Tuesday Thoughts – Just What Am I Getting Myself Into?

annaChristmas came early for this Book Princess, and I was greeted to all of the lovely books that was on my Christmas – and now I’m walking into a Book Wonderland.

So if you remember my post from a couple of days ago where I had hit a book wall/slump, that was all forgotten and I was left aimlessly looking at my bookshelf with a bad case of book overload. Finally, I took the brave and sensible move – I forced someone else to pick for me and next thing I know, I’m reading Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh.

While I’m totally enjoying it so far, it’s actually far different than what I originally thought it was going to be about. I expected a book that was about witch trials – not exactly the Salem Witch Trials per say but something like it. Think pitchforks in the street, mobs running down cobblestone streets, and lots of magic and death. Instead, I think the word witch has only been mentioned once, there are a lot of creepy sea creatures (which I totally did not see coming but okay then), and ships – both the physical and romantic kind.

Where are all the witches? The trials? The witchy magic? Gone – apparently only made up in my mind (and kind of mainly hinted at in the summary).

It got me thinking: what are a few other books that had totally seemed like it would go one way and totally turned out a different way.

I had always seen the covers to this book series throughout the years on countless book websites, but I mainly stayed away because I wasn’t super into high fantasy and I think I read one bad review that marred it forever. However, when I was forced to read Six of Crows by my best friend and ended up loving it, I needed to continue my Leigh Bardugo immersion.

Since I had read Six of Crows, I was expecting to be back on the streets of Ketterdam and in the same exact spot/plot as SOC. However, instead, there were some creepy bird shadow things that attacked people, there was some giant pit of darkness (aka the Shadow Fold), and the setting was so different than the dirty streets of Ketterdam. Knowing the companion series, I thought I had my bearings for this book, but I was definitely not prepared for what I got instead.

Okay, this book was toted basically as an amazing and magical retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and one other fairytale that I really can’t remember at the moment. This isn’t boding well for it if you can’t tell already. Anyway, I was expecting it to be about these stories but instead it focused on…some war I didn’t fully understand? With this person whose name I can’t even remember? It was a whole lot of wandering about for me, and I was expecting to jump right into the Mulan and Sleeping Beauty elements, which took the backburner and definitely not what I thought I was getting into for this book.

auroraSo what books have you gotten into and realized it was going to be far different than what you thought it was going to be? Was that a good or bad result? Do you like books like that or not?

Definitely be on the lookout for my book hauls and December TBRs/November wrap ups this coming week!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – Just What Am I Getting Myself Into?

  1. Yes, that has happened to me before, very disappointing! I don’t usually persevere if the story is not what I thought it would be. I have stopped reading the blurb on the back of the book now, mostly I just choose books based on titles and front covers, and then it’s a surprise! πŸ˜€


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