Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott (ARC Review)

15535010_1315600345165457_310882226944344064_n1Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott

Release Date: April 1, 2017

*ARC provided by Sourcebooks Fire via Netgalley for a review. Thanks!*

I didn’t have any expectations going into this book – and if I did have them, they were pretty low. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Kieran Scott/Kate Brian books. I loved the first six books of the Private series, loved Sweet 16, and enjoyed most of She’s So Dead to Us. However, the rest of the Private series went downhill, and I hated the end of that third book I mentioned.

Therefore, I hadn’t been keeping close track of Scott’s work, until I came across this book on Netgalley. I hadn’t heard any hype about this, but I remembered all the good things about her previous books. What I didn’t expect was just how much I would enjoy this book.

Let’s start with the basics: For the past few months of Kaia’s life, she’s lived normally, which is a direct contrast than the crazy life she’s had before. Her parents were ex-CIA, hired assassins, who were killed a few months, and now she’s living the cookie-cutter normal life. Until one day, assassins are after Kaia, claiming her mother is really alive and now Kaia’s on the run with her boyfriend, Oliver, who might be more than just the golden boy soccer star. Who can Kaia trust? And what is the truth behind her mother’s death? How will Kaia and Oliver survive?

What I perhaps loved the most about this book was the authenticity of Oliver’s and Kaia’s voices. These were teenagers thrown in the middle of a pretty crazy situation – being chased by hired guns is never, like, a fun thing apparently. Crazy, I know. Anyway, they were thrown in this crazy situation, and they managed to react like normal people. Kaia had been through this before, but she still reacted like a girl who wasn’t prepared and cared about the fake grandparents who may or may not be dead.

And Oliver? He was my favorite character of the two, and Oliver reacted perfectly. You could feel the panic from him.He was stress eating powdered doughnuts in the middle of high speed chases, and I’m like…OMG, that would so be me, too. Who doesn’t eat powdered doughnuts in the middle of an insane situation because stress eating? Anyway, he wasn’t like so many YA main characters that get thrown into a messy situation like this and have a two second panic and then are like, kk, I’m good. No, Oliver actually showed real-people emotions and panic, and I cheered, everyone. Actual cheering.

It’s sad the little things that excite me anymore. πŸ˜›

Ariel has nothing sassy here to say for once.

Anyway, the plot really isn’t that realistic. There is no way that these kids should have survived the first plot twist let alone all the others. But once you throw away the logic and just embrace the Jason Bourne-esque plot, it’s all good and I enjoyed this wild ride. I never knew what was going to happen next – although I totally called the major ending reveal. However, the other parts I didn’t see what would come next, and I was actually super excited to see where this story was going – instead of dragging like I had been with my mini book slump.

The romance…okay, I know these two – Oliver and Kaia – were in a relationship, but I kind of forgot most of the time? They have more of a friendship vibe to them, and it’s just a solid relationship. I liked them together, but I didn’t get any feels. Like, literally none. However, I was actually fine with that…*waits for a second for all the gasps and clutching of pearls to stop* I know, I know; the girl that always has to have romance in her books was actually fine with nonexistent romance? The plot was just so interesting, I really didn’t mind.

The only part that I really didn’t like was the ending. By the end of the book, I was getting major Bold Tricks by Karina Halle vibes, but it never got to that point because right as I thought that there was clearly going to be second book because there was far too much to be wrapped up…it was wrapped up. Literally, according to my kindle, there were 16 minutes left in the book and everything was wrapped up. I just kind of vaguely blinked at my iPad going, what the heck did I just read? How did everything just get wrapped up with a nice little bow? This isn’t real.

Well, I mean, it’s not real, but still. There really should have been something more of an ending.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this book. It had a super fun, fast pace; great plot twists; and good characterization. The romance was lackluster, if that was what you’re looking for in this book, but it really doesn’t need to be the focus of this book to be entertaining. The main issues came from a too fast ending and sometimes a general disconnect to be a favorite.

Overall, a four crown/star and Ariel rating! I would definitely recommend you adding to your 2017 TBR if you’re looking for a good thriller/action-packed adventure to fill your YA Jason Bourne feels…if that’s a thing that even exists!


Check it out:

What are your thoughts? Have you heard about this book? How much does reading other prior books change your judgment about a new book?

One last thing before you go:

There is a new, awesome group that has been started Melanie Noell Bernard and Flavia (check out their own blogs because they’re amazing as well), and it is called Calendar Girls. I am definitely planning to be part (if they let this fangirling Book Princess crazy ramblings in ;)), but they are still looking for other bloggers to take part of the fun. Each month, they will be having a cool theme where you share your bookish thoughts and then visit your fellow Calendar Girls to hold battles…I mean discussions (this is what I get for watching too much of The Crown on Netflix) on whether or not you agree! Want to know more? Check out Melanie’s post here and Flavia’s post here.


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