Come Back to Me by Mila Gray

come-back-to-meCome Back to Me by Mila Gray

“It’s decided then. I’m just going to lie here and have a little pity party for myself because who spends the night of their eighteenth birthday alone in their bedroom playing Angry Birds on a phone where the settings are all in Arabic, wearing a heart-shaped locket their mom gave them? Oh yeah, that’s right, someone with no life. And no prospect of ever getting one.” – page 6

What started out like a strong contemporary turned in…just plain, overly cliched contemporary. I mean, I knew what I was signing up for when I read the summary, looked over the pages and cover, and saw the other reviews. I just…I was expecting a bit more. More like the witty lines and funny bits and sassy heroines. Instead…everything kind of got lost in Kit’s dreamy eyes.

This story is about Kit and Jessa – make no mistake, this story really is only about them. Nothing else. But it’s a cliche contemporary romance – what should I have expected. Anyway, Jessa has always had a massive crush on her brother’s best friend, Kit, and now that he’s back from a tour in the Marines, she’s smitten with him. However, Jessa’s father is a controlling back who has always hated Kit since Kit’s dad betrayed him all those years ago. How will these two ever act on their feelings when their relationship is doomed from the start?

                                Belle is the most used princess on this blog apparently.

What was a little different twist is how the story begins. The prologue starts with Jessa opening the door. And if you’ve ever lived with/saw on TV or in the movies anyone with the military, you know a man in uniform on your steps means that someone is dead. So when Jessa sees Kit’s dad on the porch in uniform, she knows someone is dead. But just who is it? Her beloved brother? Or her new love, Kit? One is dead, and it takes quite a bit into the book to find out.

As I said, I expected a lot more from this book than what I was given. It had some witty parts in the beginning, and I thought that strong opening would set it apart from all the other contemporaries. The prologue gives you a different feeling because you know not to get too attached to Kit or Jessa’s brother because you know one of them will be dead by the end of the book. It still didn’t stop me from getting invested, and I will say I did question how Gray was going to kill off until it actually happened.

However, the story did dwindle quite a bit. I get that we needed to establish Jessa and Kit’s relationship, but the middle part of the story was literally just Jessa and Kit have touchy-feely moments. While I liked them decent enough as a couple, I got bored with them and got to the point where I just wanted to know who was going to die – which, I mean, doesn’t sound very good.

Again, the characterization was okay, the plot was okay, the writing was okay – everything was just okay. It was a decent enough contemporary romance, but it’s definitely not going to stand out. I really loved that prologue and the first little part of the book where Jessa and Didi – her cliche sassy best friend – were quite a bit funnier, but I wasn’t overly surprised or enthralled by this book at all.

It’s a decent enough read – but you just have to prepare yourself for nothing to really be different than the generic contemporary romance. I knew what that it was going to be like when I first got into the book, but I still managed to expect a little bit more. Definitely a 3 crown rating from this Book Princess.


Check it out:

What do you think? Have you ever gone into a book saying you had no expectations only to realize you did?


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