

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    1. Ah, gotcha. Sometimes it’s best not to make a TBR – especially since I rarely stick to it, lol.
      And yeah, I did have a lot of issues with it at first. It takes a longggg while to get into it. One day maybe it will hold more draw.


  3. You had an amazing reading month, I see! So many books oh my God XD Too bad about the DNFs but hey, at least you got two mega favorites ^^
    I’m going to start reading Daughter of the Pirate King sometime today or tomorrow (I hope) and I’m very excited because you and Krysti and a lot of other awesome people loved it and I want to love it too!! (Keeping my expectations low, keeping my expectations low… *keeps singing mantra) Might give Caraval a try too sometime next month.
    I’m really glad you’re starting Throne of Glass! I can’t wait to read your opinion on it! (And what your OTP is. Which is crucial)
    Great post, Mandy! ^^

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    1. Lol, I know. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m slightly impressed by myself? There goes the humbleness. XD But yes!
      And AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hope you mega enjoy it, Sophie!! I have a feeling you will, but it might be my own fanigrling talking. *has own signing mantra which includes: PLEASE BOOK GODS, LET SOPHIE LIKE THIS SO WE CAN FANGIRL TOGETHER* And oooh, I’ll be interested to see what you think of Caraval as well.
      Lol, yes, I’ve heard the OTP is very crucial to the enjoyment. I’m going in not knowing much so…we shall have to see how it turns out. XD
      Thank you, Sophie!!


      1. So far so good!! I’m really enjoying it πŸ˜€ (it was your mantra! YOUR MANTRA WORKED!!) Let’s see how it goes! I really want to be able to fangirl with you guys!! (please please please pleaseeeeee)
        And that’s the best approach: go in blindly, you’ll enjoy it much better that way. Ooooh I can’t wait to know what you think, Mandy! ❀

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  4. Wow! You totally rocked it in March, Mandy!!! Way to go!!! Have we talked about The Names They Gave Us? I’m reading that one next month, and I’m really excited about it, but wanted to get your thoughts. Your April TBR looks awesome too! Yay, books!

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    1. Thankies. I tried. And no! I don’t think we have. I actually really enjoyed it! There were a few times it got a little TOO contemporary for me (like, there wasn’t enough action but them just kind of wandering around XD), but I loved the characters and the storyline and the feels. And then the ending…we will definitely have to have a discussion of it when you read it because I have some major thoughts on it. XD I have a feeling you will DEFINITELY enjoy it. Have you read any of Emery Lord’s books before?

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      1. I think we ended up with the same number actually. πŸ™‚ Book twinners! I am a fan of Emery Lord’s books. They can get a bit heavy, so I think I know what you’re saying. When We Collided is one of my favorite contemporaries that I read last year for sure! I will definitely let you know when I finish, so we can chat! πŸ˜€

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      2. LOL, that’s hilarious. I’m so impressed with us. XD Yeah, it did get a bit heavy, although it was quite light for a good while. And oooh, okay, I will have to check that one out next. I couldn’t figure out which one to try so I ended up with a copy of…I think it’s called The Start of Me and You? And yes please! πŸ™‚

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  5. THE WINNER’S CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You read a ton of books this month…even though you DNFd a couple. I am impressed *applause* I love all your reviews so you know that I look forward to all the up and coming ones for April! I’m reading the Star-touched Queen right now! I want to fangirl over it!!! Hopefully I love it! I mean I already do even though I am only on chapter 4! XD CARAVAL!!!!!!!!!! I’M READING IT THIS MONTH! Hopefully..fingers crossed!

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    1. IKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I really should update this to say the Winner’s Crime because I just finished the binge and I for sure need to hurry up to the second. I literally have no clue how I did not pick this back up for book 2 all these years ago. And ahhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyyyy! It was really good and so pretty, so I can’t wait to see your review/thoughts. I have a good feeling you’ll love. And AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I can’t wait!!!!!!

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  6. Wow 16 books that’s so many! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Geekerella so I may have to add it to my TBR 😊 I also want to read 13 reasons why before the show comes out, but I don’t think I will in time! Great post!

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    1. It really is. I have no clue how I did it, lol. XD Maybe having no life? XD But it was suppppper good!! I would definitely recommend. And lol, I didn’t end up getting to it yet either so the binge will have to wait for both of us. XD

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  7. You had an amazing month!! I’m reading Duels and Deceptions at the moment and enjoying it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Thirteen Reasons Why. I didn’t like it – admittedly I read it many years ago and can’t remember much of it – but I lent it to a friend as soon as I finished it, and she adored it. That seems to be the consensus with that book πŸ˜€
    Good luck with your April TBR!

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    1. Ooooh, gotcha. I had to put it on hold because it just couldn’t grab my attention (although I kept thinking of all the shiny new books I had soooo that may have been a problem XD). And ahhhhhhh gotcha. Good to know because I think I have seen a few people say that.
      Thank you and you too!

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    1. Yes, school is a perfectly logical thing to blame. It’s so mean to the TBR. But ooooh yes! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I love it when you read something and actually see it come to life…although it always can be interesting. XD

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  8. I can’t wait to see what you think of ToG. I personally thought it was okay, but the rest of the series is so epic and intricate! Keep that in mind as you’re reading it!

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      1. No problem! It’s her debut, so it’s bound to be a little crappy. Crown of Midnight is much better, and then everything is just pure awesomeness from Heir of Fire forward.

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