Peeled by Joan Bauer

peeledPeeled by Joan Bauer

Have you ever reread a book from when you were a kid and it surpasses all of the expectations you’ve ever had? It’s better than you remembered and just absolutely amazing? The feels are strong, the romance is swoonworthy, and the characters are super awesome?

Yeah, me either. This book was not it.

This was one of my first books into the YA genre and I remember holding this book in the highest esteem possible – when I remembered it existed. It had everything I loved as a kid – a cute romance, a touch of mystery, and a hint of ghosties. Doesn’t that sound ridiculously amazing? I thought it was amazing as a kid, and when I went back to it, I expected to be as enchanted by it just the same.

This story is about Hildy – an aspiring journalist in a small town focused on apples. Yes, apples. There are a heck of a lot of apples. When a rival newspaper starts to focus on a haunted house, the entire town takes notice. However something about the hauntings and ghostie sights makes Hildy journalistic instincts kick up and she takes to investigating just what is really going on in Appleville. What will she find? Is Appleville rotten to its core?

Okay, apparently, further investigation on Goodreads has taught me that the town is not called Appleville. It’s apparently Banesville. I liked my name better.

Anyway, this wasn’t a bad book. It was a super quick read. The writing style was good

                          Jasmine makes her first appearance!

enough, the plot was decently interesting, and there were enough ghostie inclusion to keep my inner Casper fangirl alive. I did see the big reveal coming – but I’m pretty sure that it was my inner subconscious remembering from before so I can’t say whether or not it was obvious because of that reason.

Again, I liked it, but even though I read this just a few months ago, I really can’t remember much about it. It’s kind of forgettable. I can’t even remember the love interest’s name. Is it Sam? I feel like it’s Sam. I’m going to call him Sam. Again, I liked them at the time, but will I remember them a few months for now? Apparently not.

Update: it was Zack. His name was Zack. Oops. I’ve failed twice in this post. I’m really not convincing you to read this, am I? I think I’m going to stop before I fail even more.

3.5 Crowns but rounding up to a 4 for a trip down memory lane:


Check it out:

Have you reread a book that didn’t live up to your younger expectations? Have you read one that did? How badly did I convince you to read this? 😉


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