Happy Thanksgiving!

tianaHappy Thanksgiving to everyone in America (if you’re not, I do hope you’re having a wonderful day regardless)!

I’ve never been a big foodie, so instead of focusing on all the good food that is going to be devoured today, I am – of course – focusing on the top 3 books I am thankful for this year like any good book blogger should do.

Before I do that, though, I would like to thank everyone that has followed me, read my book rants and raves, and liked or commented on anything. I truly didn’t think anyone would ever find this little blog, but if you’re reading this, you have and I truly appreciate it. Thank you all so much!

Now onto the book goodness and away from my sappiness! Okay, let’s talk about the three books I’m super thankful for this year!

This isn’t one of my favorite books although I definitely enjoyed this crazy, twisty ride. sins-and-needlesHowever, it is the first adult romance book that I fully got into. I was a bit of a book snob where I could only read YA lit – since adult books kind of scared me; I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grow up – but this book series and novel really showed me just how talented Halle was and how much I could definitely get into adult contemps – especially the romances. Thank you, Sins and Needles for this – and also for the hot tattooed guys. Major thanks for that.

six-of-crowsFor some odd reason, it wasn’t until this year that I even really realized this book existed. I had many heard about it a few times on Goodreads or reviewers I liked but I didn’t really understand what it was until my friend kept pushing it at me, telling me I needed to read it. Wanting her to get off my book back, I decided to read it – and I fell in love. Bardugo is a book goddess, and I could not tell you in words how much I love this book – it’s mostly just nonsensical noises and squeals when I try. Crooked Kingdom only furthered my love for her and this series, and it might go down in history as my favorite series – it’s still in a hardcore debate with the Lunar Chronicles.

I haven’t reviewed this on this site yet, but during the summer, I happened upon manga. I’m not really sure how I decided to read it – I think I accidentally stumbled upon an Alice in Wonderland retelling, and I felt the intense desire to try it. While that book was started me in manga, Happy Marraige?! was the first one that sold me on this genre. This story is cliche beyond belief – every trope, every stereotype, every single one. But it’s just so adorable. I love the forced marriage trope, and this was the tropiest of them all. It’s funny, though, and yes, I wish there was a bit more feminism in this series, but I forgot it all because of the adorable feels. Thank you, book, thank you.

What books are you most thankful for this year? How are you celebrating Thanksgiving if you celebrate it? Thank you all again. xx

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