Wednesday Wishes ~ Non-2017 Books to Go on the TBR

I’m not going to lie – I’m a new book hoarder. I like my new releases. When I head into the library, my feet automatically go the new releases and end up only staying there, loading up with a massive pile that most of the time threatens to topple over.

This, however, tends to create an issue with the books that have already been out and have been out for a while. My TBR pile is massive – 549 books strong – and I’m going to safely say that at least 1/3 of it is 2017 reads. However, what happens to the book that I already have on my bookshelf or had been previously eager to read? What happens to them? Most likely falling down the TBR rabbit hole for me.

And that’s why I’m reading this post. I need it in writing to force my butt to actually get to a few non-2017 releases. So, without further ado, here are 5 non-2017 releases that have to go on the must-read 2017 pile, and maybe they will go on yours, too?

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Credits to Tor Teen

I bought this book a few months ago, and for some strange reason, I keep forgetting that I own it. Literally, I never can remember, until my friend randomly texts me about it…most likely in hopes that I will read it soon so she can binge read it (I got you down, Duchess of Books!). It seems super interesting, and I have heard non-stop good things about the sequel that just came out. Maybe it needs to make it into the February TBR?

Vassa In the Night by Sarah Porter

Credits to Tor Teen

This seems like one of those books that is totally going to mess with your mind. Like, it’s confusing and weird at the same time, and you never know for sure what is real and what is not. I totally think this is going to be it, and I’m totally in fear that I’m going to hate it. I got it in the October OwlCrate box, though, and I saw some good reviews, so wish me luck? Plus, it is based on a Russian fairytale and includes some crazy fairytale goodness. So yay?

Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Credits to Delacorte

It’s official – it’s time that I read this book. It’s the longest book on my TBR to date…having sat there for 3 years. Why haven’t I made it to it yet? I’m not the biggest Lauren Kate fan due to the traumatizing Fallen series for me, but it was a gift a few years ago and I think it would probably be best to take it off the list since it’s been an embarrassing 3 years? Has anyone read this, too? I feel like I never saw anything about it, and I think I need some encouragement.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Credits to Razorbill

This book has had all the praises. It even has a 4.32 rating on Goodreads, so you know that it’s going to be good. It’s an epic YA fantasy series, and so many of the book blogger community sings this series’ praises. I started it a few weeks ago, but I only made it to chapter 2 before I realized I was super not in the fantasy feelings and it was totally going to skew my review of it. I need to get in on this book hype’s, and I think 2017 is finally the time to do it.

Yesternight by Cat Winters

Credits to William Morrow Paperbacks

Having lived in Simone St. James’ spooky and atmospheric world for the past month or so, I realized just how much I have missed this setting that I first discovered in Cat Winters’s novels. I definitely need to get back to it, and this is the perfect book to do it. It’s set in 1925, and it is set in a spooky seaside town – the perfect place for one of Winters’s chilling reads!

So, what do you think? Are any of these books on your 2017 TBR? Are you determined to get some books off your TBR pile that have been sitting for a while? Are you distracted by new releases like me? Tell me in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes ~ Non-2017 Books to Go on the TBR

    1. Lol thank you for the luck since I will certainly be needing it!! But I’m what you mean. Whenever I head to the library, I don’t even care if a book sounds bad I just want to take the whole library with me. XD and ahhhh yayyyyy! Okay, another good rec means I will definitely have to read it soon!!

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      1. It’s a major struggle. XD Last time I went, I’m like, I’m not bringing the tote bag in so that means you can’t take out more than the one that you’re picking up…and then I ended up being that person literally teetering over with their stack. XD But thank you!! I hope I do too. XD

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