Calendar Girls – Best Romance in YA


And it’s back! Yes, it’s that time again – Calendar Girls is back with a brand new topic, and it’s yet another good one!

This month’s theme is…Best Romance in YA.

Yes, a perfect question for this Book Princess who has far too many ships (and perhaps not enough sails). Anyway, this was theme was definitely going to be a hard one to pinpoint just one best romance or best ship, and I may have agonized far too much over this theme than was reasonable. XD Anyway, before I reveal my super shocker (seriously, if you follow my blog, you’ll never guess what is coming) best romance choice (…or choices? :O No, no, I don’t want to get kicked out of Calendar Girls), let’s talk more about the blog event!

Calendar Girls is hosted by bloggers, Flavia the Bibliophile and Melanie Noell Bernard – both have amazing blogs full of fun, bookish posts. Calendar Girls is a brand new monthly blog event inspired by Neil Sedaka’s 1961 song Calendar Girl. Just like in the song, we decided to use a specific them for each month and choose a book based on these themes! The event is meant to incite discussions with other bloggers about books we’ve read and loved, is meant to help bloggers meet other bloggers, and also for bloggers and readers to find out about blogs which they normally may not have come across! Want to know more? Click on the links above! And it’s not too late to jump on the Calendar Girl train! Join now!

So, as I said, this was a hard one for me. I have a lot of ships in YA lit. Like, a lot, a lot. An embarrassing amount. XD To have to pick one out? Impossible.

Anna’s judging me again.

I somehow managed to narrow it down to two: Thorne and Cress from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Inej and Kaz from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Let’s take a moment to wait for all of your gasps to subside. XD

Cresswell is my ultimate baby, and I will never have enough of them; THE FEELS. MY HEART. However, for this post, I decided to choose  Inej and Kaz, because I think their romance was so unique and different – and definitely something that doesn’t come across in YA often.It’s my second favorite ship ever, and I just need to talk about this wonderfully crafted relationship.

Kaz and Inej both come from broken lives. Kaz is still recovering from a death very near to him – and can’t touch anyone. Inej has been broken as well – from horrible things that people have done to her. Who do two people that can’t stand to touch and be touched ever make any sort of relationship work, especially when one of them refuses to ever let his emotions show?

Somehow, they do, gals and guys, and it was so beautiful. Bardugo doesn’

Oh, swoon. ❤

t shy away from the hard parts, and she doesn’t magically make them get together just because the ship has been planted. They stay true to themselves and the lives they were given. Yet the slowburn romance shows such a wonderful example of how romance can work in the real world and how two broken people can find a bit of happiness in each other.

It’s beautiful. It’s different. It’s how YA romance should be – and there is no instalove in sight. *swoon*

But also, Cresswell lover for life. ❤

What do you think? What do you think is the best romance in YA? Share your thoughts here, and join the Calendar Girls as well! (Also, can we just fangirl over these two ships?? Please?)

56 thoughts on “Calendar Girls – Best Romance in YA

    1. It is really good! ❤ I would be interested to see how you could weave it into the classroom. It has amazing diversity in it, but I'm not sure how well the morally questionable characters would work. It's so good, though.


      1. Absolutely!! The fact that Thorne fell in love with her when he was literally blind and the way he confessed to her and told her he loves her was too much to handle😭💘💘 That’s gotta be my OTP (it even rhymes!)

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      2. OMG, Nadwa, you’re bringing back the feels so hard. I just want to cuddle them together forever.I loved everyone else together, of course, but as you said, all of those elements just made them so amazinggggggg. My heart can’t handle it most of the time, and I’m trying to slowly reread TLC just so I can allow myself time before I lose it again when I get to the start of Cresswell. XD (and lol for the rhyming. XD) Who is your second favorite ship from TLC?


      3. Well, honestly, after constant nagging, I got my friend to read the series and she’s currently reading Cress. I lent her my copy of the book in which I’ve highlighted my favorite Cresswell scenes, and today I asked her to give me the book in class so I could re-live that pure heaven that is Cresswell, and I was sinking in this never-ending ocean of feels. So that’s that, I miss them! And my second favorite ship is gotta be Wolflet (although I really hate that ship name), Wolf made me swoon so hard. Everything he’s been through and everything he gave up on for Scarlet was just too good to be true. Who’s yours??

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      4. Ahahahaha. XD Oh gosh. I’m trying to talk myself out of running out and doing this as well. It sounds amazing. I have the highlights of every Cresswell Winter scene as well, so I think I might need to go read them too to get my feels on. Can we beg Meyer to just make a book for them? I would read about them doing anything. D: And Oh, Nadwa, we really do have the same TLC thoughts. XD Wolflet really is such a weird name (I keep thinking it’s a baby wolf or something), and I think they are so adorable together. It was super swoon and I was so happy with their ending.

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      5. You know what? If Marissa doesn’t write a Cresswell book then I’d be more than happy to write my first ever fanfic! 😂 Where Thorne proposes to Cress and they’ll have a ceremony on the Rampion. And yess !! OH MY GOD, I always imagine Wolf and Scarlet’s wolf cubs are supposed to be called Wolflets. My heart swells every time I imagine Wolf and Scarlet living on the farm with little ‘Wolflets’ running around, like UGHH THE FEELS 😭😍💘

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      6. OMGGGGGGGGGG. I would read that in a heartbeat. ❤ Actually, my heart would probably stop beating because too many feels. XD I might have to hold you to that. And omg, that sounds so adorable. Like, the little Wolflets would be all fluffy and only eat mashed tomatoes. What has Meyer done to us? XD

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      1. Oh god. I’ve been struggling to keep myself from DNFing Harry Potter. But my sister and my friends just won’t have it. I have very high expectations and I really hope it’s going to meet them eventually. And having to look forward to reading Six Of Crows afterwards is actually helping me finish Harry Potter sooner!😂💘

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      2. Yeah, I find that’s a problem I have as well. It makes it hard to relate when they’re so young. Do they make it super obvious or are you able to kind of create a new age for him in your head? XD

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      3. Okay, good. I made a conscious decision not to read it, but I was starting to doubt myself since I had seen a lot of people giving good reviews to it, but I think I will stick with my decision with you hating it.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about that series from a friend didn’t realise it had a romance element! It does sound like a very unique and interesting take on romance that you don’t often see, so I might have to check it out for a breath of fresh air.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I must say I love your use of Disney princesses! I’m adding you to my RSS feed 🙂

    I picked a similar-ish couple for my choice, I chose a romance that doesn’t in fact end with a happily ever after:

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    1. Yes! The romance definitely isn’t mentioned too much, but it is definitely a decent part of the book. Bardugo shows a lot of different romances, too, in this book, and Inej and Kaz were so wonderful. It definitely is so different!
      And thanks so much! ❤ I really appreciate it.
      Ooooh, I'm heading over now to check it out!


      1. Soulmated is definitely the all encompassing love story, but Burning Glass has a more fully developed magic system. Funnily enough, they’re both about empaths. Just noticed that…

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      2. LOL. That’s funny. Maybe empaths just have the best love stories? XD That’s super good to know, though. I’m super excited to read both now. 😀 Thank you for putting them on my radar (or at least moving them up a bit XD)

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      3. It’s just must be all their feels. It makes sense. 🙂 For sure! And if you like Burning Glass, I’ll try to get some signed swag for you! I see Katie a lot, since she’s a local author.

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      4. Lol. XD Awh, thank you so much! I will definitely take you up on your offer when I manage to get ahold of the book. You are always so sweet with sharing your amazing author cache and offering. ❤

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  2. Oh no! I’m so behind on books I have no idea what you’re talking about with Cresswell. *leh sigh* I need to catch up on books, but I’m glad you picked this particular Six of Crows. I haven’t heard too many details about this book so I’m glad to hear it has a good romance! ^.^

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    1. Lol. Oh no! I’m super behind as well, since I didn’t know the other 3 Girls’ books either. XD You might enjoy the Lunar Chronicles, though, since it is scifi, but it is a bit heavy on the romance. And yes! The romance really doesn’t get talked about too much, but it’s sooooo good and diverse as well. ❤

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      1. I read Cinder and was a little disappointed with it. I mean, I gave it a 4, but what really annoyed me was the random changes of POV. That is a BIG pet-peeve for me. *leh sigh* Still not sure if I’ll continue the series (got a TON of other books to read first.)

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      2. Before I did a reread of Cinder, I did find it to be the most lacking of the series. However, I will warn you, the POV of changes…well, it does get worse. Each character that is introduced gets one in the later books (each of the two new characters but then the other two characters from the past books), soooo…there is that. XD I think the latter books got far more interesting, but if your main issue was the POV changes…then maybe waiting a bit longer might be good. XD And I feel like I’m the worst saleswoman for the series I love. XD Oops. :O

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    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ❤ I think you said it best, Rendz. ❤ I never knew that was Kaz and Inej's ship name before, though. I always wondered what it would be. Inaz? Kaj? I was confused, but I love it.

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  3. Gahh these books! I read the Grisha Trilogy just so I could get to these books, and then I got busy with other books that I agreed to read and review…and ended up returning Six of Crows to the library after only getting 2 chapters in. I’m hoping to get to it again in April!

    From what I’ve heard so far of these 2 characters, I’d say you made a great choice!

    Thanks for participating in Calendar Girls! 😀

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    1. Oh no! Yes, I hope you get to them too since they’re really good!! I thought you were reading them, but I never saw them get reviewed so I wasn’t sure what heppened. XD
      And thank you! 😀
      Glad to be a part of it – it’s a lot of fun. 😀

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      1. Yeah they definitely showed up in a post or 2 because I was PLANNING on reading them haha. But life doesn’t always play out the way you want I guess 😂 I need to read them ASAP though!

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